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[MVK Arc 3] Chapter 87 Mass Release + Update

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I am really excited since I can see the end of book three closing in. So I am releasing 4 chapters each week on Tuesday-Friday until Arc 3 ends. I am also reducing Sponsored chapters to 5$ and promise to release sponsored chapters on the weekend of the same week they are sponsored.

As for the update. I previously named Arc 3 as Heavens Realm. Apparently I didn’t know where the story was actually going to go so I am renaming Arc 3 as The Black Rose.

[MVK Arc 3] Chapter 85

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So this one is late but I have excuses! So I had a blinding headache start up on Wednesday and finally let-up on Friday.

Saturday was devoted to writing and Sunday I was going to edit and release. But then I had an allergic reaction to some shampoo.

Then another bad reaction to the Benadryl I took for it, which sent me to the ER until one in the morning. So there are all the excuses. Enjoy the chapter.