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[Vol 4] Chapter 56: New Arrival

As Aswan was leading the Minya forces, headed for the Gerret household, he noticed a group of warriors riding towards their direction. Aswan frowned a little as he recognized who was leading the group. “Sir Allen!” Aswan said to himself as he was frowning. “Why has he joined this battle? Ducart assured us the Marquis family would not be joining this battle. What the hell happened?” Aswan thought to himself in a little crazed fashion. “It should still be okay. With that trump card of mine and my current strength, I should be able to take the primero knight.” Aswan said consoling himself.

“That’s Aswan leading the Minya forces.” Tadea, one of the knights that had followed after Agness and Allan, said as a strange smile appeared on his face.Ever since they had spoken with Kaban and the rest of Gerret forces, he had been burning with an intense will to fight. The strength Willard had displayed and the fashion the Gerret warriors had reverently described it made him thirst for battle even more. “It’s been a while I, Tadea, have been this excited for a battle.”He said as he stared at the incoming enemy. With the affirmation of the arrival of both parties, everyone knew a large scale battle was about to begin.

“Agness, you will be in charge of leading the squadron of warriors. Tadea, your job will be to take the Dark leaf squad leaders on the Minya forces. You all are to leave Aswan to me. No matter what you do, do not engage that man. He might not be famed for his strength, but he isn’t someone that can be easily beaten,” Allan said as he inserted more force to whipping his mount, which saw made the mount pick up its pace to lead the attack. Following closely behind Allan was Tadea, who had a brimming smile.


Svecko was like a lifeless frozen puppet, as he stared at Willard. Without much of a moment’s warning, Svecko seemed to have disappeared from Willard’s view. The sudden disappearance of Svecko, had hugely shocked Willard, who immediately radiated a combination of that strange energy and his earth elemental energy. Willard had chosen to do this because he wasn’t entirely confident in using his earth elemental energy in detecting Svecko. Within less than a second of radiating the combination of both his earth element energy and the unknown red energy, Willard felt an intense cold bridge the back of his skull. The coldness he suddenly felt was nothing like the original domain Svecko had shown earlier. This coldness was worlds apart from the first snow domain Svecko had released, this coldness was chilling right down to one’s soul. Because of the level Willard’s soul had attained, he wasn’t affected too much by the soul freezing effect of the piercing cold.

Willard instinctively released all the stored up lightning within his body to the back of his skull, whilst doing that, he controlled the flow of lightning from the sky down towards his body at the same time. As the lightning within his body flowed to combat the piercing cold that had invaded his body, Svecko was inwardly surprised. If any other person had seen Svecko’s face, they would not have been able to tell he was surprised because of the state of his body. “How is his soul not yet frozen?” Svecko couldn’t help but think. Svecko had been confident in ending the battle with just that one move, but somehow Willard had not only survived but had also attempted countering his attack. This truly shocked Svecko, because he knew how utterly devastating that attack was. Not all level 3 saints had the power to completely shake off the soul freezing effect of his attack, the way Willard had done. And definitely, no one below a level 3 saint should be able to survive it. How could Svecko know the level Willard’s soul had possibly attained?

“What is this energy?” Svecko thought as he noticed traces of the unknown energy Willard was cultivating. “It feels familiar, but also strangely different from all the energies known to me.” As the stored up lightning within Willard’s body was getting used up, a flurry of purple lightning once more descended from the sky, striking Willard’s body. The lightning bathed Willard like he was one of those legendary lightning fiends. With the re-enforcement of the lightning, Willard was finally able to defend against Svecko’s attack. A new sense of fright gripped Willard as he immediately bolted several meters away from his original position. After Willard experienced that attack from Svecko, he had gained a thorough understanding of his current power limits. Without a doubt, he knew he was qualitatively on a lower power base than Svecko, even with the aid of the unknown energy he was cultivating.

“You are full of surprises. But if this is all you have, you will sure die here today.” Svecko said in an eerie voice, as he once more proceeded to attack Willard. At this point, Willard completely gave up all thoughts of winning the battle. He immediately put all of his efforts to escaping Svecko’s presence. Willard used his movement technique aided with the unknown energy and ran in the opposite direction of the Gerret household. He knew if he was going to escape his current predicament, he had to find a way of to leave the confines of Marquis city.

“Trying to escape? That is not possible child,” Svecko said as he once more gave chase to the escaping Willard. It did not take too long for Svecko to once more catch up to Willard and attack again. This time, Svecko punched straight at Willard, and as he did, a strange sort of restriction, in the form of extreme frost, was placed on Willard. Willard gritted his teeth as he moved both his arms to try and defend Svecko’s attack.

The moment Svecko’s punch made contact with Willard’s arms, a strange restraint once again flowed towards Willard’s soul. This time, the freezing impact was a hundred times stronger than the earlier attack. With the increase of the soul freezing, Willard was immediately put in a dazed state. He had completely lost all awareness of his surroundings and was gradually losing all cognisance of himself. A silvery stream of translucent matter, that was neither liquid, solid or gas, flowed to the source of the crippling effect on his soul. After what seemed like an infinite amount of time, freezing effect on his soul was broken off.

As Willard came back to his senses, he realized he was laying on the floor. He quickly understood what had happened and what his current situation was. Svecko’s attack had frozen his soul and also sent him flying horizontally across a path. A sudden look of surprise appeared on Svecko’s face as he noticed Willard had come back to live. “Impossible! How can he still be alive?” Svecko said in complete astonishment. Currently, the white glow emitted from Svecko’s eyes had considerably reduced in intensity. From this one could tell that Svecko had unleashed his most powerful attack, and yet Willard had still survived. “How is that even possible? It only took him just a moment to break free.” The intent to Willard increased to an even greater length in Svecko’s mind. If Willard was capable of surviving his most powerful attack at this stage of power, how terrifying will Willard get when he reached his level?

Svecko raised his right hand and moved his palm in a right rotating fashion. Right above Willard’s body, an ice spike was hastily forming. The moment, the spike was completed, Svecko moved his hand downward in a tugging fashion. The spike came flying towards Willard’s head at great speed. The moment just before the spike could strike his body, a golden metallic cocoon covered his body.

“Senior snow of the West, why are you trying to kill a child of my Amber kingdom?” A gentle voice said as a middle-aged man slowly descended from the skies. The middle-aged man had long golden blonde hair, that match his soothing calm voice. This man that was descending, was the Jayesh’s associate that had left the carriage earlier. “He broke through my spatial sealing quite fast.” Svecko thought to himself without uttering a single sentence. Svecko stared at the middle-aged looking man for a couple more seconds and said, “Who are you?”

“My name is Bryant Westplain, but I don’t think someone of your class would have heard of me.” The middle-aged looking man said with a smile. Svecko thought about all the famous saints located in the Southern kingdoms, and there was no one he knew off with that name. A little frown appeared on Svecko’s face. He wasn’t entirely sure of what power level Bryant had, but he currently was in a depleted state after he unleashed his previous attack on Willard.

“Do you plan to stand in my way?” Svecko said in a hoarse tone.


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