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[Vol 1] Chapter 2: Mortal

Willard gracefully got up and made his way to his house. Now that he had the memories of his past life as a god,  all he could feel was overwhelming rage. He was once the powerful and exalted god of destruction, and now he was reduced to a mere mortal and a very weak one at that.

“One step at a time.” Willard said comforting himself.

“First thing now is to increase the level of my natural energy.”

Willard sat on top of his bed with his leg crossed. He was in a meditative position, which allowed him to connect with the energy of the world and absorb it. Now that a portion of his godly soul was connected with his mortal body, he was better able to sense the energy which greatly improved his proficiency in gathering the world’s natural energy.

While meditating, he was in a trance-like state. He started recollecting some of his memories as a god. There was one, in particular, he was very fond of and that was the battle of Carthage. This was the battle where his prominence and might was risen to the level of a chief god. This was during the 4th war of the gods. The Chief god of light, Theophilus, and the lesser gods light declared war on Zinus, the chief god of darkness, and the gods of the darkness region. Theophilus was trying to expand the domain of light while Zinus was defending his territory.

The war had gotten to a standstill, both sides had been recruiting gods from all corners of the heavens. Zinus approached Thanus, who at that time was still a lesser god, and invited him to join his ranks. Zinus promised to give a little area within his domain to the lesser gods that aided him during this war. Thanus agreed right away, he was in a stalemate in his training and was rather eager to test out his abilities and learn through battles. During the war, Thanus was faced with a dreadful situation where he and a bunch of lesser gods fought against Poseidon, a chief god of water at that time.

During this battle, half of the lesser gods had died from Poseidon’s attack. Poseidon threw his trident and unleashed his strongest attack, the dance of the water dragon. Hundreds of giant dragons made from water quickly solidified, they swiveled about attacking and killing his enemies. After experiencing that attack first hand, Thanus had gained great insight into the mysteries of fire and earth. In his moment of peril, Thanus completely comprehended the mysteries of the fire element. In doing so, Thanus unleashed his greatest attack, the desolation rain. Thousands of meteorite covered with flames appeared all over the heavens and started descending. In its path, it destroyed all that it encountered, including some of lesser gods under Poseidon’s command.

With this sudden attack, Poseidon was caught off guard and couldn’t withdraw his trident fast enough to defend. When faced with a barrage of this magnitude, Poseidon’s fate was all but sealed. Moments later, Thanus had killed Poseidon. All the onlookers were astonished and filled with dread. They had witnessed the death of a chief god, and the birth of a new one. From that day, Thanus became renowned as the chief god of destruction. When faced with Thanus’s attack, all that was left was destruction.

Willard opened his eye, and it was daybreak. In this one stretch, Willard had raised his natural energy level from beginning stages of level 2 to that of a peak level 4. In his small village and the kingdom in general, this was no ordinary fit, no one had ever accomplished such a thing. A peak level 4 natural energy signified that Willard was among the top brass of his class. He could essentially be considered a genius. Willard had a smile on his face, he was able to grow so much because of his heavenly soul. He could sense the natural energy of the world much better, and condense them to the purest form while saving it.

“Today’s graduation ceremony should be fun,” Willard said to himself with a cocky smile.

He got out of his bed and went to get ready for breakfast. Angelica had made a lot for breakfast. Her son was about to graduate and become a man. It was a day of joy and sorrow because her son would no longer be a child she must protect, he had to experience the world on his own. Although Willard disdained the mortal world and its inhabitants, he had developed true emotional connections with the parents of his current life.

“Mother thanks for making such a lavish breakfast for me.” Willard said respectfully to Angelica

“Come sit and eat” Angelica responded with a smile.

They both began eating. The table was full of all sorts of assorted dishes, and in mere minutes, Willard had eaten half the table to his delight.

“Mother, when would Father be back?” Willard asked Angelica.

“In a week’s time, he should be back from the capital” Angelica responded.

“It’s a pity, he would miss a special event today.” Willard said while smiling at his mom.

Angelica had a look of surprise as she heard Willard. Usually, Willard always dreaded his classes, but today he seemed particularly excited. She shrugged it to the fact that he was about to graduate and as such was excited.

“Mother please make it to the demonstrations portion of the ceremony. I want to show you what your son is capable of.” Willard said as he was setting out to his graduation.

Angelica was surprised again at what her son had said. She had once heard a rumor from one of gossiping moms. They talked about how her son was the weakest of his class, and how he was unsuited to be a warrior. To hear Willard talk so boldly truly surprised her.

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“Don’t worry son, I won’t miss it for the world” Angelica responded while sending him off.

Today, Willard had chosen to use the short route to classes. He usually used a longer route in other to avoid meeting his fellow mates on the way. Not too long along the way, he ran into three of his classmates, two males and one female. The female among the group was called Ayola. She had long black hair and a small face, she was the shortest and had a cute small frame. She had cultivated to the late stages of level 3, and was walking in the middle of two males. The male to her right was called Quin, he had a lean physique with short black hair. He was the tallest of the three and was considered the number one genius of their class. He had cultivated to the beginning stages of level 5 and had an air of superiority around him. The other male to the left of Ayola was called Philip. He had long brown hair and was a little chubby. He was the third son of the current leader of the village and had cultivated to the late stages of level 3.

Philip took a glance behind and noticed Willard walking behind them. He had a mischievous smile and then decided to taunt Willard.

“Hey isn’t that supposed to be the number one genius of our class.” Philip remarked as drew Quin and Ayola’s attention to Willard.


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