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[Arc 4] Chapter 128

Chapter 128


Griffith heard Chu Shen yelling. Immediately he started running towards the savior’s voice. Upon arriving he saw their horses but neither of the saviors were there. The words the savior had been shouting finally registered with Griffith. He turned towards their horses and kowtowed. “I will not disappoint you saviors! We will get our revenge!”

Griffith collected the horses the saviors left behind and then turned back towards his group. Everyone was strapping on gear, eating a quick snack, or chatting with their comrades. They were getting ready for war.

Griffith let go of the two horses and faced his soldiers. “Everyone, can I have your attention!” Immediately faces swiveled towards Griffith.

“The two saviors have left us!” Immediately there was some concern on everyone’s faces. Why would their saviors leave them now? “They have told us before that they may leave at any time. They left now with barely a warning. Where they have gone, I do not know.

“I can say this though! I am glad they have left now.” That shocked everyone. “This is a private affair! We have come to get revenge for our loved ones that were slain! The saviors gave us this chance! But I do not wish for them to see such violence! Remember what they asked us though, take pity on them! Kill only those that you saw killing! Everyone else, is to be spared! Now, mount up! We leave in five minutes!”

Everyone immediately became busy, throwing their food on the ground and helping their comrades finish putting on their armor. Five minutes later, everyone was ready.


Talgin leaned back in his chair and sighed. So many things were going wrong. He, the leader of the Golden Palm Sect, was about to lose his Sect. He had worked together with the Asura and Ice Dragon Sect to destroy the Rising Tide Sect.  He had never liked conflict but those kids….. They would have ruined everything if they had a chance to grow.

Back then, he had been forced to take action. It seemed like it was all in vain though. The Asura Sect had been growing more powerful with each day. Their training methods were cruel and inhumane. They found that if the body was conditioned for extreme pain, then the chances of becoming a high ranking warrior was practically guaranteed.

They had learned this method three years ago and the results were finally starting to show. Very quickly, high ranking assassins started to appear in the Asura’s ranks. The Ice Dragon Sect had realized this and immediately decided to go with the flow. They became a partner with the Asura Sect. The Ice Dragon Sect was filled mages and filled the gap of the Asura Sect by being able to provide long range support.

The Golden Palm Sect was a combination of warrior and mage adventurers. They were one of the strongest powers in White Lotus City, second only to the Rising Tide Sect. With the Rising Tide Sect gone they were the strongest power.

Unfortunately, the Asura and White Dragon Sect, when combined, were just as powerful. With the rise of the Asura Sect’s strength, they eventually became outmatched. The Asura Sect had been taking little chunks off the Golden Palm Sect and it was slowly killing them. Currently they only had half the resources they had before.  Talgin sighed. ‘Will I really have to join them? I don’t want to, the Asura Sect is only filled with murderers. Unfortunately, if I don’t then we’ll be the next Rising Tide Sect.’



Talgin stiffened. Was it the Asura Sect?! Did they really wish to fight with them now!? If they did, they would have to suffer major casualties. Would they really do that?! As if in answer, more explosions came from outside.



Talgin immediately cleared his head. Either way, whether it was the Asura Sect or not, they were under attack. He rushed towards a cabinet on his right. In less than ten seconds he was clothed in armor. A spear was cradled in his right arm and a sword was strapped to his back. Several knife handles could be seen sticking out of places in his armor. This was the speed of a Rank 5 warrior.

Talgin wasn’t a frontline warrior. They had three Rank 6 mages but two had faked their deaths. The leaders of the other sects knew about them though the public was kept in the dark. A powerful surge of mana notified Talgin that their Rank 6 mage was going into battle.

Quickly, Talgin started running towards the explosions, the sound of them had never stopped. He flung open a door and appeared on a balcony on the second story. He stopped, frozen by the scene below him.

“What is this?!”


Team 4 stood outside the Golden Palm Sect, hands on their weapons. They, along with Teams 9 and 11 would be in charge of destroying the Golden Palm Sect. The actual plan was to force the Golden Palm sect into surrendering. Then the people who surrendered would be brought into the main square. Similar plans for the Asura and Ice Dragon Sect were being carried out.

After everyone was in the square, members of the sects that had killed someone from the Rising Tide Sect would be executed. Everyone else would be set free, regardless of their strength. After all, even if a Rank 8 adventurer attacked them, they already had 2 Rank 8 mages. They would simply be courting death to attack the Void Sect again.

George and Sam started first. George cast the Rank 4 spell <Earth Eruption> while Sam cast the Rank 6 spell <Lightning Storm>. The earth seemed to explode in a giant circle around the entire Golden Palm Sect, forming a forty foot deep and twenty foot wide trench. Large explosions went off as Lightning continuously struck the ground just beyond the trench George had made.

The guards trembled at the power being displayed in front of them. Numerous students and guards ran from their residents in the sect only to stare slack jawed at the lightning surging down from the sky. It looked like an angry thunder god was striking them down.

A man in golden robes strolled out from the sect. The teams were spaced out evenly around the entire sect. The man frowned. “What is the meaning of this?! Asura Sect, Ice Dragon Sect! Are you trying to confuse us by sending kids while launching spells from a distance!”

One of the kids stepped forwards. It was one from Team 9 with the wind attribute. Using the Rank 1 spell of <Voice Projection>, everyone in the Golden Palm Sect could clearly hear his voice.

“We are students of the former Raging Tide Sect. There are nine Rank 7 Mages here and six Rank 6 Mages as well. We would like for you to peacefully surrender. If you do not and try to flee or fight the penalty will be…… DEATH!”

Upon the word death being uttered, a chilly aura seemed to encompass the entire sect. The teams of kids did not flinch at the word and instead stared coldly at the enemies. The only thing that could soften their hardened hearts was the scared young faces of the students from the Golden Palm Sect. If not for that, it was quite possible they would have disregarded the savior’s plea for the innocent.

The golden robed man seemed shocked before suddenly laughing uproariously. “You, you really think that I would believe that you brats could suddenly become so powerful!? This is the first time in my hundred years of life that I have been threatened by a group of brats.”

None of the kids spoke. Instead they stood there, staring at the man. He smirked before uttering two words. “Golden Wall.” Immediately a large barrier appeared around the entire sect. The barrier was gold and was incomparably thick. A Rank 6 magic that was cast instantly. It seemed as though this golden robed man was truly skilled.

The golden robed man, now that he was hidden from view, no longer looked so confident. He turned and looked upwards at Talgin. “Master, what do we do! I don’t believe those brats are as strong as they say but whoever is backing them up is truly powerful. Those lightning strikes are on par with my <Gold Shower>. At the very least they are a Rank 6 mage.”

Talgin, who had been stunned by the lightning surrounding them, came to his senses. “I don’t know. This could very well be a ploy by the Asura Sect. Baldwin, you need to be careful. Take Galgor and Waldo with you to clear a route underground. With their earth magic it should be easy to make a tunnel for the kids to escape. Us teachers will stay here and defend them.”

Baldwin nodded. “Yes Talgin, I wi-”

He was suddenly cut off as a black coffin materialized around him, cutting Baldwin off from the rest of the world. A young girl appeared out of the shadows with a crossbow mounted on her arm. She pointed her crossbow at Talgin.

 “Order the surrender or you and this man die.”


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[Arc 4] Chapter 126

Chapter 126



Before everyone left for White Lotus city, Chu Shen got a message from Master Ti Wu. ‘Hey brat.’

‘Yes Master Ti Wu?


‘Remember how I said that I could probably change one of their souls to gain soul sense?’




‘Well I think I can do it now. I can change it now and give them a technique that can allow them to change other people.’


Chu Shen immediately became elated. ‘Great, so how do we do it?’


‘We? There is no we. I’ll be doing all the work. All you have to do is find the right guy for me to change.’

Chu Shen paused at that. Who did he want to help? No, it wasn’t a question of who did he want to help but he did he think could be trusted? What he envisioned for this was that the person who had their soul changed would be able to help open other people’s meridians just like he was doing now.

Such a power was dangerous in the wrong hands since one could create an army very easily in this world. Kind of like what Chu Shen was doing now. It was just too dangerous to give to everyone. It would be better to give it to only one person and only allow them to pass it down to only one person as well.

Chu Shen hadn’t actually thought of all this though. It was Master Ti Wu who had explained all this to him before. With what Master Ti Wu had said, Chu Shen realized he couldn’t be casual in selecting someone to pass it down to. Eventually Chu Shen realized it had to be a teacher. The kids were just too immature at this point to trust with something this big.

Chu Shen thought pretty hard on this and consulted with Lucas and Master Ti Wu before eventually settling on the teacher Lidia. She was a very kind and caring teacher. She was the one that looked after the little girl that didn’t want to train. That little girl had practically became Lidia’s daughter.

Lidia was not the leader of the group, Griffith was. Griffith was someone that was very respected. He was a good speaker, listener, confident, and respected everyone. Lidia was the one that was his adviser. It was Griffith that proposed the idea to train the kids at the hunting zones. Everyone asked his opinion after that and eventually he became the focus of the group. When it came time to chose a leader (Chu Shen and Lucas were exempt from this), it was Griffith that won their vote.

Griffith would probably make a good choice for the soul modification. Unfortunately, he was too public. Lidia was more behind the scenes. With that, there would be less chance of her getting kidnapped or assassinated. Finally, Chu Shen decided on Lidia.

