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[Vol 4] Chapter 47: Envoy

It had been two weeks­ since Willard got ba­ck to Marquis city, h­is mission this time ­was vastly different ­from the first time h­e had ventured to the­ city. Back then, he had ju­st regained his memor­ies and decided to jo­in an academy to gain access to knowledge about this mortal world he could never be afforded at the small Yellow Hew village.

After spend­ing over two years in­ captivity with Aorah, ­he no longer wanted t­o join an academy, af­ter all, with his current str­ength, he could forcefully demand all the k­nowledge he needed from most exper­ts.

Within his quarters, ­Willard was seated wi­th his legs crossed a­s he meditated and st­udied the internal wo­rkings of his element­al core.

It did not take too long for the Gerret family warriors to congregate at the main hall. Sebastian stood up staring at the warriors before him, their numbers were less than a hundred with the vast majority of them being at the natural energy level. To the edge of the hall, the maids and servants of the household stood. Normally, during meetings for the warriors, the maids and servants were not permitted to be present, but the situation was different today so Sebastian permitted their presence. After all, the meeting this time around was one that determined their survival.

“Everyone, today our Gerret family is facing the biggest crisis since our founding. By now everyone should know what is going in the city, and it’s no secret that our Gerret family will soon join in this storm. Any moment now, representatives from the Minya family camp will soon reach our gates.” Sebastian said looking everyone straight in the eyes. He had no intentions of hiding the truth from them. “At that moment they arrive, I plan on telling them my decision to support the Marquis household.” After saying that, the room was in complete silence, no one uttered a single word and just listened.

“So today with the biggest heart, I want to say, thank you to all of you that have worked for my family so diligently all these years. Anyone that wants to leave is free to go now.” Sebastian staring at the frantic eyes of everyone. Although Sebastian wanted to bolster his defenses, he wanted only those that were willing to fight to their deaths. When he had told them they could leave, he had done so knowing that those that remained knew the exact severity of the current situation. Following his words, seventy percent of the maids and servants quickly left the main hall. Following that about twenty percent of the warriors left as well. This did not come as a surprise to Sebastian, he expected such that was why he had addressed them with such words.

“This is the last opportunity to leave. Those who choose to stay will not be afforded such an opportunity in the future.” Sebastian said again to verify everyone’s resolve to stay.

“Good. Arilis see to it that everyone that had chosen to leave is escorted peacefully out of the house.”

The warriors and maids that had chosen to stay knew exactly what the situation was. Those that chose to leave were naive to think they could escape the situation by just walking away. None of the opposing families would hire or bring them into their families. There was the possibility these people could be potential spies within their ranks, the opposing households will hunt and kill them all after everything was over.

Afterwards, the doors to the hall were firmly shut. Sebastian instructed the rest of the warriors on their task, leaving only a trusted few that he chose to lay out his plans for, giving strict and detailed instructions on how things were going to play out. Although, Sebastian himself wasn’t a warrior, his ability to put together a plan was of the highest order.


At the main gate to the Gerret household, a bright brown carriage had stopped. Coming out of the carriage, Ade stood with a little convoy behind her. Immediately, the guards had sent a message to Sebastian. “Open the gate?” Ade called. Her words met deaf ears as the guards all stood without utter a single word. Ade noticing that broke into a queer smile. ‘It seems Sebastian has really chosen the side of the Marquis.’ She thought to herself silently.

Suddenly, the gates cracked opened, with Sebastian and Willard walking out. Ade was shocked to see Willard beside Sebastian, for some unknown reason the presence of Willard had changed the entire game plan she had. She previously held some hope in changing Sebastian’s mind, but now a new treat had silently risen in her subconscious. “Go back and tell your family head that my Gerret household has and always will be a pillar of the Marquis household.” Sebastian said as they got within ten feet of the convoy.

“Think this through carefully. Don’t throw your life and that of your followers away needlessly. My Minya household is in control of seventy percent of the forces within this city. There is but one possible outcome, our victory.”

“There is nothing to think. My decision has been made.” Ade frown a little as she heard his response. She moved her gaze towards Willard then smiled.

“I trust you know what the situation is like. If you join my Minya family, I guarantee we will protect you from the Helden household. We will also name you a knight of our family, given rights, wealth, and prestige.” Ade said enticing Willard to join their ranks. The rest of the convoy and guards were in shock by Ade’s words. Not only was she going to protect and give him wealth, she was also going to name him a knight. Within each city, knights were only second the city governor. They were aloof figures above all ramifications of the law. They were powerful warriors who protected the governor at times of great risk.

Willard turned to Sebastian and asked loudly; “has this little miss always been this dumb?” Hearing Willard’s question, a huge frown displaced the smile on Ade’s face. Not just her, the rest of the convoy and the guards were stunned by his response. Sebastian couldn’t help but laugh a little at Willard’s question. Although Sebastian trusted Willard, he quite honestly did not know how he would react to Ade’s tempting offer. “Little miss don’t waste both you and our time here. As for the Helden household, please tell them I am waiting for them.” Willard responded moving his gaze back to Ade.

One of the guards by Ade’s side was utterly infuriated. Not only had Willard rejected a knighthood, which was something he would die for, he also insulted Ade to add to it. He finally couldn’t take it anymore, “Shut your mouth you little monkey.” the guard said pulling out his sword. Before Ade could even stop him, the guard had dashed towards WIllard and Sebastian. From the palm of the guard, light purple lightning could be seen dancing all the way through his sword. WIllard seeing him run all the way towards him and Sebastian couldn’t be even bothered to use his gravitational domain on him.

Willard took a single step that mysteriously made him appear right in front of the charging guard. Although the guard was shocked, he still maintained a calm state of mind with his attack. Holding the sword in his right hand, he attacked with a right swing of his sword. The motion of his attack showed exactly how much experience he had, guided by his control of the lightning element, he aimed straight for Willard’s head. Now that Willard had completed his natural energy base, his activation of elemental energy was instant. Without much thought, Willard moved his hand in anticipation of the attack. Willard caught the sword in its motion for his neck. Holding tightly onto the sword, the look on the guard’s face changed drastically. ‘How is this possible?’ the guard frightfully thought before Willard snapped the sword, breaking off a portion of the sword. With the same motion of breaking the sword, Willard stabbed the broken off portion into the neck of the guard.

It was at this moment the guard understood why Willard had spoken in that manner. Holding onto his neck, the guard dropped to his knees, gasping for life. As his vision increasingly got blurred, the guard couldn’t help but think of how frightening the youth in front of him was. The exchanged between them clearly showed that the youth did not even take that exchange seriously.

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