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[Vol 4] Chapter 48: Envoy 2

Watching the guard fall lifelessly, sent shivers down the spine of everyone watching. The remaining two other guards that had escorted Ade and the envoy over had a more serious look to them. Each and every one of them was an elemental energy elite of the Minya household, but in the face of Willard, their companion was no more than a livestock to a butcher. Sebastian had a rather uncomfortable smile as he realized how ruthless and undiplomatic Willard could be.

Unconsciously, Ade and her companions took some steps backward. ‘Sir Allada was right, we should have taken this Willard fellow more seriously.’ Ade silently thought to herself. Memories of the conversation her father and the senior members of her household had two years ago, after her Ducart’s birthday function, came pouring through her mind. In that conversation, Allada especially insisted in swift action with regards to Willard. He wanted them to quickly bring Willard to their side or kill him.

Ade looked towards Sebastian with a frown on her face. “Even lord Jayesh has chosen to stay out of this, don’t regret your actions today.” She said turning to leave. Her entire entourage took the queue to leave as well. None of them even thought of retaliating because they knew there was no way anyone of them present could do anything to Willard. As they were about to board their carriage, the ground started vibrating. Unwillingly, they turned to see the image of the dead guard being dragged by the ground towards them. “You forgot something., Willard said with a little smirk.

Sebastian turned to look at Willard, even he himself was shocked at Willard’s remarks. One of the three elite guards from the Minya household went back to carry the dead body of his companion. With anger and fear written all over his face, he carried the dead body and placed it on top of the carriage. The carriage then proceeded to leave. Within the carriage was complete silence, Ade had a huge frown as she thought back to what had just happened. Clearly, her entire plan had not only been ruined but completely insulted. “He must die, they must all die,” Ade said angrily.


Hundreds of miles away from Marquis city, a mid sized dust storm was hastily moving towards the city. In front of the dust storm were three men on horses riding with all they had, and behind the three men was a carriage inscribed with a white lotus flower insignia. The man leading the ride had a scarf that covered the majority of his face. Behind the scarf was a devilishly handsome man with long black hair. If Willard was present, he would have immediately recognized this man as Baya. Baya held the totem that was around his neck, he could feel the totem’s pulse increase in intensity as he drew closer to Marquis city. “You have finally returned,” Baya said to himself as he continued riding.

To Baya’s right, Hector was riding just as passionately. Hector had a solemn expression as he thought about the situation. Sebastian had sent three people, including Hector himself, to go to the northern borders military camp. This time around the situation was grave and needed immediate intervention from the lord of the Gerret house.


Within the Minya household, a meeting was currently on-going. “Once we confirm the addition of the Gerret family, it is all but decided.” Darey Helden, Asyut’s father, said with a straight expression. “The Marquis dogs will be exterminated from the face of the world.”

“Indeed. It is time this city regains its freedom from the hands of the Marquis Household.” Marcos Jurong said in affirmation to Darey’s comment.

“Hahaha.” Ducart Minya who sat at the head of the table laughed. “In due time, everything will be set right. The ties between the Gerret and Marquis household predates any of ours. Things might not go as we plan.”

“Once my daughter returns, we will decide the next stage.”

“Remember, we cannot underlook the Marquis and the Gerret household. They are the oldest of the founding families. Allada, what is the situation in the Marquis house?”

“My network tells me it has been the same. No movement whatsoever from them.” Allada responded.

“Hmm. The dogs are hiding behind their tails. They no it’s over for them, given the reach of your Minya household, they know they have lost.” Darey said.

The door leading to the meeting room cracked open. A man who wore a masked silently walked towards Ducart and started whispering some words to him. The others who sat on the table all acted like nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. They had gotten used to this sight over the course of their stay. After the man in the mask ended his words, a bright smiled blossomed on Ducart’s face followed by a short laughter.

“Everyone! Drink, relax our victory has been ordained by the nine heavens.”

After saying those words, everyone looked at themselves before breaking into cheers. The majority of them had joined the Minya household, not out of loyalty, but out of the sheer depth of the connections of the Minya household. Ever since the current lord of the Minya household had taken the title as lord, he had increased the influence of the Minya household in dramatic fashion. Everyone knew about their business ties around the Amber kingdom, some even knew of their relations with the other kingdoms.

Minutes later, the door once more cracked open. This time around, it wasn’t a masked man coming in, this time it was Ade who had rushed in. Ade slightly bowed before she approached her father. She proceeded to whisper some words to him. When she finished her reports, she took some steps backward and just stood there. Ducart nodded his head a couple of times as he digested the information Ade had brought. “The Gerret brat has chosen the sides of the Marquis.” Ducart said with a smile. From his expression, everyone could tell that the news had not in the slightest bit phased him. “The time has come for us to show the might of justice. The Gerret brat shall be the first to experience our might.” The faces of everyone seated immediately tensed up. This meant that the real battle was about to start. No longer waiting and planning from the shadows, now they were going to take this struggle to the open.


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Within the Garret household, Sebastian and Willard casually walked through the garden. The entire atmosphere of the household had been stiff ever since the meeting Sebastian had called. “I am waiting for a response from the Marquis household. I just sent word of our meeting with the Minya envoy.” Sebastian softly spoke. “I expect they will soon be calling for a joint army.”

“It seems we might not have enough time to wait,” Willard said braking Sebastian’s earlier flow.

Ever since Willard had reached the ninth level of earth elemental energy, his ability to use the earth vibrations to monitor his surroundings had heightened to an unbelievable level. He could detect abnormalities in the movement of the earth from miles away.

“What do you mean?” Sebastian asked.

“It seems the Minya’s have already made their move. We have less than twenty minutes before they reach us.” The look on Sebastian’s face changed. He wasn’t expecting the Minya to react so fast. This meant that the Minya’s no longer had any reservations, and were about to go all out. Sebastian immediately left to make his preparations, while Willard continued walking heading towards Nana’s quarters.

From a distance Nana spotted Willard walking towards her, she quickly walked out to meet up with him. “A battle would soon be starting. I wouldn’t be too far, but you need to be careful as well.” Nana nodded in response to his words. Willard and Nana watched as all the warriors in every corner of the house gathered in arranged rows right behind the main gate to the household.

“It’s about time I head over,” Willard said before using his movement technique to leave Nana’s side.



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