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[Vol 4] Chapter 55: Svecko’s Power

As snowflakes fell from the sky, Willard couldn’t help but sigh in praises of Svecko’s domain. One flake at a time brought about great changes in the temperature of the battlefield. If Willard had not cultivated the peculiar red energy, he probably would not have been able to completely withstand Svecko’s domain.

At this point in time, the snow had slowly started to accumulate on the ground. Each snowflake piled on top of each other, creating a thin outline of a snowy surface. “I take it your response is no,” Willard said staring up at the sky at Svecko, who had an unamused look. ‘Such a waste.’ Svecko thought to himself. Svecko couldn’t believe such an ignorant martial practitioner existed. He was also slightly hesitant to kill Willard because of his tremendous potential. The best case scenario would have been for him to recruit someone as talented as Willard. ‘Why am I this unlucky to meet such a fool?’ Svecko angrily cursed inwardly.

“Who would have thought this brat would have been this foolish? You will surely die today.”  Darey joyfully said as he watched from the distance.

Willard, who was currently receiving the full brunt of Svecko’s domain, exhaled slowly and watched as the water vapor in his breathe slowly condensed. “If you are just going to keep staring at me from there, I would be excusing myself,” Willard said as he took small steps heading towards the Minya forces. A small smile erupted on his face as he was walking towards the Minya forces.

Svecko stared at Willard who was walking in the opposite direction from him he couldn’t help but shake his head. Suddenly, a white piercing light quickly spread through Svecko’s entire body. Svecko’s body completely transformed into snow after the light was done spread through his body. The next instant, Svecko had appeared behind Willard. His movement was succinct and unnoticeable to the spectators of the current battle. “Die!” Svecko said as he stretched out his right hand aiming for the back of Willard’s skull.

As Svecko’s hand moved towards the back of Willard’s head, Svecko noticed the pressure of his domain drastically reduce, which prompted him to immediately halt his attack and withdraw his hand. Staring strangely at the sky above him, he noticed the attack on his domain had come from the sky above. Suddenly, a violent streak of purple lightning descended from the sky and aimed directly for Svecko.  Svecko moved his right palm in anticipation of the lightning’s path. Although invisible to the naked eyes, a clear wall of ice had formed as a defense to the lightning. As the lightning collided with the ice defense, short purple fragments of lightning were reflected all around Svecko.

His eyebrows were creased as he stood in place defending the lightning attack. Svecko gave a side glance at Willard’s direction, thinking that he would have most assuredly died from the deflected lightning, but to his surprise, not only was Willard still alive, he was currently bathing in that lightning. Suddenly Svecko seemed to have realized something, but kept most of his attention on the lightning.

After the onslaught of lightning had died down, Svecko turned to look at Willard. The domain he had originally set up had been completely broken by the intrusion of the lightning. Svecko’s expression had completely changed as he stared somewhat dumbfounded at Willard. “How is this possible?” Svecko thought to himself as he continued to stare at Willard. “He clearly was using elemental energy earlier? So how is it that he is able to manifest saint lightning?” In this particular mortal world, the martial practitioners were capped at the saint level, so they had termed the tempest existence as saints and equivalently termed the elements saints were capable of unleashing as saint level elements.

“What a pity. I was truly hoping to kill you quickly while you had your guards down.” Willard said to Svecko who seemed lost for words.

“Are you a saint level martial practitioner?” Svecko coldly asked.

“Why ask? You should already know the answer to that question.”

Without saying a word, Svecko seemed to have disappeared into the wind as he charged towards Willard. Willard in turn had been anticipating the retaliating response from Svecko as he utilized his movement technique accordingly to evade Svecko’s attack. They were like hummingbirds as they dashed from one spot to the other. From each interaction, explosions followed by purple fragments of lightning and ice were left as remnants.

Ducart who was currently sitting on the saddle of his horse, slowly dropped to the ground. He couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing at the moment. He subconsciously did not want to believe it, but the irrefutable truth was right in front of him. “How can this be? It has only been less than three years.” He thoughtlessly said to himself as he continued watching. Every single warrior and mage in the Minya army held their breaths in shock. They couldn’t believe they had been foolishly competing against some on that level.

