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[Vol 1] Chapter 6: Demands

The chief and the surrounding warriors had a look of disgust on their face. They couldn’t believe what they had just heard. Does this youth not know what the true value of that book was. How could he do something so irresponsible? Those who somewhat respected Willard for his fighting skills switched to complete anger.

“Why would you do such a thing?” The chief said while walking towards Willard. The chief’s eye brows were clearly creased. It wouldn’t require a genius to tell that the chief was completely mad. And why wouldn’t he be mad? He was so close to getting his hands on some martial techniques, and now this brat who beat his son half to death destroyed it.

“For assurance purposes, I destroyed the book” Willard responded with a somewhat confident domineer.

The chief hearing this immediately understood something. He stared at Willard, and couldn’t help but inwardly curse at the youth before him. “This boy is just as despicable as Azeya says.” He cursed. “Judging from what Azeya said earlier I better not use force before he decides to do something foolish.” The chief said to himself.

The chief immediately lightened the look on his face and laughed. He told the warriors present that they could all retire for now and that he was going to have a private chat with Willard. He also told them to forget about today’s incident and act like nothing had happened. Azeya looked somewhat puzzled but decided not to say a word. He knew bringing up the matter again might anger the chief, and in turn, he could receive the full force of the chief’s anger. Azeya and the rest of the warriors made their way out of the villa. The chief waited a couple of seconds after the warriors left, and then turned and stared at Willard.

“Go straight to the point. What do you want?” The chief asked directly.

Willard hearing the question was somewhat shocked. His impression of the chief slightly improved. “At least he is straightforward and direct. This should help things move faster.” Willard thought to himself.

“I have three demands. Only after you accomplish them would I teach this movement technique to you.” Willard said. Hearing those words, the chief was slightly angered. Although he was angry that a brat was trying to take advantage of him, he couldn’t do much but hold his anger. At this point, the chief had decided that he would kill Willard after he had acquired the technique.

“Go on, make your demands.” The chief said with a look of irritation.

“My first demand is that you take an eternal oath, before my eyes, that you would not kill me or my family,” Willard said with a smirk on his face. Willard understood people like the chief, they were powerful and venerated. If someone undermines their authority in the least bit, they would always make an example out of them. And in Willard’s case, he had just done that, so he naturally would find a way to protect both himself and his family. Although Willard did not hold the chief in any regards, but with his current level of power, the chief could easily end his life. So naturally he had to use an underhanded method to protect himself.

“My second demand is that you erect an altar for Thanus the god of destruction.” The chief stared at Willard with a look of confusion. He was surprised and confused with this second demand. He thought about for a while and couldn’t still understand why Willard will make such a demand. He still remained silent and shot Willard a fierce gaze. He was waiting to hear what the third and final demand will be.

“My final demand is actually quite easy. You are to assign me five bodyguards from the highest ranking warriors in the village and they are to follow and protect me when I leave the village for Marquis city.”  This final demand was actually easy, the chief was a bit confused with the demands Willard had made. With exception to the first demand, they all seemed quite useless and unnecessary.

“Why would he want an altar erected? Or want five guards?” The chief thought about the demands for a while and finally agreed to them. The allure for a single martial skill was too strong, and the demands Willard had made were not excessive in the least bit. The chief swore an eternal oath in front of Willard and assured he would not think of harming him or his family. From that moment on, Willard spent his time either at the chiefs villa teaching him his martial movement technique or at home quietly cultivating.

Like that, a month’s time had passed. The events of the graduation had turn into talks of legend. The supposedly weakest student had mercilessly beaten his way to the top. He had hospitalized two fellow classmates and had done so without using a weapon.

Willard was a taking a casual stroll to the chiefs villa. He was on his way to go instruct the chief on the movement technique. Along the way, Willard passed by the newly constructed altar for Thanus the god of destruction. The altar was a large rectangular stone slab, with five steps on all four sides leading up to it. On the altar itself, there was a statue of Thanus in a majestic pose. Willard had a big smile on his face as he stared at the altar. The reason Willard had asked for an altar to be created was because he wanted to test out a theory he had in mind.

While he was a god, he was worshiped in multiple mortal worlds, and as he was worshiped, his soul was being nourished by spiritual energy. Which in turn made his soul grow stronger, leading to an increase in his proficiency and ability to gather and wield heavenly energy. Willard assumed since he was no longer a god in the heavens, he no longer had access to the spiritual energy from his worshipers. He hypothesized that if he was worshiped in this world, he might be able to gain from it. His theories were correct, although he got a negligible amount of spiritual energy, he still got something from it. From his original godly soul and the spiritual energy he got from worshipers, his training was progressing at an astronomical rate.


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