Chapter 1 – Saeko Ito

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Author: Jammin’ Rabbit Original Source: Tamaya Kagiya Artist: Himexin

Class is over for the day. As people are beginning to leave the classroom, some of the boys in the corner of the room towards the door are whispering amongst each other. One of them closes the door and the others approach me.

“Uhh… what’s up?”

“Kameshiro told us he saw you changing in class a few days ago after everyone left.”

A chill runs down my spine. I can feel my hair standing on end. I thought I was careful? Did I not lock the door at the time? I screwed up. I messed up bad!

I try to play it off. “I dunno what you’re talking about… that wasn’t me…”

Kameshiro slams his hands on my desk and lowers his face so that our eyes are level. “Nu uh, I’m sure it was you I saw. And you were stacked.” He held his hands in front of his chest to mimic breasts.

I gulp hard. “You were seeing things. I’ve been a boy all my life. Some of you’ve seen me change before, too!”

“C’mon, Saeko! We just wanna see if it’s true.”

“Did you really turn into a girl?”

“I always thought you looked feminine, I guess it suited you after all.”

The boys in the class are surrounding me. There’s no escape. I feel their eyes violating every inch of my body. They’re reaching out to me with their hands, but I can’t slap them away. I already feel the towel wrapped around my chest coming loose.

At this rate, they’re going to find out. And when they do… with me alone in this room with them…

My breath is getting shallow, and a sense of excitement is rushing down to my lower body.

Nowaynowaynoway. I can’t be getting turned on by the thought of being found out. Worse… what might happen when they do…

Damn, it! Now is not the time to be getting h̲o̲r̲n̲y̲!

Why did this have to happen to me??

Why did I have to turn into a girl?!

One week earlier…

“Nngh…” A strange weight presses down on my waist. “Hatsumi… sis, is that you?”

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When I open my eyes, the first thing I see is a silver-haired woman straddling my waist. She’s clearly human, but the horns and wings say otherwise. There was also a tail that whipped left and right behind her back. A wicked smile flashes across her face as she draws her tongue across her lips.

I’m not in my room, but a strange wispy place with no walls and melting colors of purple and red. Am I… dreaming?

“Hehe…” She has a sweet voice. “Darling, how could you forget? I’m your girlfriend!”

“M-m-m-my girlfriend??”

When did I get a girlfriend? There’s no way, right? It must be Hatsumi and one of her friends playing a trick on me. After all, I’m just…

The girl slips her hands under my pyjamas and caresses my chest. A sensation I never thought existed shoots up my spine— a shock of pleasure, almost making me beg for more.

“Just lay back and enjoy.” She leans in and blows into my ear.


“Oh, darling. You have such an adorable voice.”

I come back to my senses upon hearing her say that. Me? An adorable voice? That’s exactly what I dislike about myself.

“What’s wrong?” She asks, laying herself on top of me. Her breasts plop onto my chest, and I can feel all her warmth enveloping me.

“Well… you said my voice was adorable. That… that’s just the kind of thing I hate about myself.”

I’ve always struggled to make myself more masculine ever since elementary school. Now that I’m in the final year of high school, I’m still short, my voice is still high pitched, and I have no muscles.

It didn’t matter if I joined any sports club, the club advisors always relegated me to sit on the sidelines or act as the manager to support the members. Even now, being in the Kendo club for the third year in a row, I haven’t seen any action beside the bench.

As if sensing my grief, the girl puts a hand to my cheek and whispers, “I think you’re fine the way you are.”

“The way I am? Uu…” I shake my head. “Forget pranks. This has to be a dream. No way a girl like you would be my girlfriend!”


I hear her click her tongue as my vision suddenly goes black. My eyes snap open, and I’m in my room. I turn to the clock and see that it’s 7:00 AM, thirty minutes away from the alarm.

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“What was that dream… it felt so real.” I put a hand to my chest where her breasts were pressing down on me. The sensation felt so real. “Ahhh! What’s wrong with me? Even when I’m dreaming I can’t take advantage of the situation.”

I look at the calendar. A bunch of red x marks counted down the month of April. Today is the start of May, one month into my third year of high school. I have the remainder of this year to finally make a difference in myself before going off to college.

“Might as well get an early start… wait a minute. Around this time, Hatsumi would—”

“Saeko!!!!” The door swings open and my sister comes flying through the door. “Aw, you’re awake already? But I wanted to be the one to wake you up! No fair.”

My older sister…

“Since you’re up early, let’s get you ready for school, my adorable little Saeko!”

Dotes on me too much.

