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Chapter 114: Underground Battle

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

Kyron simply flicked his finger and an energy blast was scattered and heading straight for us. He didn’t even chant anything or use a magic circle. Crap!

“Spread out girls!”

At my order, we split into different directions and the energy blast only hit the floor. However it made a powerful explosion. Seriously, just from that tiny ball?

“Nicely dodged! I’m sure you are surprised by the force behind that small attack. But remember, the destroyer is a being of infinite energy, and that same power courses through me right now. So let’s see how long you can keep up!”

One of those dragon heads covered his arm. In the next moment, a mouth with sharp fangs appeared in his palm. This isn’t good. The pressure generated by that thing is deadly. This time, from that mouth, he fired numerous energy balls.

We had no choice but to dodge. The whole place felt like an erupting mine field.

“That’s it! Let’s see how you like to be on the receiving end. [Evolia Lance]!”

Tenebria casted a powerful light holy spell. She kinda took me by surprise with that one. She was a God once, but I didn’t expect her to be able to use holy spells. Regardless, the magic made full contact with Kyron and a blinding white light explosion was generated.

“Aww yeah! What do you think about that?”



When the light cleared, that b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲ was standing there without a single scratch.

“Girls, is seems the purple aura that’s surrounding him is acting as some sort of shield. Be careful!” (Odin)

I guess it’s up to me to try to breach it.

“[Jinxes Gnosis]!”

A powerful electric black sphere was released. Unfortunately, this guy brought his palms together and also released a powerful giant sphere of energy. If I were to describe it, it would be similar to a Hakai1 technique. The two attacks clashed in the middle of the room shaking the ground and cancelled each other out.

Darn it. Normally my power should be superior to him, but I don’t have the experience on adjusting the output. And I can’t go wild in here. My attacks are also influenced by focus, so it’s not gonna be easy beating this guy.

“My turn-nya!”

Persia managed to circle behind him. If that barrier can block magic attacks, then maybe physical attacks can break it. If Persia can block the flow of mana in his body maybe his power will weaken.

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“Raging Flowing Water Stance!”

Alright. That high speed striking technique will make Kyron hit the floor. Or so I thought. But each and every one of her strikes was intercepted. It was almost like dragon ball fist fight. But after like 3 seconds, Kyron twisted Persia’s arm and punched her heavily in the stomach.


She was sent flying.

“I lived for 10000 years. Did you really think I wouldn’t pick up a similar martial art?”


“What’s so funny?”

“All that was just a diversion, you idiot! Tenebria, do it now!”

Tenebria appeared from his left blind spot.

“But how? I didn’t take my eyes off you…”

There were actually 2 Tenebrias. One of them was an ice clone made by Odin. And while Persia was keeping him busy, she managed to sneak close to him.

“Let’s see how your barrier survives at point blank! Eat this! [Delete All]!”

An incredible powerful blast was released. Tenebria’s signature move. In theory it should vaporize everything. Including him. The blast went all the way through the walls. The problem was… the ceiling started to fall from that stunt. Chunks of big rubble were falling on all of us. But just when we were about to be burried alive, the debris stopped in mid air.

“That won’t do.”

“What!? You’re still alive?”

“That was quite a powerful attack. It made a decent meal.”

This guy pointed towards his palm mouths. He ate Tenebria’s blast. And he was also the one that stopped the ceiling from falling on us. Actually Odin was so shocked that when she tried to stand up she hit her head on one of those floating boulders.

“Why save us?”

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“Don’t misunderstand. Being burried in rubble is no fun at all. And I didn’t save you. Remember, I need one of your souls. If I am to collect your souls, I need to personally kill you. Although I doubt this would kill you, I will take any precautions necessary.”

“Big words! But you really think you can take on all 4 of us at full power? We can’t let lose in here, but if we could, we would mop the floor with you.”

“Hou!? I suppose you have a point. Then let me make it easier for you.”

He waved his hands and the floor suddenly started glowing. It was a bright green light. We were all forced to close our eyes. When we opened them again, we found ourselves on the surface of the island again.

“There. Now you can’t complain anymore. I will have you learn that no matter what, the destroyer’s power is absolute. You cling to the chaos of life. You Mazoku are monsters, so I thought you at least would seek out destruction.”

“Bleh. What we want is free will. If we want destruction, it’s only because we have the right to choose it.”

This guy just teleported us. He… hehehe! Such an idiot. This is exactly what I wanted. Now I don’t need to worry about the output of my spells. You fell for it.

“Then show me, what your so called free will can achieve. You have done nothing than polute the world with it. I will be the flood that purifies all of you!”

I let out a smug smile. I’ve been holding back this new power, but now I can unleash it all. You fell for it, baka! Now I don’t need to worry about hurting my friends. I’ve had enough of this nonsense. Time to end this!!

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  1. Hakai – Dragon Ball Super reference. Hakai means destroy/destruction.

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