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Chapter 115: Milla’s Assault

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Girls, please buy me just 10 seconds to charge up.”


All 3 of them charged towards Kyron.

“[Dynast Strike]!”

Odin slapped her hand onto the ground and a barrage of ice stakes emerged and attacked Kyron.


When the barrage hit Kyron he let out a powerful shout. As he clenched his fists, his purple aura expanded and crushed the ice. Persia followed swiftly to not lose momentum.

“Rumbling Palm Stance!”

A complicated technique. Wind wrapped around Persia’s hands. But it wasn’t magic. It was the air pressure generated by the stance and the velocity that she moved her hands.


Yet Kyron still managed to intercept it. He grabbed her right arm and plunged his free fist into her stomach.


Kyron twisted her arm and used the moment from his punch to roll her over his head and send her flying behind.

“You might be able to destroy magic, but how about a pure mana attack? Take this!”

Tenebria gathered a powerful blue sphere almost as big as her own body. It didn’t have a name because it wasn’t a spell. It was pure condensed raw mana. A non-elemental attack similar like a rasengan. She fired the blast. Kyron extended both his arms and his aura expanded.

The impact did push Kyron back, leaving a big trail where his feet were planted in the ground. But eventually the sphere started to get smaller before finally being devoured by his palm mouths.

“Damn it!”

“Your struggle is in vain! You can’t stop the new era that I will bring!”

“Cut the bullshit!”

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“New era? You say you want to cleanse the world, but your just trying to play God. As for me, I don’t listen to anyone, regardless if they are humans, mazoku, elves or even Gods. There’s only one person in this entire world I take orders from, and that person is… myself!”

“I’ve had enough of this nonsense! Perish and offer your soul to the destroyer! Hakai!”

Another one of his purple energy balls was fired and was headed straight for me. But this time…

“[Nightmare Mode]! HAAAAAAA!”

You know what they say. If you haven’t turned into a super saying yet, scream louder. On a serious note screaming actually helps channeling all this energy. A mix of dark and crimson aura suddenly burst out of my body. I was surrounded by the aura and black lightning sparks were emitted from my body.


Odin quickly picked up Persia and all my girls took cover into the air. The ground itself ended up burning from my power.

The ball that was heading towards me… I punched it and it got immediately destroyed.

“What!? Lucky fluke!!”

Kyron was calmly staring at me and pointed his hand. That palm shined purple once more.

“Abyss Barrier!!”

Right before Kyron’s light reached, a silver shield appeared on my arm.


My shield blocked the blast. Kyron finally twitched.

“What……? The absolute destruction of the Oroboros, is blocked!? That shouldn’t be possible!”

The purple beam fired, was a lightning that destroyed everything. It could return everything that existed inside the world back into nothingness. Yet…

“Have you forgotten who I am? Let me remind you. I am Milla Walpurgis, the Demon King of Insanity. I am the one that makes the impossible possible!

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My turn. [Absolute Rain]!


Golden light attacked Kyron along with that war cry.He spread both his hands. Then a green dome with him as the center appeared.

The bombardment of my attack was vanishing as though being absorbed into that space. Space displacement, huh. Then let’s use something stronger.


I stretched my right arm right so I can manifest it. It was a giant hammer shining black. Inside it possessed a small burning red hole that swallowed everything. An ominous hammer.


My hammer and his space clashed. Enormous gravity sucked in the light drifting in the space, shattering it completely.

Kyron’s eyes went wide and he started to sweat.

“This is…”

“Not done. [Ragna Blade]!!”

An electrical dark sword was generated in my hand and was constantly pulsing. This one is a pretty advanced spell, and it takes a great amount of focus to not lose control of it… still, I just need to slash this **** head!


A terrific impact assaulted Kyron. He was blown away, spinning like a pinwheel until landing on the ground. His left arm was completely obliterated!

“Destroyed……this me!? How can a little girl do this… after I received this power… how can a girl…!?”

“Well, I’m not exactly myself at this point.”

My voice became distorted… almost like there were 2 voices overlapping.

Dang. This force is dangerous. I gotta end this quickly. Even with the clear mind trick that my future self taught me, I can feel a vast darkness trying to surface over my consciousness. I already experienced sharing my body with a God before, and I don’t want to deal with that again.

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I once again dashed towards him. He restored his Ghidorah aura.

“I can’t lose! Hakai… Hakai… Hakai!!!”

He was firing numerous of his destruction balls, but I wrapped my fists in the burning nightmare aura.

“[Abs’ol Geoveil]!”

I have no clue what spell I just cast, but my whole body was emitting burning flames. A weird fire that almost didn’t look like fire. Nevertheless, because of this I managed to literally burn his balls away. My power devoured his. And once again I got up close and personal.

Kyron tried to defend, but my punch broke through and once again I crumbled his aura. I grabbed his collar and landed a barrage of punches into his stomach.


His face was twiching and convulsing. His collar broke eventually and he ended up being propelled in the air, but I continued my charge and followed. I grabbed his leg and spinned him around until I sent him crashing onto the ground.

“Time to end this!”

I took a Kamehameha pose and gathered energy. A miniature black sun formed in my hands.

“[Hellfire Void]!”

Even though my attack was small, the moment it hit Kyron it made an explosion on the level of a nuclear blast. When the smoke cleared the I saw it took out a 3rd of the island. I didn’t see Kyron again though. I cancelled out my Nightmare Mode and landed on the ground.

Pant… pant…

Using that power really took a toll on my body. And something doesn’t feel right. The future me said that if I kill that *******, I should be able to get my powers back. I can’t sense his presence, but I also didn’t got my powers back. Something is off.

“Onee-chan, that was amazing!”

My girls all rushed towards me but I lifted my hand and gestured them to stop. It was too easy. And usually, it never ends easy.

“What’s wrong, Milla-nyan? Isn’t it over now? Nothing could have survived that attack-nya.”

Yet for some reason I was still restless.

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Ground shaking violently

“Stay back!! This isn’t over!”

At first I thought it was a giant earthquake, but cracks were appearing everywhere. ****.

“Everyone, back in the sky. This island is sinking!!”

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