We… or rather I am forced through the routine of being babied throughout the morning. She strips me down to nothing, and picks out a fresh uniform for me to wear. Then drags me downstairs, feeds me a bowl of cereal, and wipes my face with a wet towel.

“SIGH!” And I say this aloud. “When is this going to end?? I’m in my final year of high school, and you’re still treating me like a child.”

Hatsumi wags a finger at me. “As long as mom and dad are gone, I am in charge of you.”

“So… when will they be back?”

“Well they extended their stay in London, so…”

“Sis, I’m practically an adult now. I just want to be independent.”

“Nuh uh. Now, let’s get you to school. I’ll walk you there.”

“Wait, how about no?”

“But I’ve done it since you were in elementary school!”

“And that was how many years ago? Do you know how embarrassing it is to be taken to school by you everyday? Besides, your University is in the opposite direction.”

“It’s fine, I’ll take the train!”

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In the end, she walked me up to the school gates anyway…

“Bye-bye, Saeko!!! Have fun at school! Your sister loves you!!!” Hatsumi yells as she makes a mad dash to the station.

I hear the other students whispering amongst themselves. Clearly, about my circumstances.


Cold shivers crawl up my spine. I turn around thinking someone brushed a finger against my back, but I don’t see a thing. When we left the house, I had the distinct feeling someone was staring at me. Even now, I feel it.

I take a deep breath and slap my cheeks.

Now’s not the time to be a coward. With a new month ahead of me, I have to make a new start for myself. This time for sure, I’ll convince Coach to give me an actual spot on the kendo team. One step at a time. Then, I stand up to Hatsumi and get her to stop babying me.

When I get to class, I find my best friend Kana in my seat reading a book.

“Don’t you have your own seat…?” I ask as I walk up to him.

“I like your seat. Being by the window in the back kinda makes me feel like the protagonist.”

“Well, off you go because it’s my seat.”

“Alright, alright. Was just warming it up for you.”

Kana relents and takes the desk adjacent to mine. It seems whosever seat that belongs to isn’t here yet.

I finally sit down, and immediately my thoughts lead to the kendo club. How am I going to approach Coach? Just… blunt? Maybe roundabout? Maybe butter him up first and then ask. There’s also Hatsumi. I really want her to stop walking me to school at the very least.

“You look like you’re about to go into a boxing ring.” Kana said, putting his book down.

“Just a lot of things on my mind.”

“Hey, I’m here. Your best friend is willing to lend an ear.”

“Just wishing I was born with more masculine features.”

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Kana shrugs. “I think you’re fine the way you are.”

I think back to what my dream girlfriend said. Adorable voice. It makes me shiver. “How does my voice sound to you?”

“I think it’s cute.”

My face starts heating up. “Cu— how can you say something like that so casually??”

“It’s true.”

“Forget I asked…”

The school bell rings, signalling the start of class. Our teacher comes in waving a notebook. “Alright, summer break’s over. Get back to your seats and start behaving again. Please.”

The bell echoes throughout the school, this time signalling the end of classes. Everyone starts packing to leave. Kana comes up to me and asks, “Club?”

“Yeah. I’m getting Coach to listen to me whether he likes it or not.”

“Heh. Good luck.”

I quickly pack my stuff and run down the hall past the gymnasium. There are several outdoor buildings designed specifically for club activities. One of the larger ones was allocated to the kendo club at the start of the term.

I steel myself, and throw open the doors, and see Coach.

“Coach, I—”

“Saeko, perfect timing. Help me get these equipment ready for the club.”


I help him get everything set up for the club members as they arrive.

“Good. Good.” Coach nodded to himself.

Now’s my chance!

“Coach, I was thinking—”

“We’re about to start, can I trust you to grab our boys some chilled water bottles from the cooler?”


By the time I finish all his tasks, the day is coming to an end. There I stand, in the middle of the club, cleaning the aftermath of their activities.


The door swings open and Coach comes barreling through. “What the hell?!”

“C-coach, you haven’t left yet?”

“I was about to until I heard you scream.”

“Wait, this is my chance. I want to be on the team!”

Coach squints his eyes and raises a brow. “You are.”

“No, I mean, actually be a participating kendo member. I’ve been doing so much for the club, I think I deserve a chance.”

He sighs and picks up a bokken.

“We have a prefecture tournament coming up, and you want to participate?”

“More than anything!”

“Look, I’m not against it or anything but… have you seen yourself? You’ll get swamped.”

“Please, two years of picking up after the members and delivering water and towels isn’t what I signed up for. I just actually want to be part of the team.”

“Fine.” He hands me the bokken. “But not this tournament.”

“What?! Then what’s the point?”

