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Chapter 40: On the 6th Day…

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

As instructed, Milla’s servants led by Grace entered the territory of King Arnos to observe the war. While at first the 3 kings that were supposed to unite in the joint operation thought it was a waste of time, they ended up ignoring Grace’s party and let them do as they wish as long as they don’t get in the way.

They set up a small observation camp on a hill so they could observe the whole situation. Lorina approached Grace and stated:

“Those humans really have some absurd gear. I’m sure you are also aware, but their armor and weapons are the secret to their success.”

“True. I can also see it. Normally their numbers wouldn’t pose a problem. Our strength is far superior. But because of their gear they managed to close the gap. Humans really are scum. I can only imagine how much blood they shed to make so many.”

“Indeed. Even for me, making that many in such a short time is impossible. Why? Why are they going that far to claim this continent?”

“I think their true goal isn’t the continent.”

Lorina tilted her head.

“It’s just a personal theory. I have no evidence so I didn’t share it yet with Milla-nee. Lorina, since they arrived on the shores, they claimed a village. But why that particular village? They should be storming on Lord Arnos’ castle. Yet they went in a completely different direction.”

Lorina pondered for a moment. Yes, it made sense. The humans should be trying to get a powerful stronghold.

“If we take a look they didn’t send any troops or scouts in that direction. Judging by their movements so far, they are headed in a straight line. And if they keep going like that they will end up at… Mistveil mountain.”

“But, although that mountain holds valuable resources it would be impossible for the humans to harvest them. Not to mention there are strong monsters around there. So, why aim for the mountain?”

“I don’t know. And like I said this is just a guess. For now let’s just do our role and observe them.”

-Day 1-

The 3 merged armies started their advance on the human invaders. Magic and swords clashed. Although the humans have the numerical advantage, the demons were stronger and managed to push the humans back inside the village. It was weird. The humans didn’t send out their heroes and they didn’t relly on their gear. The demons won that battle.

-Day 2-

The demons wanted to continue their momentum from yesterday and charged to break the main gates. But when they entered the village they found it to be empty. As they advanced, the humans formed a pincer type attack. They jumped out of the houses and surrounded the demons. The heroes made their appearance and started to kill the every demon in sight. Heads and body parts were flying around. In the end what was left was a bloody village. Today, it was the humans victory.

-Day 3-

“To think those humans used such a cowardly tactic…”

“Lord Arnos, let us not give up. Let’s send all our forces at once and end this.”

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The 3 kings tried to develop a new strategy. They came up with a new tactic, but the humans anticipated it and managed to repel the demon army once again.

-Day 4-

Nobody made a single move from both camps. Grace and her party were still observing how the battle was evolving these past days.


“What is it, Lady Momoyo?”

“This battle so far seems really weird. I don’t understand why were the humans able to push back such a force.”

“You have a good eye, although not quite developed yet. Yes, you are right. With our military strategy they should be dead by now. But the only way for them to be able to counter every move we make is to be aware of it.”

“That means, the humans must have a spy in our camp.”

“No. Even if a human were able to infiltrate, they have a unique scent they can’t mask. They would be detected. Which leads to an even greater problem. There is a traitor among us demons.”


“I’m afraid it’s the only logical explanation. That’s why the humans are aware of every strategy our forces come up with. Even I am shocked. To think a demon would actually side with such filth.”

“Can you please stop using such words? I was a human too, you know.”

“Yes. You were. But now you are a Mazoku. You no longer fall into that category. Lady Momoyo, understand that they are the enemy.”

“Yes yes. I get that part. I will kill them, so don’t worry about me.”

“Good. We will join the battle soon.”

“Weren’t we supposed to observ only?”

“When the heroes take the vanguard spot, that will be our best chance to secure Lady Shiori. The traitor won’t expect us to join the battle.”

-Day 5-

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The demons kept their distance and only fired arrows and spells. At first it seemed efficient, but the humans did something unthinkable. Meat shields. The demons that entered the village and got ambushed… not all were killed. Some were left alive. The humans tied them up on wooden frames and used them as meat shields.

During such a crisis situation, when all demons should stand unite, killing your own men, your own race, it was impossible. The humans pushed the demons further and further.

-Day 6-

“It seems that the humans are charging with full force this time. And the heroes are leading the attack. Irina, are you sure your little gimmick will get through?”

“Ara Ara! But of course. It was Her Highness’ idea after all.”

“Then this is where we enter the field.”

“Are you sure? Shouldn’t we wait another day for Her Highness?”

“Yes. It’s the only chance we will get at kidnapping that blonde girl. And besides… I trust in Milla-nee’s judgement.”

◇ ◇ ◇

“Hahaha! Take this, demon scum!”

Ren was swinging his sword around, slashing one demon after another. Because of his Boots of Hermes, he was able to move as fast, if not faster than the average Mazoku.

“Triple slash!”

When Ren shouted that his sword moved swiftly slicing a big demon in three places. Of course, he wasn’t the only one on the battlefield. The heroes also did their fair share of killing.

“This is a piece of cake!”

As Ren was happy by his power, he then heard some screams. Those screams came from the humanity side.

“Help… spare me!”

“Monster… she’s a monster…!”

When Ren turned his head around he saw a group of holy knights fall one after another. A beautiful woman wielding a scythe has slaughtered everyone that came near her. The woman had a certain charm. Even her way of killing was refined.

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“Oh? What have we here? A cute maid?”

The woman made a curtsy greeting.

“Pleased to meet you, Sir Hero.”

“It’s rare to see manners on the battlefield. So, what can I do for you? What do you want?”

The maid lifted the scythe above her head and licked her lips before answering.

“I simply wish to play with you for a bit.”

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