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[Vol 1] Chapter 1: Thanus

Yellow Hem village was located within a vast mountain range. The village was mostly made up of farmers, warriors and magic practitioners and other smaller crafts. Life was leisurely free and tranquil. The village was somewhat isolated from the rest of the kingdom, and because of that was rarely ever threatened.

Kids aged 7 were given the choice to choose a vocation in the path of the warrior, magician or any craft they wanted. They were to compulsory train in their vocation for 10 years. This was to ensure they grew up to be useful parts of society.

This particular day was a joyous one in a merchant family, the Wuldag household. The lady of the house had successfully given birth to her first child, a healthy baby boy.

“Honey, how do you feel?” a man says to his wife with a gleaming smile on his face.

“Ryga I’m okay. Look our first son” She responds while holding her son.

“He is just as beautiful as you are Angelica” Ryga said.

Ryga was all smiles. They had been trying to have another child for about five years, but as luck will have Angelica got sick shortly after she conceived her son, and that sickness weakened her unborn child. But right now Angelica successfully gave birth to a perfectly healthy child.

“What should we call this child?” Angelica asked Ryga.

“He was born right at the end of the year of Thanus the maleficent. He also had the will to overcome his great ordeal. It is only fitting he is called Willard. ” Ryga responded.

“Willard. That is indeed a fitting name.” Angelica remarked.

In the flash of an eye, days had turned into weeks, weeks to years. 14 years had passed since that joyous event. A troubled youth could be seen walking home, he had dark hairs, brown eyes and a moderate build for someone his age. His outfit was dirty and tattered, and from up close, one could tell he was just in a fight. He sneakily tried to enter his house without making a sound, but was spotted by his mother.

“Were you in another fight again Willard?” Angelica asked her son.

“mother” Willard involuntarily said. He could tell his mom was angry.

“I tripped on a rock while on my back from town,” Willard said in an effort convince his mother otherwise.

“Oh. So the rock also grew hands and tore your sleeves like that.” Angelica responded.

“If you keep insisting on not telling me who bullies you, I will have to stop you entirely from going to the warrior classes and make you join your father as a merchant.” Angelica scolded. She went on to pat his head with expressions of pity.

“Go take a bath and get ready for dinner.”

Time went by as season changed, it was finally the eve of Willard’s graduation. Today, Willard got back from classes early. He was gleeful because tomorrow was his graduation. At age 17, one was considered an adult, and could partake in more integral parts of society.

He was particularly happy because he could escape the torture of his fellow classmates. Since he started taking classes, he had been teased and bullied by his fellow classmates of the warrior’s path. This all started on the first day of classes. The teacher asked everyone why they wanted to become warriors, and when it came to Willard’s turn, he had responded, “because I want the whole village to love and worship me.” His fellow classmates all laughed at his response. With a little anger, Willard immediately proclaimed that upon graduating, he will be the strongest of this class and show everyone in the village his greatness. Willard had the fortitude to be a world-class warrior but lacked the patience to cultivate natural energy. This made him fall behind everyone in strength and left him the bottom of the everyone’s jokes.

As night came, Willard was laying on the bed and staring out his window. He noticed a strange bright crimson light hover in the distance. He was strangely drawn to that light and decided to go investigate it. He stealthily left his house so as to not draw any attention. As he got to the location of the light, he felt a heavy and constricting presence. Without any warning, a tiny meteorite descended on him. The meteorite hit him directly on his chest and caused him to pass out.

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While in that state, a sudden torrent of memories flowed through his mind like a dream. He saw the God of destruction, Thanus, leisurely taking a stroll in the heavens. He was approached by Athena, the goddess of water, where she baited him to having a competition with her. Thanus, was a particularly proud and powerful chief god and loved to compete. Since the end of the 6th war of the gods, he was eternally bored. He quite naively took the opportunity to show his omnipotence and agreed to the terms Athena had given him.

The competition was an obstacle race that Athena had personally prepared. They were to compete and see who would finish first, the loser would serve the winner for a million years. The destination was the lightning grounds of the chief god of lightning Zeus. As the race was progressing, Thanus was still not moving at his fastest speed, but still kept up with the pace of Athena. He had a smug smile on his face as he watched Athena. Suddenly, he noticed a strange fog ahead of which he thought nothing of.

How could he? All he needed was a single finger to destroy whatever Athena had planned. He also noticed he could not find Athena, but he still continued to progress through the fog and this time, a little faster. As he continued, the fog got thicker and thicker causing his vision to dramatically drop. At the end of the fog, Thanus discovered he had entered a forbidden region of the nine heavens. Thus, Thanus had broken a cardinal rule of the heavens, he had entered Gaya’s garden of creation. Upon entering Thanus had figured out what had happened. Athena had colluded with Zeus, Zinus and the rest of the gods that had some differences with him to create the most powerful illusion the nine heavens had seen. That was the only way for an illusion of this magnitude to be created, or at least that was what Thanus had thought.

The illusion was capable of deceiving a chief god like himself. Suddenly, the illusion dissipated, he could sense his enemies thousands of miles away. In his anger, or what might seem to be, he shot a meteor in the form of a fireball, towards the direction of Athena. Zinus, the chief god of darkness, used his eternal spear to deflect the meteorite away.

What none of the gods at that point had realized was that Thanus had embedded within that meteorite a portion of his soul. Thanus knew if he had shot that meteorite any other place the other gods will think something of it and thus had decided to use rage as a camouflage. He then waited for the descent of Gaya, the primal god of creation.

At this point, Willard opened his eyes. With his soul and memory intact, he knew exactly what had happened.

“I vow to the heavens I will get my revenge” Willard softly said.


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