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Chapter 113: Dawn of the Final Battle

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Author: Waxford Original Source: Scribble Hub

“Alright, girls, listen up. This is our destination!”

“But, your pointing at the middle of the ocean.”

True. I had a map displayed before everyone, and according to that map, I was pointing at the middle of the ocean. But the info my future self gave me can’t be wrong.

“I know it looks weird, but there is an island somewhere around here. That’s where the leader of the league of shadows is hiding, and that’s where we will strike him down. Mom!”

“Yes, sweetie?”

“I want you to stay here and protect my land. If anyone else comes while I’m away, I’m sure that you can defend this place with your power.”

“As you wish, sweetie. But are you sure you don’t want mommy to come with you?”

“No. It’s better this way. Grace, you help mom with everything she needs.”


“As for you girls… Tenebria, Odin, Persia… will you come with me?”

“Oh? It’s rare of you to actually ask for all our help. You usually just charge in alone.”

Yeah. I know. But I still don’t know how this new power is going to affect my body. This time, I really have no idea how it will go, so having backup will help me.

“What? You scared to come, Tenebria?”

“Me? Scared? Ha! Don’t make me laugh.”

“Alright. If everything is settled then, let’s get on a ship and…”



“A ship? Aren’t we flying?”

“Well we could fly, but it’s safer to take a ship. After all, if we kill that guy, the island might sink for all I know and maybe we’ll be too tired from the fight to fly back. I know I don’t have a proper fleet, but I do have 1 proper war ship. Why? Don’t tell me you can’t swim!”

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“Baka! Of course I can swim! It’s just… aaah… forget it. Let’s just go already.”

Jeez. What’s gotten into her? Regardless, after our meeting, we headed for my harbor and got on my ship. It was time to set sail.

After sailing for a day, we finally reached the island. It was exactly where the future me told me it would be. The moment we reached shore, Tenebria jumped off and started kissing the ground. It seems the reason she was so restless was… sea sickness.

Honestly since she was a God at one point I didn’t think that she can suffer stuff like this. But during the journey she locked herself in her room bellow deck. And even then I could hear her whimpering.

“Onee-chan, this island doesn’t look big at all. What are we looking for?”

“Let’s head towards that tower! It’s the only visible structure. Maybe it’s some sort of entrance.”

The 4 of us walked towards the tower. And I was right. There was a door leading to a staircase. An underground tunnel. We started to descend. How long have we walked the staircase? I can’t tell. It was really dark, with only a few torches now and there. The bare minimum of light so you don’t trip. Eventually we reached an opened room. It was sinister. Some sort of altar at the opposite side. And in front of us…

“All 11 of the first generation Demon Kings. This is a nice welcoming committee.”

If you are wondering why they are only 11 and not 12, it’s because the Founder was the 12th. But the spell he used when he gave up his life to seal Darkness, it also consumed his soul. Without a soul, he couldn’t be summoned.

“Nya, you think we can take them all on?”

“That won’t be necessary. I don’t have time to waste energy on them.”

I took a step forward and extended my right hand. Pitch black electric sparks were generated.

“[Astral Vine]!”

In that moment, black vines covered in thorns wrapped around each and every one of them. I snapped my fingers and the throns extended, piercing all of them, until they fadded into light particles. This power… is dangerous. It not only destroys the Origin, but the soul as well. If you’re wondering what exactly is an Origin… it’s complicated. It shouldn’t be confused with Origin magic.

To explain it as easy as I can, it’s the glue that holds the soul to the body. Technically, destroying the origin is enough to kill someone, but since the Oroboros can manipulate souls, it is necessary to destroy the soul too.

Clap… Clap

“I must say, that was impressive. In all my years, I’ve never seen a power like that before. It seems the destroyer was right when he told me you would find a way to use magic even if I cut the tunnel.”

“Kyron! You… what the…”

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Something is different about him. He was wrapped in some sort of purple fog and 2 dragon heads similar to Ghidorah were floating above him.

“Don’t act so surprised. This is the destroyer’s power. He granted me his might so I may crush you. I should be thanking you for coming here! You spared me the journey. For the destroyer only requires one more soul to awaken! And I have 4 at my disposal right now, hahaha!”

“You think this will play out that way?”

“Destruction. That’s all the destroyer wants. That’s all I want. To live only means creating chaos. I will return all the sinful mortals into the peace of nothingness! I gave you the chance to save yourself. Now get ready to face judgement!”

This guy sure has a screw loose. Regardless, we can’t underestimate him. That purple mist is dangerous. If that’s really the destroyer, then I’m probably the only one who can take a hit from him. We won’t lose. No matter what, I can’t allow this creep to ruin the world and peace I fought so hard for.

“Alright, girls. Just be careful and watch each others’ backs. Let’s take this guy down already!”

“Right!” (x3)

“Come! Let me show you the power that transcends the Gods! I will show you how futile your actions are! I will destroy you!!”

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