Chu Shen approached Lidia about giving her the ability to increase a mages rank. Immediately she became excited. Such an ability was simply too mystical. Who wouldn’t want it? Lidia agreed to it.

“So what do I need to do to gain this ability?” Lidia asked questioningly. She looked to be in her mid-40’s if she was a mortal. She probably still had another two hundred years left since she was a Rank 8 mage.

Chu Shen started to answer before hesitating. ‘Uh, Master Ti Wu. What does she have to do?’


Master Ti Wu sighed. ‘She has to endure some pain. Besides that, nothing else.’


 Chu Shen turned back to Lidia who was still waiting for an answer. “Well Lidia, I’m afraid it’s going to be painful. Other than that, there shouldn’t be an issue.”

Lidia sighed in relief. “Good. If there was a chance of dying I’m afraid I would have had to refuse. I don’t want Clementine to have to go through the pain of losing a family member again.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Don’t worry. Everyone is so strong, I’m sure nothing can stop them. After you receive the ability to change one’s talent, we’ll be moving to destroy those sects still in White Lotus City.”

Lidia smiled. “Good. Well, we are only killing the sect members right?”

Chu Shen nodded. “These kids have experienced the pain of losing someone. I am sure that none of them actually want someone else to experience that. They’ve been having group exercises to train them for war and had a good talking to by Su Gagi. It’s been drilled into them pretty hard that we are trying to destroy the sects and not the people. Anyways, we should get started with the whole ability thing.”

“Yes let’s.” Lidia immediately became excited.

“Alright go ahead and sit down.” Chu Shen motioned at the chair right in front of him. Right now they were in Lidia’s cabin sitting at her table with Lidia sitting across from him. Lidia came to the other side of table and sat in the chair he had pointed to.

‘Master Ti Wu, it’s time.’


‘I know that brat.’ Master Ti Wu sounded a bit grumpy. His soul form came out. A bluish green energy formed on his hands. It was his spiritual Qi. The Qi floated out of Master Ti Wu’s hand to form a circle with complex writings and symbols inside it. Master Ti Wu pointed at Lidia and immediately the bluish green energy flew towards her.

It went straight into Lidia’s forehead, completely passing through her skin like a ghost. For a second nothing happened. Then bluish green lines appeared all over Lidia’s face. “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” When the lines appeared, Lidia’s face immediately twisted up in agony.

Master Ti Wu’s face was wrinkled in concentration. ‘Brat! Tell her to stop resisting and accept the change! If she cannot, she might die!’


Immediately Chu Shen followed his advice. He grabbed Lidia’s shoulder and squeezed it hard enough that red marks appeared. “LIDIA! STOP RESISTING! IF YOU CAN’T THEN YOU MIGHT DIE!”

“UUUUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!” Lidia howled with agony. Then suddenly, she went limp. Concerned, Chu Shen looked at Master Ti Wu. He looked exhausted.

Master Ti Wu still had enough energy to talk though. “Don’t worry brat, she can’t hear us now. Currently her soul is going through a metamorphosis caused by my soul imprint. She’ll be fine.

“I also gave her the art to copy my soul imprint down a little bit at a time so there won’t be as much pain for the next person, more like an itch than being skinned alive. With this she can pass it down to one more person over a period a year. If that person has a bad personality she can destroy the partial imprint with a thought. There can only be two full imprints at any given time and only the full imprint can allow a soul to gain soul sense.”

Chu Shen nodded. “As expected of Master Ti Wu. You are quite thorough.”

Master Ti Wu puffed up a bit. “Of course. How could an elder of the Void Sect not be thorough? Anyways, you should probably go lay her down on the bed.”

“Wait Master Ti Wu. Was it possible for her to die?” Chu Shen was worried since he had told Lidia that there wasn’t a chance she was going to die and yet Master Ti Wu said she could.

“Hmph. Of course not. Well, there was a possibility but only if I tried to force it. I would have stopped before she was actually in danger of dying. However, I remembered her saying that she couldn’t die because of Clementine. Me having you say that she could die  allowed her to quickly adapt to my soul imprint. If not, we could have been here for another hour.”

Chu Shen was relieved to hear that. He obeyed Master Ti Wu and put Lidia on her bed. Then he left to find the teachers and Lucas. They would be able to leave in order to take revenge tomorrow morning.


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[Arc 4] Chapter 127

Chapter 127

Too Early

Chu Shen found Lucas after he left Lidia in her room. They had some small talk and they even went inside Lucas’ pocket dimension to look around. Chu Shen had been so busy because of Master Ti Wu’s grueling training that he hadn’t had the time to talk to Lucas. He marveled at how much Lucas had gotten done.

“So Lucas, did you really manage to build all this?” Chu Shen marveled at the fusion bottle as the sound of plasma crackling came from it.

Lucas did a pose. “Of course I did. Otherwise, wouldn’t others call me simply a useless sidekick?”

Chu Shen looked confused. “Who would call you that?”

“All the teachers.”

“Oh, yeah. I forgot about that, mister bodyguard.”

“…..Mention it again, and I’m teleporting you to the moon.”

“Sheesh. Anyways Lucas, how did you even get the materials? It seems like you built a lot of things that require some pretty rare stuff.” Chu Shen pointed at the laser cannon in the background.

Lucas shrugged. “The cradle-free fabricator really helped as far as making the bigger things. To be honest though, the real credit goes to the ARD.”

“What’s the ARD?” Chu Shen was confused at this.

Lucas immediately pounced on the opportunity to show off. “A.R.D. stands for Atomic Reassembling Device. Essentially it’s a device that can deconstruct items at it’s atomic level and then reassemble them in any form. For example, taking graphite and turning it into diamonds. All it requires is reassembling the way the carbon atoms are bonded to each other.

“Reassembling items like that is it’s most basic form. What it really does is it can rearrange the electrons, protons, and neutrons inside the atom’s nucleus and electron cloud. By adding more of these subatomic particles to oxygen, one can turn pure oxygen into pure iron. Of course, a room full of oxygen would only turn into a fistful of iron because of how much denser it is.

“There was a lot of rare materials that I had to find before I could even get started with making it. I spent three months just trying to track them all down. After that, I was able to make a ton of stuff without having to leave the dimension. Though I did have to go out every once in awhile and dig up mountains of dirt so that the ARD could transmute them.”

Lucas adopted a pained look at this point. “The only downside is the massive amount of power it drains to do something like that. It’s the reason that I had to make the antimatter generator. Otherwise I would have to use over a hundred Rank 7 beast cores just to power the thing.”

Chu Shen froze. One….. hundred. One hundred. One hundred beast cores!!!! Even if they were Rank 2 beast cores that was an insane amount! Lucas wasn’t talking about such low rank cores but Rank 7 cores?!!!! THIS WAS OUTRAGEOUS! It was like saying ‘I need all of the energy from one hundred Martial Kings’, all of which was needed to power one device!

Lucas saw Chu Shen’s shocked look and rolled his eyes. “Honestly Chu Shen, you should know how much energy is needed to split atoms into their subatomic particles and then fuse them to create the atom needed. Most of the energy goes towards containment. I have to be able to contain the energy of several hundred nuclear bombs inside the ARD from splitting the atoms and then harness that energy to fuse them together. Since some of the energy is lost in the transfer I also have to supply that energy.”

Chu Shen smiled. “You know, I remembered that we really are nerds. Wanna talk about hyperphysics calculations again?”

Lucas smiled back. “Nah. How about we just talk about the calculations I had to do in order to get all this together.”

“Sure. Let’s just get back to the kids first.”

“Honestly, you should stop calling them kids. They’re far more mature than most adults at this point.”

Chu Shen shrugged. “They’re all still five foot at the most. I just can’t help calling them kids even if they do have scars over their faces.”

Lucas shook his head sadly. “It is unfortunate that they had to deal with wild animals day in and day out for so long. Those scars are what made them who they are today though. They’ll soon be able to live without the threat of being killed and will be able to establish the Void Sect, just like they promised.”

Chu Shen and Lucas had approached the teachers soon after they started training at the hunting zone. Chu Shen had asked them to rename the Rising Tide Sect to Void Sect. They happily agreed saying that it was only thanks to Chu Shen that they were able to surpass their former glory. To them it was the representation of a new start, a new age for the Rising Tide, no. A new age for the Void Sect.

Chu Shen smiled. “Yeah, Master Ti Wu should be happy about that.”

Lucas shrugged. “I still think you’re crazy, talking to a ghost.”

Master Ti Wu appeared in his soul form. “What ghost! I’m still alive you brat!” Lucas didn’t respond. Unfortunately, Lucas couldn’t see Master Ti Wu. A soul form can only be perceived by another soul. Lucas didn’t have a soul, or at least, not a soul in the form martial artists knew of. As a result, he couldn’t see Master Ti Wu. As for hearing….. Lucas was just being a jerk.

Currently they were inside a small house Lucas had built after coming out from his pocket dimension. A knock came from the front door. Chu Shen looked over curiously while Lucas didn’t seem surprised at all. His sensors had detected their visitor for some time now.

Chu Shen got up and answered the door. It was Griffith. He bowed to Chu Shen. “Savior, it’s time for us to leave. The army is ready. Everyone has horses like you asked and we are ready to destroy all the cabins.”

Chu Shen and Lucas exchanged a glance. They were ready as well. “Thank you Griffith. We’ll go ahead and join you in a second.” He started to close the door before suddenly turning back to Griffith. “Is Lidia ready to go as well?”

