Chapter 39.5: An Isekai Christmas

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“That tree over there, Grace. That’s the one I want!”

We were all gathered at Odin’s place since her land had winter all year round. It was the 12th month of the year. This was my second year spent in this world. Last time when I woke up I was so busy with my Blood Ball and managing my land that the year passed in the blink of an eye. And this year went by really fast too. I traveled back and forth to other Demon Kings, I obtained Odin for myself, established a solid rule in my land, I bought a loli, managed to get Momoyo on my side and not to mention had lots of “girl fun”. Now, it’s December again. And that means one thing. Christmas is coming! Demons don’t have the concept of Christmas. So since the war is getting close I thought it was the perfect time to introduce it. Everyone needs a break once in a while.

I pointed towards a tree I really liked. Grace swung her scythe and cut it down. After that, I lifted the tree above my head and moved it inside Odin’s castle. Grace kept laughing. I guess it was funny. A little girl like me carrying a 3 meter tree with one hand.

Inside, I put the tree in the middle of Odin’s ball room. The room that she usually uses to host her Blood Ball. I gave specific instructions to Odin’s servants. At first they were reluctant, but with a little… “persuasion”, they now follow my orders as if they were coming from Odin herself. Cookies, various sweets and monster meat were being prepared in the kitchen.

As for decorating…

“Milla… save me…”

I left Irina and prez in charge of wrapping ribbons around the castle, but it seems the only one who was wrapped up was prez. Irina made sure to tightly squeeze her and show off her plump breasts.

“Irina… I thought I told you to wrap the castle.”

“Ara, Ara! But I couldn’t help myself. This red fabric is so soft. It feels so similar to my own threads yet different at the same time. I just had to see how it goes around a body!”

I placed my hand on my head and let out a loud sight. Well, it’s a holiday after all. I guess I’ll let it slide.

“Fine. As long as everything is ready by tonight like I asked. Carry on.”


Momoyo was pleading me with tears in her eyes but I shook my head. Endure it. Think of this as her present.

I went back downstairs to find Lorina and a few boxes. Good.

“Lady Milla, the things you requested are ready.”

“Excellent. I knew I can count on you!”

Inside the boxes were various ornaments for the tree that I made Lorina craft. I picked up globe after globe, tiny stars and flew around the tree covering it from top to bottom. I used died fur since we didn’t have tinsel and for lights I used crystals similar to the ones used for the chandelier. And last but not least the star on the top of the tree.

I was proud with my creation. As I was admiring the tree, little Himeko tugged on my wing.

“Okaasan… Christmas idea. Where did you get it?”

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From back on Earth… is what I wanted to say.

“I read about something similar in a book so I wanted to try making a holiday like that.”

Grace overheard us and stepped in.

“That’s odd. I am sure that I know every book there is in our library by now, but I don’t recall such a book.”

Not good. I forgot Grace was a super maid and not much can get pass her.

“It’s really not a big deal, Grace. Try not to overthink it. Just enjoy the scenery I am trying to create.”

“If you say so, Milla-nee.”

I managed to defuse the situation. That was close. Alright. It’s almost time for the main event.

Night soon came. The castle was fully decorated, the tables were set with lots of food. And near the Christmas tree I was telling a story. “A Christmas Carol”. A famous story about a greedy old guy who was visited by 3 ghosts. Everyone, including the servants and Odin’s prideful guard corps, the Valkyries were captivated by tale.

Needless to say some had mixed feelings. I think Momoyo appreciated my story the most since we both came from the same world. That and she was the first to clap when I finished my story.

It was truly a peaceful evening. I had Cleo give a belly dance on some Christmas tunes I had my maids play. I should mention that I also brought a few of my maids along as well, since they learned to play various songs that weren’t common to the demon continent.

Food and wine were plentiful. Persia snuggled near the fireplace like a cat would do. Everyone was happy. But there was one more surprise I planned. Right then, the door bursted open. Fenrir rushed in pulling a roofless carriage. You can guess what I did. I made him a pair of fake antlers and a cute red nose. And the one driving the carriage…

“HO HO HO! Merry Christmas, HAHAHAHA!”

Yup. It was Odin herself. That laughter at the end though sounded evil rather than jolly. I made her wear a santa girl outfit. Red hat, a short cape and a swimsuit type one piece string style costume. It was revealing… and hot. I didn’t think she’d be willing to wear it, but she really doesn’t refuse anything from me.

In that carriage there were lots of toys. Gifts for everyone. If you are wondering how I got them, it’s simple. I bought them. Money is the one thing I’m not lacking. Everyone dashed right for them. That’s the spirit. Making my friends happy really brings joy to my heart.

Himeko got a big plush teddy bear. She fell in love with it instantly. Tengu… I gave him a spare pair of clothes if Fenrir ever decides to treat him like a chew toy again. Gems for Sue and candy for Teri. I gave Cleo some beautiful jewelry. For Lorina, I had some rare materials prepared that she always wanted but could never get her hands on. Irina… she just wanted to tie prez up. As for prez, I gave her a shiny ring. I really couldn’t think of anything better.

“Milla-nee, did you prepare something for me too?”

Grace was the trickiest. She never once mentioned that she needs anything. But I knew how to handle her. I point my finger upwards.

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“Oh, look. There’s some mistletoe here.”

“I don’t understand what…”

Before she could finish I grabbed her hand and pulled her into a kiss. A hot, passionate kiss. When our lips separated, she was speechless.

“Did you know, Grace, that if two people kiss under the mistletoe, they will be together forever. That’s my gift for you.”

Grace showed me a smile as bright as the sun.

“That’s all I wish for, Milla-nee.”

As we prepared to kiss again…

“Ahh… No fair, Milla-nyan! I want to kiss too.”

“Me too! Onee-chan, don’t forget me!”

Persia and Odin must have overheard me. I glanced at Grace who giggled softly and told me it was alright. So I pleased them and kissed both of them. But…

“Okaasan… me too…”

“Your Highness, I would also like…”

Everyone now wanted a kiss from me. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.

“Oh, fine! Form a line and wait your turn. I’ll kiss you all.”

And so, my first Christmas in another world came to end. My lips might have went numb a bit, but it was a night to remember. I wish everyone, a Merry Christmas!

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