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Chapter 44: Revenge

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Okaasan. Amazing.”

“That’s right. I don’t know what she did, but she’s stronger than before. She’s playing with those humans. Yet that one individual that you’ve been fighting, Grace… why does she keep healing him?”

“I don’t know the details, but Milla-nee has a personal grudge against that one. My theory is that she wants to make him suffer more.”

As Grace and the others were witnessing the scene that was unfolding before them, Himeko titled her head.

“What’s the matter, Himeko?”

“Okaasan… not well.”

“What do you mean? She’s doing great.”

“No. Himeko is right. I noticed it too. After serving my mistress for so long I have a sort of… Milla sense. I can’t figure out what it is, but something is definitely wrong with her. Haven’t you noticed? She makes minimal movements. She hardly took a few steps around. And she’s sweating heavily. Normally because of her heat, she shouldn’t even be able to sweat. The Milla I know would charge swiftly.”

“Now that you mention it…”

“Let’s just hope she will be alright.”

Milla-nee, what did you do to yourself?

One week ago.

“So, Odin, what type of training is this?”

“Onee-chan, you know that magic is divided between the 6 elements, null magic and Origin magic. How should I describe this? Each type has a gate across the magic circuits that opens and closes when you use magic. But what would happen if there would be no gate at all? If you chose to crush a gate, then you would have excess mana which will have to go somewhere. It will go into your physical strength and into your remaining gates, making you stronger.”

I see. So that’s the price Odin was referring too. Sacrificing an element to boost another. It might have a bigger impact on me because it will restrict my Origin magic use.

“I understand. I still want to do it!”

I won’t go through the details, but the training was harsh. I felt a lot of pain, but it doesn’t compare to the pain I would feel if I couldn’t save Shiori. So I pushed forward. Nearing the end of the training period, Odin and Persia supported my tiny body.

“That’s enough, onee-chan! You’ve already broken 3 gates. If you keep going, your body will crumble.”

The gates I broke were light, water and earth. I was panting and sweating like a pig. Odin raised her hand and summoned some form of ice magic similar to an air conditioner. She was trying to cool me off.

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“Milla-nyan, you’re in an overheat state right now. You need to rest and let your body get used to the changes-nya.”

If only it went that way. The spider that Irina gave me for communication, crawled out of my hair and started whispering in my ear. Grace and the party were engaging the humans. I couldn’t rest. I insisted on going to the battlefield right away. Odin and Persia sighted, but in the end, they knew I wouldn’t change my mind. So they sort of stabilized me, but Odin made me promise to not unleash excessive magic. As soon as I stepped outside the castle I wrapped myself in flames. A true burning Phoenix. And so, I headed to the battlefield.

“You devil… how dare you make us hurt our friend!?”

I couldn’t care less of what they said. I wanted Ren to suffer more. But I can’t waste too much time. I’ll end every hero with just one move. I placed my hands in an X shape and chanted:

“[Phoenix Talons]!”

When I separated my arms, swarms of flaming claw-like slashes were unleashed. And the speed I fired them with was too great for a human to overcome. All the heroes except for Ren got hit… and were killed on the spot.

Ren started to panic.

“… How could you do something like that? Killing everyone. My precious friends…”

“Cut the crap already! I killed them on the spot and spared them more suffering. I call that mercy. But you… You are the only one I won’t forgive!”

I guess I’m really not human anymore. Former classmates or not, I felt nothing when killing. No regret, no sorrow.

“I… I’ll kill you!”

Ren fired a lazer beam from the jewl on his headgear. So this is what poisoned Grace. I merely move my wrist and deflect the beam. Persia’s hand to hand combat. Mana manipulation. Every spell had a center point that can be altered or destroyed.

“Enough games. There’s only one punishment fit for someone like you.”

I charged at Ren and pushed him against a big boulder.

“Let go of me!”

Ren started punching my head, but I didn’t feel anything. He dropped his sword when I tackled him. It’s time. I started emitting flames in the hand that was pinning Ren.

“Are you trying to melt my armor? Sorry, but it won’t melt because it’s enchanted.”

I ignored Ren and continued. After a few seconds…

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What a terrible scream. It seems Ren finally is feeling my aim. I wasn’t trying to melt his armor. I was boiling him inside. Steam rose from the armor and his sweat instantly evaporated. He started coughing blood, but even that began to dry.

“Please… spare me!”

He’s really the worst.

“You probably don’t recognize me, but here’s something you once said to me. ‘We don’t need to look after trash like you. You’re just a burden, so die!’ ”

“Impossible… don’t tell me… Ryusei…Homura…”

“Bingo. Now go repent in hell!”

I drastically increased the heat. His screams grew. His eyeballs popped out. His flesh started to melt. After a few more seconds a skeleton was all that was left inside the armor. I let it fall on the ground. Despair could be read on the other knights faces. It’s over. I got the revenge I wanted. Somehow I pulled it off. I started walking back towards the demon army.

But I let my guard too soon. Before I realized it a light arrow pierced my body. And it didn’t stop there. Countless arrows crashed into my body and made small explosions. I was completely pierced like swiss cheese.

Everyone turned their gaze towards the place the arrows were fired from.

“A… Angel. An angel!”

When they looked in the sky they saw a young woman, with pure white wings and a white wedding dress.

“Do not falter men!”

Amongst the commotion, an old man made his way. It was the Pope.

“Loosing the heroes is truly tragic. But do not despair. The Goddess didn’t abandon us! Her light continues to guide us even in the darkest situations!”

The Pope started to give motivational speech.


The one that screamed was Lorina.

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“Lorina, what’s wrong?”

“Those bastards… that’s… that’s my sister over there. What… just what on earth did they do to her?”

Tears started flowing from Lorina’s eyes.

“I’ll kill them. I’ll kill every last one of them!”

Lorina was preparing to draw her sword again, but before that, Grace circled behind her and applied a karate chop on the back of her neck to render her unconscious.

“Grace… what…?”

“Lady Momoyo, trust me, this is for her own good. Charging in blindly and filled with rage won’t solve anything. This will make it easier for her. But even I am infuriated. To think that Lorina would have a sister, and to think that the church would turn her into an abomination… How far do they plan to go?”

“Shouldn’t we at least jump back in and support Milla?”

“No. She told us to stay with the crowd. And besides, that won’t be enough to put her down.”

“So you see, fellow knights, the Goddess has sent us her messenger. She is the sword that shall bring justice. So is the will of the Goddess! This is our miracle!”


Cheers echoed across the battlefield.

“Ha… Hahaha!”

But those cheers stopped as soon as an evil laughter could be heard. It was me. Once the dust from the explosions cleared and the flames from Phoenix Resurrection fixed my body, I could only laugh at that hypocritical speech the Pope gave. My job isn’t done yet. In order to crush the church, killing the heroes isn’t enough. That old fart has to go too. The church that summoned us here. The ones that started this war. These sinners… they must be purged. And more importantly, that girl… no, that creature must be put out of it’s misery.

“Impossible… it was a direct hit!”

“Why… not even a scratch?”

The knights started chattering again.

“You call that a miracle? Don’t make me laugh, fools!”

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“I am the Demon King of Insanity! I AM… THE MURDERER OF MIRACLES!”

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