Griffith nodded. “She seems to have a headache but is okay other than that. I heard that you gave her something to cause it?”

Chu Shen nodded. “Yes but it is a private affair between me and her. She will share it when she feels ready. Goodbye Griffith.”

He closed the door and turned to Lucas. “So you ready to go?”

Lucas nodded. “Everything’s already in my pocket dimension. I can teleport the satellites and other….equipment into it anytime I want.”

Chu Shen smiled. “Good, let’s go.”

Chu Shen and Lucas left with Griffith and the others. They rode at the front, to scout out what was ahead. The others didn’t like putting their saviors in such a dangerous position but they managed to get over it. It took a long time, two weeks actually, to get close to White Lotus City.

They were ten minutes away from the White Lotus City when they stopped. They started getting prepared to fight. Chu Shen had spent the last month forging  hand crafted items for each and every student in his downtime. Unlike before, they didn’t have to pay. He had decided that equipping the students was a good thing and he had the money to spare on materials.

He wanted the kids to be as prepared as possible and this was one of the only ways he knew how. Chu Shen and Lucas were off the side a bit, talking about where to position the drones. They were just finalizing their plans when a translucent barrier appeared around Chu Shen.

He turned and saw Lucas was also covered in the same barrier. Chu Shen instantly recognized what was happening. The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion was leaving.

Chu Shen yelled out the door. “GRIFFITH, WE’RE LEAVING! WE LEAVE THE DUTY OF TAKING REVENGE TO YOU!” It would be rude to leave them hanging or have them search everywhere for Chu Shen and Lucas when they would be in a completely different dimension.

Lucas was frantically teleporting all of his work into the pocket dimension. Luckily he already had a program worked out and in less than two seconds everything was secured.

Just like they had appeared, Chu Shen and Lucas vanished into thin air.

A/N: So you guys disappointed by Chu Shen and Lucas ditching their chores? Oh well, don’t you know that your friends don’t help you take out the trash. Why should they be any different. XD


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[Arc 4] Chapter 125

Chapter 125

I’m Training Too!


While the kids had definitely been training, it was Chu Shen’s turn as well. Master Ti Wu finally had some time to whip Chu Shen into shape without him being distracted by learning technology or practicing forging. He was certainly not going to let this chance go to waste.

Chu Shen spent the first month practicing the <Stellar Flame> by forging the items to sell at the store. Lucas took over selling items to the hunting store since the fabber could create weapons with inscriptions.

All he needed was Chu Shen to demonstrate an inscription once and for him to be given the necessary materials. If all that was accomplished, then Lucas could make an infinite amount of weapons exactly alike in every way. That was the power of industrialization.

Chu Shen was able to master the first stage of <Stellar Flame: Flame Blower>  and move onto the second stage, <Stellar Flame: Flame Body>. This was when one was able to emit flames from any part of their body. Chu Shen was able to do so, though it was tricky trying to heat up ore with your spine.

Chu Shen spent the other 11 months cultivating and whole heartedly training his martial arts to the new stage. Chu Shen was able to completely master the second stages for all of his martial arts in this time. He was able to start on the third stage for them but wasn’t able to actually master them, making him only capable of using the second stage for now on all his martial arts. As a matter of fact, the movement technique <Comet Travels Through> only had three stages.

Here is a list and description of all the different advancements Chu Shen made with his martial arts.

<Stellar Flame: Flame Blower> (One can shoot streams of fire from their palms), <Stellar Flame: Flame Body> (One can emit fire from any part of their body), <Stellar Flame: Sun Formation> (One forms a miniature Sun with fire).


<Comet Travels Through: Booming Step> (One breaks the sound barrier creating a sonic boom), <Comet Travels Through: Dust Trail> (Dust can be raised from one’s passage even over solid rock), <Comet Travels Through: Vapor Trail> (One moves so fast that vapor forms behind them from atmospheric water evaporating).


<Song of the Universe: Celestial Weapon> (One can vibrate their weapon and pass through body shields) <Song of the Universe: Solar Vibrations> (One can vibrate their Qi and cause internal damage), <Song of the Universe: Void Vibrations> (One can cause the air itself to vibrate, turning it into a devastating weapon).


<Stars Dance: Light Step> (One can solidify their Qi beneath their feet and create a step in midair), <Stars Dance: Stars Light> (One can create a bright flash of light and blind their opponent), <Stars Dance: Celestial Twin> (One can create a reflection of themselves off their Qi). 


<Cancellation Armor: Phantom> (One can create a translucent appearance of armor around themselves. Amplifies nullification abilities), <Cancellation Armor: Manifest> (One can create armor that looks completely real. Amplifies nullification abilities), <Cancellation Armor: Reality> (One can create armor out of Qi that exists in reality. Enhances nullification abilities). <Universe Shield: Phantom>, <Universe Shield: Manifest>, <Universe Shield: Reality>. Other than one being a shield and the other armor, there was no difference in these martial art techniques stages.

Chu Shen may have mastered all these techniques, but using them in combat was different. He had used them against beasts in the forest and sparring but a true life and death fight with a human opponent was different. It was more….intense. Until Chu Shen could use them proficiently in combat, he could really only be considered as having learned the technique and no mastering it yet.

As for cultivation. <Voids Child> had one stage called the <Voids Child: Mortal Stage>. This would last all the way until one could become a Natural Realm Cultivator. It was impossible for Chu Shen to master the first stage of his cultivation technique right now.

Chu Shen not only practiced his martial arts, he also cultivated as well. Since the kids were constantly hunting magical beasts, beast cores were plenty. Chu Shen actually took half of them for his cultivation and the rest were sold in town. Chu Shen had used hundreds of beast cores to rapidly his cultivation in the past year.

No longer was he a Martial Practitioner Level 9, or a Peak Rank 3 mage. Instead he was a Martial Army Level 2, the equivalent of a Rank 6 mage. Chu Shen also became a Rank 4 warrior during this time, which delighted Master Ti Wu to no end. Don’t forget his Void King technique though.

<Void King: Skin Forging> (One can harden their skin and make it as hard as iron), <Void King: Muscle Tempering> (One’s muscles are tempered, increasing their strength tremendously), <Void King: Bones of Null> (One’s bones become soaked in null Qi, making them tremendously durable). 

Chu Shen previously completed 30 circulations. Now he could complete 39 circulations, one circulation away from mastering the 3rd stage of the <Void King> technique. His strength had also grown tremendously. His strength was now 538 tons of force, incomparable to his previous 60.25 tons. A normal martial artist would only have 290 tons of force so Chu Shen had almost double the strength of a normal martial artist.

Not only that, Chu Shen was also able to use his money to upgrade his hammer and crossbow’s living steel with different materials. They were now comparable to a High-Tier Martial Weapon, greatly suiting Chu Shen’s current combat capabilities.

Chu Shen was not the only one upgrading things though. Lucas had been a very busy boy indeed. Lucas was able to make a pocket dimension. They had such devices on his own world but they needed a massive amount of power to open first and stabilize. After they were stabilized, they didn’t require any power to sustain.

Lucas first made a fusion bottle. A fusion bottle uses magnetic fields and plasma to generate massive amounts of power with no by-products. The downside? The thing was the size of a room. It wasn’t exactly portable. Using the fusion bottle, Lucas was able to power the spatial creation device.

It used tachyons to open up a rift in subspace and then stabilize this rift. Afterwards one could access it with a teleporter tuned to the right frequency which was actually quite power efficient. The size of this subspace was fifteen football fields wide and could be made bigger if there was more power.

To some that might not be significant. To Lucas, this was everything. Now he could create some very highly technical items while not having to worry about hiding it from everyone. The first thing Lucas made was a teleporter inside the subspace. He already had one so that he could access the subspace from normal space but it was as big as a house so it was more convenient to have one in subspace.

With the teleporter, Lucas could teleport anything with a Quantum Transponder whether it was in normal space or subspace. Lucas then used the fabricator to construct a cradle free fabricator. This kind of fabricator could construct items with no size limit because it didn’t have to hold the object internally and could create it on the ground in front of it.

One might ask by this point, how did Lucas get these materials? Well, Lucas had actually planned everything out beforehand. Using the fusion bottle, Lucas was able to boost the range on his mineral scanner. As a result, Lucas was able to find a lot more key materials for his inventions. All he had to do was go out and mine them.

Lucas was able to create a couple things with the cradle free fabricator. For one, he created multiple versions of his body and then left his positronic brain inside the subspace. The subspace controller was inside his main body that he had been using since coming to this realm. With the Quantum comms and transponders, Lucas controlling his body from light years away was a cinch.

Lucas started making pretty much anything that came to mind. Satellites for orbital mapping, tracking, and bombardment were teleported into space. He created a small spaceship but never actually launched it. Turrets hooked up with beast cores were made but never used. Lucas placed positronic brains inside every copy of him and then loaded automating programs on them.

He built an antimatter generator as well which took up over two football fields inside the pocket dimension. Using quantum entanglement, Lucas was able to use the generator to power all of his replacement bodies at once. The antimatter created power far beyond that which his current body could handle. The most he could handle was the equivalent of a Rank 7 beast core. With that, his fake body could use 301 tons.

Lucas’ pride though was the Beast Cannon. Lucas bought sixty Rank 4 beast cores using the money from the weapons he made with the fabricator. There were 20 fire, 20 wind, and 20 earth type cores. He put them inside a cannon and used the [Channeling Inscription] and [Burst Inscription] to combine them all together. Once he fired the cannon, a beam of fire, wind, and rock would be launched at the enemy. It was terrifyingly strong.