After a couple of exchanges, Svecko stopped his attack and stared deeply at Willard. The look on his face changed from that of anger to appreciation. He did not particularly respect Willard, but rather he was impressed with his talent. “Truly remarkable,” Svecko said before he chuckled. “You must be training in a very unique path of cultivation. Your talents are much more impressive than I had ever imagined.” He continued with a slight smile on his face. “Against weaker saints, you should be able to tie them down, but unfortunately you have me as an opponent.” Svecko nodded his somewhat disappointedly. “A pity. It is truly a pity. I must kill you now.”

Although Willard was his opponent, Svecko felt some pain killing such a bright talent. Not only was Willard cultivating in a unique path, which required heaven defying talent, he was also very young. His battle acumen was also very high and when added together, all those qualities would have truly made him one of the greatest saints of their world. To Svecko, it was quite unfortunate that he had to kill such a talent.

“March forward and get this battle over with” Svecko’s voice loudly echoed through the Minya warriors battle front. From the tone of Svecko’s voice, they could tell he was obviously agitated. Aswan who was the commanding warrior of the entire Minya forces immediately started leading the rest of the warriors to go assault the Gerret household. Willard had an ugly face as he heard those words from Svecko. His entire plan had changed upon the appearance of Svecko, who was a saint. He had changed his plans to just tie Svecko and the Minya forces down to give enough time for re-enforcement to join the Gerret camp.

Dangling and flowing round Willards entire body were sparkles of lightning. Svecko noticed the change in Willard, and could pretty much guess what Willard was about to do. Lightning charged down from the sky aiming for Aswan and the Minya warriors as they began riding in the direction of the Gerret household. The lightning was met by a protective ice shield that took the brunt of the impact before it broke down and deflected the rest of the lightning.

“Forget it child.” Svecko said as he withdrew his hands to cross them behind his back. “There four known levels for saints in our world. The first are the newly ascended saints those who have mastered just one law.” Willard couldn’t help but think back to his battle against Aorah. After the intrusion of the old man with the staff, Willard knew of the difference within saints. “The second are those who have mastered more than one law.” Willard stared deeply at Svecko, because he knew was at least on this level and above.  “The third are those who have combined two or more laws. For the fourth level, you don’t even need to know about them.” Willard knew that Svecko had to at least be on the third level or above. From their earlier exchange where Svecko had used ice, he could tell that vecko had combine laws of two different elements, water and wind, and had used them to form both the ice and snow he showed earlier.

“You can probably hold your own against a level one saint. You might even be able to stay alive against a level two saint. But against a level three saint, you can forget about staying alive. Come let me show you difference in levels within saints.” An unknown sense of danger ripped Willard as he heard those words from Svecko. He knew Svecko was strong, but he really couldn’t quantify his strength. Willard had spent far too few years on this mortal world and was lacking in knowledge. Although he had some faith in himself, but he couldn’t afford to be overconfident.

A strange white glow of light appeared from the center of Svecko’s head as he shut his eyes, which gave the sense that he was meditating. The glow seemed to strangely be reducing almost as if it was being condensed. Willard stood in place and watched as the glow on Svecko’s head condensed. The moment the projecting light completely condensed, Svecko opened his eyes. His entire eyeball had turned completely white giving a sense of lifelessness in his body. Willard could instantly feel the noticeable difference in the level of power, as Svecko’s majestic aura seemed to rise to even greater heights.

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Within a carriage heading for the Gerret household, Jayesh was currently conversing with a counterpart who seemed to be in high spirits. When suddenly Jayesh’s counterparts jolly atmosphere changed to a more serious one. He moved his gaze pass Jayesh, seemingly staring through the interiors of the carriage to the ends of the world. “Not good. Why has he gotten serious now” Jayesh’s counterpart said before disappearing from carriage.


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