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[Vol 1] Chapter 5: Martial Skill

Complete and utter silence filled the air. No one could believe what they had just witnessed. Although Willard had surprised everyone with his previous victory, everyone assumed it was because of his superior strength. No one could believe he had achieved another victory, and against someone a whole level above him. Willard seeing the dazed glances everyone was shooting at him, couldn’t help but smile. He quickly wiped off the rest of the blood stains on his lips and proceeded to walk off the stage.

Azeya dashed up the stage to check up on Quin’s state. While assessing the damages Quin had incurred, Azeya had an ugly frown.

“That little devil almost killed him.” Azeya thought to himself.

“This is really bad. He will need months if not years to completely heal from this.” Azeya continued.

At this point, Azeya was furious. First, Willard had made a fool out of him with his remarks, and now he had almost killed his most outstanding student. Azeya turned over and saw Willard happily chatting with his mother. This caused Azeya to further boil with rage, he couldn’t just attack a junior right in front of everyone, but he at the least had to get some consolation from today’s affairs.

“Arrest that brat over there.” Azeya furiously yelled while pointing at Willard.

“Someone take this child to see a healer.” Azeya continued while making his way to Willard.

“This was supposed to be a practice demonstration, but instead, you almost killed two of your fellow classmates. You will be punished for this.” Azeya said to Willard while he was surrounded by other warriors.

Angelica seeing what was unfolding, held Willard tight. She was scared and worried of the punishment Willard might be given.  Willard seeing his worried mother’s face maintained his smile.

“Don’t worry mother, nothing bad will happen.” Willard said consoling his mother.

“Go home before me, I’ll be back for dinner.” He continued while voluntarily giving himself up to the warriors.

Azeya hearing Willard’s words was even more livid. How could this brat be this bold? What was giving him this confidence? Azeya had to think more carefully now, seeing what Willard had displayed earlier, he could not take anything for granted.

“We’ll take him to see the Chief right away,” Azeya said while leading the way.

Moments later, they arrived at the chief’s villa. From the gateway, one could tell the villa was the most exquisite living place in the whole village. There was a large courtyard in front of the house with a beautifully maintained garden.

“It must be nice being the chief of the village.” Willard inwardly thought. Seeing the appraising looks on the warriors that held him, he could tell they also had similar thoughts. Azeya went directly to go brief the chief before and instructed the others to wait outside with Willard. The maids at the villa saw Azeya’s familiar face and a group of warriors, they automatically knew it was something serious.

“I would like to see the look on your face when this is over.” Azeya thought to himself while heading to meet with the chief. After a couple of seconds, Azeya arrived in front of a large black door. He gently knocked on the door and knelt down waiting for a response.

“Who wishes to speak to me?” A deep voice rang in response.

“It is I Azeya. There is a serious matter that needs your attention.” Azeya responded.

The door creaked open, and a tall burly man could be seen walking out. He had a serious expression on his face almost as if he was about to get into a fight.

“Azeya, weren’t you supposed to be hosting the graduation ceremony? Why are you here?” The chief asked.

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“Something terrible happened during the demonstration portion of the ceremony, and I am here to report this my chief,” Azeya replied

“Oh. Stand up and brief me while we walk to the courtyard.” The chief said.

While the chief of the village and Azeya made their way to the courtyard, Azeya narrated the events that transpired. He even exaggerated a bit to put Willard in a bad light. The chief listening to Azeya’s words first had an expression of anger, which then subtly changed to one of surprise before finally that of intrigue.

“You mean to tell me that child might possess some martial arts technique?” The chief asked Azeya with a puzzled look on his face.

“I cannot say for certain, but I can say he possess martial movement technique.” Azeya responded with a stern look to him.

The chief couldn’t help but think about what Azeya had described to him earlier. How can a random child possibly posses martial arts skill? Where did that child get this from? The chief thought hard and deeply. No matter what, he would find out soon.

Willard saw the  burly chief and Azeya walking side by side. He wasn’t the least bit intimidated. If at all he felt anything, that would be excitement. Willard had gambled that the chief will be more interested in getting the martial technique from him. And if that was the case, he would not be at the losing end today.

“Boy, let me see your movement skill.” The chief said in a demanding tone. The chief had a domineering atmosphere to him. Willard could tell he was clearly different from the rest of the warriors he had been interacting with. He was clearly much stronger than the rest them. Although in Willards former life this chief wouldn’t be worth a second of his time, right now this man could easily kill him without any effort.

Willard immediately displayed his movement skill. A bright smile could be seen on the chiefs face.

“That is indeed martial arts.” The chief said as he stared at Willard in amazement.

“Where did you learn this from?” The chief asked.

Willard clearly wasn’t going to reveal the truth. He had been thinking long and hard of how to explain his skill and had decided on a particular tale.

“This movement skill was inscribed onto a particular book my father had bought me on one of his business travels to the capital.” Willard responded. Hearing this, the chief had an uncontainable smile. At long last he would be in possession of a martial skill. Who knows what other skills that book might contain.

“That is certainly possible. By a stroke of good luck, a merchant could buy an unimportant looking item and then later find out it was treasure.” The chief rationalized.

“Where is the book now?” The chief asked Willard. Clearly all he cared about from today’s affairs was that book. If he was in possession of some martial skills, he would be much stronger.

“I destroyed it” Willard resolutely responded.


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