So far Lucas and Chu Shen were lucky they weren’t forced to leave by the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. It was time to stop tempting luck and finish their mission here.


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[Arc 4] Chapter 124

Chapter 124

A Kid’s Life

At the end of the week every student was assigned to a team and a teacher was also assigned to oversee the team. There were 16 teams of 5 students and 9 teachers. Because of this, every teacher had a second team they oversaw and the 4 extra teachers guarded the camp. The schedule was the teachers would take their first group into the forest one day and the their second group the next day once the hunting started.

Talia, Sam, George, Sarah, and Jason were all part of team 4. Assigned to oversee their team was Teacher Alfred. Alfred was also assigned to team 3. The schedule for when they started hunting was on Saturday there would be a required class. Sunday would be a resting day. Monday through Friday were the days to hunt.

Hunting wasn’t starting until two weeks from now though. Everyone first had to learn how to at least hold their weapon properly. Alfred took team 4 to the armory to pick weapons. Sam and Jason chose swords. George and Sarah picked spears. Talia chose a bow.

Alfred took them to the training zone the teachers had made while the students were in the classrooms. There, targets and dummies had been set up for training. The students were required to train while Alfred watched them.

Talia looked like she knew what she was doing. She strung the bow properly and had an armguard on. Her shooting was decent as well, only missing the target completely every twentieth shot. George swung his spear around pretty fluidly and was able to stab a vital spot like the heart or head every once in awhile. Everyone else was very nervous and awkward with the weapons they chose.

Alfred sighed. It seemed like he had his work cut out for him. For the entire week, Alfred taught the students how to thrust, parry, attack, counterattack, and dodge. He taught George and Sarah how to thrust forward with the spear and then swing the butt end of the spear to hit an opponent trying to close in on you. He didn’t have a whole lot to teach Talia. Instead he gave her advice on what kind of targets to aim for and what kind to avoid.

Next he taught everyone how to use spells. Talia, Jason, and Sam were all excellent at using magic. Sarah was moderately good but George wasn’t any good at all. George hadn’t been a mage until Chu Shen awoke him so it was to be expected. Talia and Jason had ice mana. Sam had lightning mana. George had earth mana and Sarah had darkness mana.

After that week of training, it was time to hunt. It went as expected, disastrously. The first magical beast they met was the Scorching Horned Rabbit, the same kind Chu Shen and Lucas had hunted in droves before. They were quite lucky since they were rare to meet if one didn’t cheat and use a tracking program.

The rabbit jumped out, taking Sam down instantly with a surprise attack in the form of a fireball to the back. Alfred sighed as he watched George try to stab the rabbit with his spear. The spear missed and stabbed into the ground as the rabbit jumped out of the way. A fireball was shot from it’s horn and into George, sending him flying back. He had some serious burns from the fire and collapsed where he landed, writhing in pain.

Ice shot towards the rabbit’s leg as it landed, trying to trap it. The ice hit the rabbit but the rabbit melted it in less than a second with a stream of fire from it’s horn. Jason tried to strike it with his sword while it was stuck but missed. An arrow shot past Jason, inches from his arm towards the rabbit before sticking into a tree.

The rabbit shot towards Sarah horn first. Sarah panicked and tried to get her spear up. Unfortunately, the rabbit kicked off a tree, adjusting its flight by less than an inch. That inch was enough for the rabbit to skim past Sarah’s spear and stab its horn into her shoulder, piercing her armor. Crying out loud from the pain, Sarah let go of her spear and collapsed.

Talia held her bow nervously. She was afraid of accidentally striking her comrades after barely missing Jason. The rabbit came after her next. She drew her bow instantly. She aimed at the figure of the rabbit as it hopped towards her. Jason ran over to assist her. Talia fired her arrow. It missed.

The rabbit was now coming straight at her. The horn was pointed right at her chest. Jason dove forward, thrusting his sword at rabbit. He was too slow. The sword missed the rabbit by a foot. The rabbit continued it’s path towards Talia’s heart. Talia tried to react by swinging her bow at the rabbit. The bow was hit by a fireball and thrown to the side as the rabbit continued straight at her heart.

Right as it was less an inch away, an earthen spear skewered the rabbit to a nearby tree. Alfred shook his head. Indeed these kids had a lot to learn. The next day, after Team 4 was re-equipped, they were trained by one of the teachers that guarded the camp. Alfred couldn’t since he was taking Team 3 into the forest. All of them became extremely earnest in their learning after Talia had almost died.

It took many tries over the rest of the month but eventually they managed to kill their first Rank 2 magical beast. They sold its core to the store while they had their first meal in over two weeks that didn’t consist of dry biscuits and hard meat.

By the end of the month, Team 4 had killed eight Rank 2 magical beasts and two Rank 3 magical beasts. Using the money earned over that period they were able to buy spells, techniques, and upgrade their gear.

George still had his original spear but now he also had a shield with a [Channeling Inscription]. Imbuing his earth mana into the shield allowed it to become covered in earthen spikes. With his control over his mana, George could also launch the spikes like projectiles.

Talia now had her arrows with a modified [Burst Inscription] which allowed her to store her mana inside the arrows and then explode on impact. Her ice attribute would inevitably slow down their opponent, making them easy prey. She also had a short sword as well with no additional inscriptions in case her opponent got too close.

Sam had two short swords with the [Burst Inscription] which allowed him to fire bursts of lightning at his opponents. His lightning mana allowed him to move and react extremely fast, making his choice to become a dual wielder an excellent one.

Jason had actually not changed at all, keeping his original sword. Instead he used his ice magic to attack his opponents. His skills with it had become increasingly refined, surpassing everyone else. The others did become better but most of them had increased their physical prowess.

Most didn’t focus as much on magic as Jason had. In his opinion, a physical body couldn’t travel as fast as a spell. The image of him failing to stop the Scorching Horned Rabbit from hitting Talia and then the earth shard killing it at the last second was seared into his mind. That was the reason he focused more on spell-casting then utilizing his warrior capabilities. Because a spell could save a live faster then a sword.

Sarah was the most mystical of the group. She was now equipped with multiple throwing knives, a dagger, and a crossbow mounted to her arm. Using her darkness mana, she cloaked herself in shadows. The only magic she learned was called shadow cloaking, the ability to become invisible by melding with shadows. So long as she stayed in the shadows, no one above her in Rank could see her.

Using this ability, she became the scout of the group. In a fight crossbow bolts or daggers could be seen coming from the shadows themselves. It was almost impossible to dodge them. Of course, her ability to meld into shadows was of no use against Chu Shen’s spiritual sense.

After the first month, Alfred no longer went out on their expeditions with them. In his words, they were strong enough to not have to depend on him to save them. Instead they were given bracelets on each of their arm.

The bracelets were made of steel and had a black square on the front. They were instructed to tap on them three times if they were in danger of dying and one of the teachers would be there shortly. This was, of course, an invention by Lucas. It would broadcast a homing beacon once activated that Lucas could then track down.

There was always a teacher on rescue duty who had a tracker. Once there was an alert, that teacher would go out and rescue the students while another teacher took over their job since there could be multiple calls.

On the third month their Saturdays were taken over by sparring. There was a competition every Saturday in which all of the teams would face off in a bracket style competition. Whoever won would get a set amount of contribution points as a prize.

At the start of the fourth month, they destroyed their camp site and moved to a Rank 4 and Rank 5 hunting zone. It was a necessity as most of the students were now Rank 4 mages and there were a few that were Rank 4 warriors as well. Most of them were only Rank 2 warriors. This kind of power level was simply too much for that Rank 3 hunting zone to pose a challenge.

This training continued for a whole year. At the end of the twelfth month the students had graduated to a Rank 6 hunting zone. This was the highest rank hunting zone possible and they were only allowed to hunt three times a month. They had already been there for three months. Most of their other time was spent cultivating their warrior capabilities or sparring. The Saturday sparring had been replaced with team sparring. This was where at random the 16 groups would be split into 2 8 group teams and fight. It was preparation for when they would fight the Asura Sect.

As for their strength…. there was now 2 Rank 3 Warriors, 72 Rank 4 Warriors, 5 Rank 5 Warriors, and a single Rank 6 Warrior. Remember though, every single student was a battle mage, being both a warrior and a mage.

There were 4 Rank 5 Mages, 41 Rank 6 Mages, 33 Rank 7 Mages and two Rank 8 Mages. Those two Rank 8 Mages were, of course, Chrissa and Aslo. After all, they already had a head start on everyone else. As for the teachers, all of them had become Rank 8 Battle mages, meaning they were a Rank 8 mage and warrior simultaneously.

These kids were no longer innocent and weak, hesitating or scared. They had scars from their fights with beasts, giving them a fierce aura. Their attitudes had changed. It had changed into the kind of attitude one gained from war. This attitude contrasted sharply with their scarred, youthful faces. It was definitely weird but no one who saw how powerful they were would ever mock them for being such.

Finally, it was time to destroy those malevolent sects.


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[Arc 4] Chapter 122

Chapter 122

Training Camp Rules

After Chu Shen, Su Gagi, and Lucas returned to the camp they were immediately surrounded by the teachers. “How is the forest?” “Will it work?” “Is my plan feasible?” Chu Shen and the others were immediately bombarded with questions upon their return.