“How’s this? You keep supporting the team, get us past the Hyogo Invitationals, then I put you into the inter-prefectural. Start training you after our first victory.”

“Do you… really mean it?”


This isn’t exactly the outcome I hoped for, but it’s better than nothing.

“I accept.”

“Good, now get this cleaned up.”

I get home expecting Hatsumi to throw her arms on me, but imagine my surprise when I find a letter saying she would be staying with her boyfriend.

“Thank goodness…”

I heat up a konbini bento from the fridge and take it upstairs to my room. It’s times like these I cherish the most. Peace. Without my sister feeding me and forcing me to eat at the dinner table with her.

Today is a victory. Getting Coach to agree to let me on the team is the best news I could receive. Maybe it’s a sign I should talk to Hatsumi. She’s the real final boss to deal with.

I toss the bento away and hop into bed to read some manga. There’s a lot that I want to catch up on, but Hatsumi always made me sleep early so I never get the chance.

At some point… I end up falling asleep…


A familiar voice is calling to me again…

“Darling, wake up!”

“Nnnh…” I open my eyes to the same girl I saw in my last dream. “Y-you again??”

“Not you, I’m your girlfriend!” She cooed. She was on top of me, dragging her fingers across my chest. “You look like you had a good day.”

“Uh… yeah. I kinda did. I finally got my Coach to let me on the kendo team. Eventually.”

“That’s good!” The girl started unbuttoning my shirt. “We should celebrate.”

I swallow a lump in my throat. “Celebrate? Like… a party?”

“Hehe. Something more… intimate.” She gets down to the last button and opens my shirt, then leans down to lick my chest.

“Ha…hau… wait… I don’t even know your name…”

She reaches behind her back to tug on something that loosens her bra. It drops low enough for me to get a bare view of her chest. “My name is Mio.”

Mio grabs both my hands and leads them to each of her breasts. It’s a handful and then some. Her bra was barely holding it up to begin with, and my hands even less so. Every time she kneads my hands against her chest she squeaks out a moan.

“Ah…mmm… your hands are wonderful…”

My hands start rubbing her breasts on their own. With her hands free now, she reaches into my pants. I feel a warm grip wrap around my member. She snaps her finger, and I feel my pants slip down to my ankles.

Mio starts grinding against me. I’m naked now, but she still has her underwear on. Despite that, I can feel how wet she is through the fabric.

Mio pulls the fabric aside to reveal her dripping wet crotch. She licks her lips and says, “I can’t wait anymore, darling. Put it in me.”

Am I… about to have sex? This is my chance to graduate to adulthood and finally be a man? Even if this is a dream I… is this… right?

“Wait!” I feel my body jerking away. “I’m sorry, dream girlfriend. You’re really attractive and all but… even if it’s a dream shouldn’t we take this slow?”

“I’ve about had enough…?” Her eyes twitched. She stands up on the bed, unfurling her wings. “What… is… WRONG WITH YOU?!”


“What kind of boy just refuses sex from a succubus? UGH. This is the second time you’ve rejected me. I have never been more insulted in my life.”

Her gentle demeanor falls away to a terrifying scowl as she launches into a tirade. Suddenly the room around me darkens and blurs, and I can’t make out any shapes or colors but the girl— wait… did she say—

“Suc… succubus…?!” I try to get away but my arms and legs are pulled taut as though chains are binding me to the bed.

Mio raises a finger into the air. Dark energies begin to swirl around her finger.

“In that case, how about I make your greatest fears a reality.”

She points at me, and the dark energy shoots into my chest. My vision goes white, my chest starts burning, but my lower body starts getting cold.

Am I… dying?

“Kahahaha! Despair, knowing you will never again know the pleasures of being a man.” As I lose consciousness, I see her lips curve into a wicked grin. “Instead, drown in it as your greatest fear manifests.”

Chirp. Chirp.

I hear birds chirping from outside of my window. I get up and see that it’s morning. The clock reads 6:54 AM. Looks like I’m up early again.

“What a crazy dream…” I look down to see the manga I was reading before I passed out.

“Why does it feel like I got heavier? Heh, maybe some muscles are going in. Just kidding.”

I go to put the manga back on the shelf when I see a naked girl in my room. She’s got huge breasts and long greyish hair.

“Wait a minute… ”

I run up to the girl and she runs up to me. It is then I realize I’m looking at a mirror…

When I put a hand to my face, so does the reflection. When I reach for my chest expecting an ironing board, I touch a mound of fat and a pink nipple— as does the reflection. My hands instinctively reach down to my crotch… nothing…

Nothing, but a slit and pink flesh between my legs.



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