Su Gagi immediately took the lead. “Hold on. Let us go in and sit down before we have to answer all these questions. It took us two days of riding to get here and I imagine we’re all sore.” The teachers backed off, though they still seemed eager to have their questions answered.

They went in and sat for a while. One of the teachers got them all some tea. Finally, one of them couldn’t take it anymore. “So, what did you find?” She asked eagerly. Everyone looked at her. “What, you were all thinking it. I just said it.” She said defensively.

Su Gagi smiled at everyone. “Well, it seems like it’s feasible. We already have some crude log cabins set up for everyone to move in. All we need to do is to get the kids together and move them. We checked out the hunting zone and there is plenty of beasts they can hunt and none that are out of the normal expected power levels.”

All of the teachers started grinning. “Well then, when should we move?” The female teacher asked. After that everyone started talking about specific and boring details. Chu Shen, who was tired from riding a horse all day, decided not to stay and to go to bed.

The next morning the kids were sat down and given a talking to by Su Gagi. “Listen, because what I tell you next is probably going to decide your future. I know most of you has lost someone to the Asura Sect. We”, he swept his hand behind him to include the other adults, Chu Shen, and Lucas, “have a way for you to get revenge on them.”

Upon hearing that, most of the kids perked up. Chrissa and Aslo were noticeably calmer about it though since they already knew they would have the power to get revenge soon.

“You must hear me out though.” Su Gagi  immediately tried to curb their excitement. “This training method will be tough and it can even be said to be cruel. Some of you might die. We plan to have you hunt magical beasts to train. Are you still willing?”

A couple of the kids were hesitant. Some were nervous. The vast majority seemed to still not get what hunting magical beast meant. Su Gagi understood that. “If you have any questions you can ask a teacher at anytime.

“We plan to leave to the hunting zone to train first thing tomorrow morning. If you don’t want to do this training then you can see one of the teachers and tell them. We won’t take you with us. Be warned though, once we arrive to start the training, you can’t change your mind.”

Immediately some of the kids faces paled. This new training regime sounded hard and possibly fatal. Some of the smarter ones thought they could try it out and then quit if they didn’t like it. With this new information, more than a few lost the courage they had mustered. Aslo, who had been watching from the back, rolled his eyes.

Standing up, he started to scold them. “How come you guys are all cowards? My mom was killed in front of me. Even if I might die, I still want to try and get revenge for her. If this new training can do it, then even if there is a chance of me dying, I would still do it. Can you all forget the faces of your parents when they died? Or the teachers when they died trying to save us?”

“Aslo, sit down!” Su Gagi yelled at him. “You go too far. Maybe you can call them cowards but whether they go or not is up to them. We cannot force them or even try to shame them into going.” He turned to the kids. “Well, you already heard everything you needed to hear. You’re dismissed. Remember, tell the teachers if you don’t wish to go. Otherwise, you will be coming with us tomorrow.”

Chu Shen could see the difference in the kids attitude as they left. Those kids who had been hesitating seemed as though they had made up their minds. Whichever way that was, Chu Shen didn’t know. He wasn’t a mind reader after all. Either way, it was good that they didn’t have doubts.

The next day everyone was packed up and ready to go. There was only a single child that didn’t want to go and she was only seven years old. It was understandable for someone so young to not want to fight to the death.

It was decided that she would be taken with them but a private cabin would be made for her and one of the teachers would watch her. She wouldn’t be forced to join. Altogether, there was now 80 kids and 9 teachers that would be going to train.

After hitching the horses to the wagons, everyone departed from Garson to the hunting zone. It took three days instead of two to arrive at the hunting zone. The reason for the slower travel was, of course, because the wagons were slower than horseback.

They arrived at the log cabins in middle of the afternoon on the third day. The teachers quickly got to work upon arriving. They cut up a couple of trees into even planks. Using a glue they had bought at the hunting town, they put the planks into the cabins for a floor. Using scrapers they smoothed out the floor so as to keep the kids from getting splinters. All of the kids were sent to bed after that, using the blankets they brought along from Garson.

The teachers, along with Lucas and Chu Shen, continued working. They created a small cabin a little ways off for the little girl who didn’t want to train. They also created a large log cabin that was rectangular in shape. It was very long and not very wide. It was big enough that everyone could live inside it with some room to spare. After it was built, they joined the kids and slept.

The very next day, the kids were brought into the large cabin. There Chu Shen stood in front of them. “Hey kids. So today we are going to be starting the training. Before we do though, we should probably go over the rules first.

“So here they are. Rule 1. We will provide all your meals. The weapons, armor, and meals will all be very basic. Essentially there will be a biscuit and some vegetables for all your meals.

“Rule 2. You must hunt in teams. For now the teams will be made up of five people with a teacher

“Rule 2. If you want better food you must hunt it for yourself. Any meat from the beasts hunted will belong to the group that killed it. We will cook it for you.

“Rule 3. You can sell the beast core to the store to earn contribution points. Using the contribution points, you can buy spells, techniques, additional food, toys, weapons, armor, private lessons, or even have me open up additional mana rivers.

“Rule 4. If there has been no attempt to hunt for a beast for two weeks then there must be an explanation. If there is not an explanation, then all equipment except the ones originally provided will then be taken from the offender.

“Rule 5. Every week there will be a teaching and duel session. This week there will only be teaching with no hunting. This is so we can prepare the equipment you will all need for hunting. The teachers will use this room to teach you all a little bit more about your powers. Pay attention because what you learn here can affect your life outside. That’s all”

All of the kids seemed a bit confused. Su Gagi immediately took over and started teaching as Chu Shen left the room. He was waiting for materials needed to make the armor and weapons they were going to give the students. They had sent the teacher back to the town  With this last purchase their funds would be down to zero.

It was time to start equipping these kids so they could learn how to fight.


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[Arc 4] Chapter 123

Chapter 123

If Only I Weren’t Distracted


The next day, the kids were stuck in their temporary classrooms learning about classification of spell casting. Desks hadn’t been made yet but the teachers were well on their way to finishing them. While that happened, the materials Chu Shen sent for had finally arrived.

Chu Shen wasn’t actually going to be making them though. That was Lucas’ job. Using the fabricator, Lucas was able to make standardized swords, spears, shields, and armor. The materials they had brought included black iron, bowstring, and leather, enough to finish all of the tools.

Chu Shen, however, was focused on making more money. In order to let the kids spend their contribution points, they needed more items at the store. Right now, they didn’t have any money to stock their store; not that they had the store built yet either.

His job was to use his artificing skills to make some weapons he could sell. Fortunately when they were in the previous dimension, Chu Shen had kept all of his forging tools in his spatial ring. His whetstone, fuller, anvil, tongs, inscription ink, and hammers. He also had the materials to forge six swords.The only thing he didn’t have was a forge.

Without a forge, Chu Shen couldn’t heat up the metal to work with it. Luckily, Chu Shen had picked up a martial art that he could use in place of the forge. Remember when Chu Shen was forced to fight the pillar warriors for two weeks straight by Master Ti Wu in the Black Night Sect? Master Ti Wu only let Chu Shen go because he had managed to beat the seventh pillar.

Because of him being able to beat the seventh pillar, Chu Shen was able to receive a seventh martial art. The one he chose was <Stellar Flame>. It was one of the martial arts that Master Ti Wu had chosen for him when he first entered the Void Sect. It was a martial art that allowed one to use fire to burn their enemies. It was only suitable for those who used void, or null qi.

One must remember that null and void Qi was a combination of everything in the universe and it’s opposite. It means that everything is contained inside null Qi. The <Stellar Flame> was a martial art that isolated the fire portion of void and null Qi. With that, Chu Shen could harness the power of the universe’s flames.

Even the most heaven defying flame belonged to the universe because it was the universe itself that birthed it. As for the void and null Qi that represented the universe? Of course it could recreate such terrifying flame. The only difference was that one needed sufficient strength to recreate them.

Right now, with Chu Shen’s strength, he could only create flames that were suitable to forge. As for attack? Chu Shen hadn’t even started training <Stellar Flame>. He had been busy forging and cultivating in the previous dimension. Much too busy to practice the new martial art.

Him using <Stellar Flame> to forge was a win-win for all. It let Chu Shen forge the things he needed and allowed him to practice the martial art. The only one who didn’t like it was Master Ti Wu.

As a matter of fact, he was actually enraged by it. ‘You brat! So disrespectful! Don’t you know that is one of the best martial arts in the library?! To think that you would use something that others would kill for to simply, simply….ARGH!’

‘To sully a martial art like this and use it to forge! Where is its dominating image! Don’t you remember it’s introduction?! (Burn the universe to nothing. Incinerate your enemies and let nothing stand). That was <Stellar Flames> introduction and yet you still seem to fancy using it as a fireplace!’

Chu Shen mentally shrugged. ‘I don’t see what the big deal is master. A martial art is supposed to be used however the user wants. If a martial art is used simply to fight, then don’t you think it’s beauty is lost? Maybe the creator of this martial art never intended it be used as a forge fire but it could also be true that he would be grateful that I am using it for creation and not just destruction.’

Master Ti Wu would have none of that. ‘Bah! Using honeyed words to try and coax me. You shameless disciple! Huff. You know what? I think you only picked that martial art because you needed a fire for your forge.’

Chu Shen eyes glanced away real quickly at that. ‘A-anyways master, I still need to forge these weapons so…..’

‘Of course. Forget about your master. Humph. I’ve never had such a disrespectful disciple. Go on then! Sully that martial art and get forging. I’m taking a nap!’ Master Ti Wu left in a huff. Or at least, he stopped talking to Chu Shen.

Chu Shen decided to continue with his plan to forge. It was worth Master Ti Wu’s disapproval. He brought out his tools and started laying everything out. Setting up a small table, he set his forging hammers and other hand tools on it. Placing the anvil beside the table, Chu Shen was ready to start forging.

He brought out the black iron and placed it on the anvil. He backed up slightly and then pointed his palms at the material. He took a deep breath before activating the <Stellar Flame>. Qi flowed from his dantian and into his meridians.

 It flowed in a specific pattern inside his body, going into his chest before traveling into Chu Shen’s arms. If one could see his meridians, the Qi would form the image of a fire, forever frozen in time. The Qi surged forth from his arms before coalescing into his palms. There, the Qi emerged. Unlike all the other times before, it was not a gray color but rather a pure bright white.

Why was it white? Most people think of fire as red or orange colored. However, even a mortal knows that the hottest fire is not such colors but rather white. How could null Qi contain such awful fire like red or orange flame? This white fire did not have any special properties and Lucas’ world would have deemed such fire as actually being on the cool side.

To a blacksmith however, this fire was the hottest one could have for mortal metals. If Lucas was struck with this fire, it would soften the Dragon Iron but wouldn’t melt it. From that it could be seen how tough Dragon Iron was but also how useless this fire was as well.

 For combat capabilities, this flame truly was useless in it’s current stage. However, Chu Shen had only just started to practice <Stellar Flame>. If he had some time to practice it, then it would soon become much stronger. This was his whole reason for practicing <Stellar Flame> by using it to forge.

The white Qi emerged from Chu Shen’s palms. When it did, the surrounding temperature immediately shot up by a few degrees. With a thought on Chu Shen’s part, the white Qi transformed into white fire and covered the black iron. As the black iron started to heat up, it turned a beautiful cherry red.

As soon as it reached this temperature, Chu Shen tried to stop the flame. It didn’t work. Panicking slightly, Chu Shen stopped circulating his Qi. When he did, the white flame was suddenly enveloped by gray colored energy that continued coming from his palms. The white flame disappeared without a trace as Chu Shen’s null Qi devoured it.

Chu Shen shrugged. Looks like he still needed to practice a bit more with <Stellar Flame: Flame Blower>. This was the first stage of <Stellar Flame> which required one to blow fire from their palms.

 There were stages to <Song of The Universe> as well. Chu Shen had completely mastered the first stage, <Song of The Universe: Celestial Weapon>. It was where one applied the vibrations to their weapon, like Chu Shen had with his hammer. Currently he was working on the second stage, <Song of The Universe: Solar Vibrations>, which was when one could send vibrations with their Qi, allowing their Qi to gain the quality of vibration. Chu Shen couldn’t even make his twitch so far but he had only recently gained mastery over the first stage.

He had also stepped into the 3rd stage of the <Void King: Bones of Null> technique. This stage was basically the tempering of one’s bones where the previous two stages were the tempering of muscles and skin. Chu Shen still only had 60.25 tons of force from the 30th circulation of the <Void King> technique.

Remember, it might have seemed like a long time since coming to this world but it hadn’t even been a month yet. Chu Shen had been busy the entire time with research, hunting, or protecting the kids. He just hadn’t had a whole lot of time to actually cultivate.

Chu Shen had almost mastered the first stage of <Comet Travels Through: Booming Step> and <The Stars Dance: Light Step>. If Chu Shen actually mastered Vapor Trail then he would leave a sonic boom behind him when he used this technique.

If Chu Shen mastered light step, he would be able to condense his Qi and appear to walk on light. With this his agility would soar since he would be able to travel in the air. Of course, the cost would be enormous amounts of Qi since he would have to condense it into thin, solid layers in midair.

This was the power of martial arts. This was the reason why Master Ti Wu scoffed at those warriors when Chu Shen asked about their martial arts. Honestly, if Chu Shen wasn’t so distracted with forging and researching technology, he would be far stronger than he was now. The only thing holding him back was his constant curiosity about the things in new realms.

Chu Shen continued forging new blades. Only four swords were successfully made. The others were ruined by his learning experience with <Stellar Flame>. Upon forging them, Chu Shen went to the hunting town and sold them. Using the money, he had the teacher go back for more materials. He repeated this for the rest of the week. After that, Chu Shen started to stock the store, which was now built, while the kids were equipped and sent hunting.


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[Arc 4] Chapter 121

Chapter 121

Chu Shen, Lucas, and Su Gagi took two days to reach the magical beast hunting zone. Just like with the previous world, there was towns around each hunting zone. Chu Shen and co. went into the local town to check out the atmosphere and the resources the town had for sale.

They browsed a couple of shops to find out what was there. They also bought a couple tools such as axes, saws, and some other building materials. After they looked around town for two hours, they left for the hunting zone. Su Gagi told them his opinion of the town’s wares as they entered the forest.

“This place is a ripoff. The prices are 30% higher here than in any other place I’ve been. Not to mention the fact that the beast cores sell for 5% less as well.” He was obviously offended at the prices in the hunting town.

Chu Shen shrugged. “It’s not that big a deal. All we have to do is make a trip to get supplies from a different town. There’s one a day’s ride from the hunting zone. We can collect any supplies we need from there.”

Lucas nodded. “Chu Shen here is an artificer. If we can buy the supplies cheap and sell the artifacts here then we’ll definitely make a killing.”

Su Gagi looked confused. “What is an ‘artificer’? It sounds like an important job from your voice but I’ve never heard of it.”

Now it was Lucas’ turn to be confused. “Haven’t you heard of an artifact?”

Su Gagi shook his head. “No, I don’t know what an artifact is.”

Lucas sighed. “Well, artificers create artifacts. Artifacts are essentially weapons or armor that has inscriptions in them. The inscriptions give the item different effects like unleashing a blast of mana.

Su Gagi suddenly showed comprehension. “Ah, you mean you can create magic tools? No wonder you seemed so protective of him, such a rare job to be a Magic Painter. It’s a pretty valuable occupation.”

Chu Shen, who had been listening in on the conversation, decided it was time to butt in. “Sorry for all of Lucas’ annoying chatter. We just called it a different name in our town. Artificers create the weapon from the ground up. We forge the blade and then put the magic paint on.”

Su Gagi was shocked at that. “You mean you actually make the tools yourself? I’ve never heard of a Magic Painter doing that. Most of them are stuck up snobs. That must explain why you’re so nice, you actually know about hard work.”

Chu Shen shrugged. “Well, by making the tool myself I can get a feel for the metal. Then I can make the best inscription for it. Altogether it’s much better than inscribing some random hunk of metal.”

Su Gagi shrugged. “I don’t know. It seems like you would know more about it than I do. All I can do is kill stuff and teach so I’ll leave the crafting part to you. Anyways, shouldn’t we be more focused on scouting the forest?”

“Oh please.” Lucas rolled his eyes. “I have a program running to identify threa-”

“Ahem” Chu Shen coughed lightly.

Lucas appeared suitably chastened after Chu Shen’s gentle reminder. “Uh, what I mean to say was that we should split up and cover at least ten miles of the hunting zone. We’re looking for any hazardous spots and especially dangerous magic beasts, right?”

Su Gagi nodded. “There shouldn’t be any since we checked the map in town but it is still a good idea to double check everything. This isn’t like buying a hat, there are people’s lives at stake”

“Alright, so we are agreed then? We split up and cover the hunting zone?” Chu Shen asked as the mediator. Everyone nodded in agreement. “Alright then. I’ll take the left, Lucas you take the middle, Su Gagi you take the right. Everyone good? Then let’s get started.”

Everyone started off in their own directions. Chu Shen wasn’t too concerned with scouting out the hunting zone. To be honest, they didn’t even need to enter the forest at all. The reason was because of Lucas’ drones. Lucas loved modifying them and one of the mods was adding a scanner to each drone.

The drones had energy scanners, 3d mapping, cameras, and pattern recognition software that had been uploaded from different dictionaries and encyclopedias. As a result, them going into the forest was more like an excuse for Chu Shen to relax for a little while.

Of course, there was also the additional reason for keeping Su Gagi in the dark about their capabilities. While Chu Shen was confident that Su Gagi and everyone else in their ragtag group wouldn’t betray them, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

By not having Su Gagi know about technology, he was kept safe from mentioning it on accident. Unlike a certain cyborg that keeps blurting things out. He was getting a headache just thinking about Lucas and his big mouth. Normally Lucas wasn’t so talkative but having someone new around seemed to stimulate his motormouth. Literally.

They only stopped scouting out the forest after four hours. With that it was getting close to night time. Chu Shen volunteered for the first watch while everyone else got into sleeping bags they had brought along. Every three hours the guard would wake one of the others up and have him take their place.

The next day, they went back into the forest and started scouting once again. They covered forty miles of forest that day which was half of the hunting zone. It turns out that since this was only a Rank 3 hunting zone, it was very big. The higher rank the hunting zone, the smaller it was.

The reason was that low rank magical beasts can breed a lot faster than high rank magical beasts. An example would be the Scorching Horned Rabbit. A single couple can make over 12 baby rabbits, all of which will be adults in less than two months.

As a result, low rank magical beasts need a lot of space since they seem to constantly repopulate. Furthermore, high rank beasts need less space but these hunting zones have stricter policies than the low rank hunting zones. Strict laws to prevent overhunting were enforced in high rank hunting zones. It would be bad if all the animals were killed after all.

They scoured the forest for the rest of the day before they finally called it quits. The next day it was time for the final step. They needed to locate an area outside of the hunting zone that they could base the kids training camp out of. The requirements for it weren’t very strict.

They needed a large open area with running water by it. They also needed trees so they could have wood for the fire. It also needed to be far enough from the hunting zone that the beasts wouldn’t bother coming out to attack them.

Everyone started looking for such an area even though Lucas found one pretty quickly with his drones. Chu Shen subtly guided them to the area Lucas had found for Su Gagi’s sake. Upon reaching it, they took out the axes and cut down all of the trees surrounding the twenty foot diameter clearing, expanding it to 100 feet. They also destroyed the other foliage. Then they cut all the felled trees the same exact size..

After they were done cutting up the trees, they took out the saws they had bought earlier. Using the saws, they cut notches into the ends of the felled trees. Next they stacked the felled trees on top of one another, creating rudimentary square log cabins. Then they cut more wood the same length as the cabins to make a roof.

The ground was only dirt and there was obvious gaps between the tree trunks. Next they used wood chips mixed with mud from the river that went through the clearing to fill the gaps. It was a crude solution but there wasn’t a better one for the time constraints they had.

With that, they had managed to build some roughshod houses for the kids. There was still some things they could do to make it better, making planks for a floor for one, but it was already getting dark. They had only accomplished this much in one day because of their cultivation. Everyone slept inside the cabins. The next day they left to head back to their camp.


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[Arc 4] Chapter 120

Chapter 120

While Lucas was finishing up with getting his new skin done, Chu Shen was able to start on the kids. The first kid was a boy that was eight years old. If he was any indicator on how this was going to go, Chu Shen was in for a rough ride.

The boy constantly asked questions even after Chu Shen had answered them. He could barely sit still for the one meridian that Chu Shen could open for him. He was only a Rank 2 mage since they were considered too immature to fully awaken their abilities.

Slowly Chu Shen worked his way down the line. That cheery and hyper kid was, unfortunately, an exception. Most of the other kids were gloomy and depressed. You could see their sadness as plain as day. Their seriousness helped Chu Shen go through all 81 kids in only five days.

After Chu Shen finished opening the kids meridians, he went to talk with the teachers. What they needed to decide now was the future of these kids. Chu Shen could make them strong but they weren’t soldiers. It was like giving a child a gun. Even if they could kill someone, they wouldn’t have the mental fortitude to do it on purpose.

Chu Shen decided to approach the teachers about this problem. “We can all agree that those sect’s won’t leave us alone. If they discover that Lucas and I tricked them, they would immediately set out to kill us.

“We need to take them out before they take us out. Also, I bet those kids want revenge for their friends, teachers, and loved ones that were killed. We need to face those sects sooner rather than later.”

The teachers all nodded. One of them spoke up first. “Allowing the kids to take revenge is a good idea. I would say that in four or five years their hearts will be hardened enough to kill.”

Chu Shen shook his head. “Well, I agree to that assessment. Unfortunately, we don’t have time. Due to some…. special circumstances, Lucas and I may leave at any time with no warning. It could be tomorrow or it could be in a year. There is no guaranteed time.”

All of the teachers showed shock upon hearing that. The one that had first spoke immediately cried out in protest. “What?! If you leave, how can we protect ourselves?! Please, don’t leave!” The others cried out in agreement. When Chu Shen mentioned leaving, they became aware of just how much they had come to depend upon this thirteen year old and his bodyguard.

Chu Shen shrugged helplessly. “Unfortunately this is something that I have no control over. I can’t stop nor delay it. You will all simply have to accept it for what it is.”

The teachers spent over half an hour trying to convince Chu Shen to stay but Chu Shen couldn’t tell them the reason why he had to leave. Of course, the reason was because of the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion. If it left, then so would Lucas and Chu Shen. They wouldn’t have a choice in the matter.

Eventually though they managed to accept this fact and moved onto the more pressing matter of the kids. One of the teachers looked at the others. “So, does anyone have viable options? We need to act quickly now since we don’t know how long our savior will be with us.”

A teacher at the end of the table stood up. “I think I have an idea. What if we……” He started explaining his idea but it was shot down pretty quickly. Other teachers introduced their ideas as well but every one of them seemed to be impossible or had some sort of major flaw.

Finally there was a teacher that had an idea that didn’t have any real noticeable flaws. “I know everyone hates the Asura Sect but no one can deny that they are very good at training warriors. I actually studied some of their training methods and I believe we can adapt it to ourselves.

“The Asura Sect would take their students and teach them how to cultivate and learn a couple abilities. After that they would be equipped with weapons and armor before being dropped off next to a magic beast hunting zone. There they were required to hunt down magical beasts each day for food.

“If they didn’t then they wouldn’t be fed at all. The students were trained there for a year before they would then be taken to dueling arenas. There the students would then fight and kill other members of the arena. If they survived there for another year, they were considered as members of the Asura Sect.”

The teachers faces turned ugly upon hearing that. Even Chu Shen was shocked at how ruthless the Asura Sect was to their students.

“How is this a suitable method for raising our students? We know how the Asura Sect turned out from the fact that they killed our sect down to the last man, woman, and child.” One of the teachers asked, clearly disturbed by what the other teacher was suggesting.

The one that proposed the idea shook his head. “I am not suggesting the arena part. That is just too cruel for young ones such as these. Instead, I suggest taking the kids to a magical beast hunting zone.

“There we can set up a temporary base like we have here and hunt down beasts for their training. Of course, we would be protecting them from the sidelines so that they won’t be killed by the beasts.
“With that they can get used to killing and gain experience fighting. We can also have training duels in the camp so they can become experienced with fighting against humans as well.

“However long it takes for them to gain a killing edge is how long it takes for them to become truly strong. Once we judge them to be of the right level, we can go forward with destroying the Golden Palm, Ice Dragon, and Asura Sect.”

The other teachers adopted a thoughtful look after hearing the entire proposition. “So will there be rewards for hunting more?” One of the teachers asked.

The one that proposed the idea shrugged. “I’m not sure. I figured we can all work out the details together. As far as I can tell though, this seems to be the only idea that can take less than a year.”

Everyone nodded. One of them turned to Chu Shen. “We have been kind of rude haven’t we? We haven’t even asked if the savior agrees with our proposition. Please savior, is there anything more you would like to add?”

Chu Shen shook his head. “No, I can’t think of anything really. I actually grew up in a small town that was attacked by magical beast hordes all the time. That was how I grew up being able to kill without thinking too deeply. Honestly, this sort of training method is the best one if we can assure everyone’s security.

“The best way to do that, in my opinion, is to choose a beast forest with low rank magical beasts. I think we should go to a forest with the average ranked beast at Rank 3. After everyone grows strong enough, we can move to a higher ranked forest.”

The other teachers liked that idea and immediately incorporated it into their plans. They spent another five hours going over the finer details such as the reward system, food, shelter, weapons, and other details.

It was also decided that they would need to scout out any forest before the students entered. After all, this was real life. Things changed all the time. It would be bad if all their promising students were wiped out because of a Rank 6 or Rank 7 beast moving into a Rank 3 hunting zone.

Because of that, Chu Shen, Lucas, and Su Gagi were chosen to scout out a Rank 3 magic beast hunting zone. They would return in a week with their report and then escort the kids to their new training camp. The reason Su Gagi was going along as well was because of the possibility of Chu Shen and Lucas disappearing. They chose Su Gagi simply because he was one of the only teachers they knew.

Chu Shen informed Lucas of their decision to scout the forest and their plans to train the kids. He didn’t like the idea of them killing beasts but decided it was okay so long as no one died. It had been decided that leaving as soon as possible was the best idea.

The next morning, they took the horses from the wagons and immediately set off to towards the magic beast hunting zone.


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[Arc 4] Chapter 119

Chapter 119
Mages Abilities

Chu Shen had just finished with unblocking Aslo and Chrissa’s meridians. He could not, however, start on the other kids. The reason was because Lucas had not come back with the toys for the kids yet. While he was waiting, he continued talking to the twins.

He learned a couple interesting things about them. Their father had been a Rank 2 warrior and used his strength to become a lumberjack. They had a happy but simple life with their father and mother. Unfortunately, he was killed by a magical beast while chopping down trees in the forest.

A Rising Tide Sect member brought them his body. They had tried to rescue him but were too late. Upon delivering his body, the Rising Tide member felt guilty and offered to take the twins to be tested for potential. That was the reason they joined the Rising Tide Sect. Everything after that was the very sad history that Chu Shen had heard before.

Ten minutes later, Lucas finally appeared. He carried a satchel on his shoulder that Chu Shen had inscribed the [Shrinking Inscription] on. Chu Shen stopped talking with the twins and went over to Lucas. “So Lucas, you got the toys?”

Lucas set down the satchel and nodded. “Sure do.” He reached inside the satchel and pulled out a toy mage. He had on black robes with his hands lifted up, palms facing outwards. A fireball was in the palm of it’s hands. Lucas smiled at Chu Shen. “Pretty cool right? Now watch this!” He pushed a button on the toys back and the fireballs shot forward about two feet.

Chu Shen smiled. “You’re right, that is pretty cool.”

Lucas smiled back. “I know right? There’s springs in the hands so that you can load the fireballs and shoot them. I also have ones with lightning, ice balls, rocks, and wind scythes. I also have a couple warrior ones that their arms chop down instead.”

Chu Shen grinned. “Well, that should definitely be cool. How about the girls though.”

Lucas’ grin faded a bit. “Oh, yeah. Well I have a couple of girl dolls in dresses with tiny brushes and extra clothes.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Well, I’ll let them choose. I may need you to make more so stay close.” Lucas grunted in confirmation. After that, Chu Shen left to gather a few more kids to open their mana rivers.

While he was doing so, Aslo came up to Lucas. “Hey, what is that you got there?” He pointed at the toy in Lucas hands.

He held up the mage. “This? This is a toy mage that I made for as a reward for those that open up a new mana river.”

Aslo nodded. “Well, me and my sister Chrissa,” he gestured towards Chrissa behind him, “just got done with opening up a mana river. Do you think we can have one?”

Lucas nodded. “Here you go kid.” He handed Aslo the mage. “My names Lucas by the way, what’s yours?”

Aslo replied off-hand, absorbed into studying the toy. “My names Aslo.”

Lucas immediately became intrigued. He had spent time with the other teachers and kids after all. He had learned the name of the twins from them but never actually approached them since he was usually busy. Now he was able to see them face to face.

“Hey, Aslo. I heard you were a Rank 3 mage. Is that true?” Lucas asked casually.

Aslo looked up. His face puffed up with pride. “Well actually i’m a Rank 4 mage now.”

Lucas smiled. “Well, how about a duel then? I was getting bored and I need the practice.”

Aslo shrugged. “I don’t know. I am pretty new to this whole mage thing. It’s barely even been a month since I became one. I only know a couple spells.”

Lucas walked off a bit before making a come-at-me-bro gesture towards Aslo. “Don’t worry, this is only a spar after all. I’ll go easy, I swear.”

Aslo shrugged before putting his fists up. “Alright then.”

Lucas held up his hand. “On my mark. 3….2…..1….begin!”

Immediately Aslo held up his hand, palm pointed at Lucas. “Flames gather in my hand and create balls of fire. Go forth, Fireball Barrage!” As Aslo finished his chant, six fireballs appeared in front of his outstretched palm. Aslo thrust his palm towards Lucas. When he did, the fireballs flew towards Lucas, one after another.

Lucas reacted immediately, firing beams of ice from the beast core in his palm. The first beam hit the first fireball, causing it to explode. Lucas hit two more but the resulting blasts knocked his aim off slightly. The fourth fireball was already in front of him before he could shoot it.

Lucas leaned left, barely dodging the fourth fireball. The fifth one, however, caught him on the shoulder and sent him flying backwards. As he did though, Lucas legs seemed to explode! Fire streaked from them as Lucas not only stabilized himself mid-air, but also flew upwards above Aslo.

Aslo had not been slacking though. “Flames gather here before me. Create a dragons breath to destroy the enemies in front of me. Go forth, Dragon’s Fire!” Perhaps due to the longer chant, the flames were much more intense. A cone like flame shot towards Lucas.

They bathed him in fire, causing his skin to melt slightly. Lucas panicked somewhat when that happened. He opened his mouth and a high pitched squeal came out of it. The noise was deafening and caused Aslo to falter. When Aslo did so, the Dragon’s Fire sputtered out. That sonic weapon was just Lucas’ voice modulator that he had tweaked a bit.

When the Dragon’s Fire went out, Lucas immediately landed on the ground. Digging his hands into the ground, he pulled up a hunk of rock. Using this rock as a shield, he charged towards Aslo. Aslo continuously pounded the rock shield with fireballs while retreating backwards.

Each time a fireball hit, the shield would slam into Lucas making him pause for a half second. The rock shield also had small craters from when the fireballs exploded. Unfortunately, he could only create twelve fireballs before Lucas reached him. Comparing Lucas and Aslo’s speed, it was obvious that Lucas was superior.

By the time Lucas reached him, his rock shield was a mess. Scorch marks covered the front of it and cracks were spread throughout it. Lucas had cheated slightly though. He used the earth Qi from his beast core to prevent the rock shield from being destroyed by firing earth Qi into the rock shield and making it even thicker.

Upon reaching Aslo, Lucas decided to stop goofing around. Aiming at Aslo with his hand, a yellowish-brown beam struck Aslo in the leg. Immediately rock enclosed his leg, forcing Aslo to a stop. Lucas didn’t stop there though. Instead, the beam of Qi traveled upwards, completely enclosing Aslo in rock except his head.

Aslo’s face showed a panicked look along with anger. Suddenly he started chanting again. “Flames gather, create that which I want. Create that which can destroy what I want. Gather into a sphere so that I may throw it at mine enemies as I wish. Go forth, Apocalypse Ball!”

As Aslo chanted, a ball of fire appeared before him. It was only the size of his fist, the same size as the other fireballs. Because of that Lucas hadn’t been worried. As Aslo chanted though, the fireball started doubling in size with every passing moment. By the time he finished chanting, the fireball was as big as a house.

Aslo started yelling at Lucas. “Lucas, this is the only Rank 4 magic I know! All of the others were Rank 3 or Rank 2! You should really stop fighting, I’m not sure how well I can control this Apocalypse Ball!” His face was pale and covered in sweat, his brow furrowed in concentration.

Lucas stood in front of the Apocalypse Ball, his arms covering his face. He could feel the heat from where he stood and it was like a blazing furnace. He spread his arms wide. “Come on then! I can take it! Hit me with your best shot if you think it can take me down!”

Aslo gritted his teeth. “Then don’t blame me if you die!” He frowned in concentration as the Apocalypse Ball surged towards Lucas. The Apocalypse Ball did not explode but rather enveloped Lucas in a world of fire and heat. After Lucas was in the direct cent of the Apocalypse Ball it exploded. Lucas didn’t move, but his fake skin burned off completely.

Other than that, Lucas was not damaged in the slightest. Aslo looked at Lucas in a sort of horror. That strike took up all of his mana. Lucas hadn’t even used his mana shield yet he could withstand that! That was the equivalent of a Rank 5 warriors full out attack and yet Lucas didn’t even flinch!

Then suddenly Aslo recoiled. Lucas had transformed from a normal human into a metallic beast! Chu Shen suddenly appeared behind Aslo. Seeing Lucas the way he was, he stopped, taken aback. Just what had happened here? He had heard some explosions while he was talking with the teachers about what student to start on next. So he ran here only to find a stark naked Lucas.

Chu Shen appeared in front of Lucas like a ghost. “Hey, buddy.” He whispered. “You do realize that your skin and clothes are gone right?” Lucas immediately looked down. His face showed embarrassment but it looked weird without any skin.

Chu Shen turned towards Aslo. “Don’t worry, this is just an ability of Lucas. He can turn his body into metal when he needs to. It’s a unique mana shield like mine.” To demonstrate, his gray Cancellation Armor appeared around him.

Aslo nodded. “You sure do have some weird techniques Chu Shen.”

Chu Shen turned towards Lucas. “Come on Lucas, we need to get you some new skin. Why don’t we try that carbon fiber mesh skin you were talking about. I know you didn’t want to change your skin but since the old one is gone….”


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[Arc 4] Chapter 118

Chapter 118
Another Puzzle Piece

Chu Shen faced the two kids after they introduced each other. “So. Are you ready to begin?”

Aslo nodded. “I’m ready.” The girl nodded as well.

Chu Sen nodded. “Alright then. Aslo, you are a battle mage and so is Chrissa, correct?”

“Sure am.” Aslo said, pride evident in his smile.

“Okay then. Let me go ahead and start with you then. Sit down over here.” Chu Shen approached Aslo and sat down behind him. Chu Shen closed his eyes and used his spiritual sense on Aslo. When he did though, Chu Shen’s eyes flew open in shock.

He stood up abruptly, pointing a finger at Aslo. “You, you… You’re already a Rank 4 mage!”

Aslo looked at him in confusion. “Well yeah. In another week I’ll be a Rank 5 mage as well.” Chu Shen just stared at him, his mouth wide open. Just what kind of cultivation speed was this?!

Then Chu Shen remembered something he read at the library. A mage can connect their mana rivers to their magic source at any time. This is why warriors were considered inferior to mages. A mage could reach tremendous power in less than a year. A warrior needed years to reach the same amount of power.

Despite being able to connect mana rivers at any time, it is recommended that mages connect one mana river a week. The reason for this was that the body would become stressed and experience pain. The more mana rivers opened at once, the more intense the pain. A mage once connected five at once and died after his body exploded. The mage was only nine years old and had been too impatient to impress his parents.

When you open a meridian, the body becomes flush with mana which strengthens it. However, the body must adapt to this new amount of mana inside it. Otherwise, just as with martial arts, it can overload the body and cause it to self destruct. Which, of course, explains the pain of those that open multiple major meridians.

As Chu Shen followed this thought, he immediately realized something. How could the teachers he helped with their major meridians withstand that pain? He remembered though, that their reactions to the first meridian were to immediately connect it to their magic source. After that though, they wouldn’t connect any of the newly opened mana rivers.

Now it all made sense! They were worried about overloading their body with mana from those new mana rivers. As a result, they did not connect the mana river to their magic source. Most likely they would wait after a week to connect their mana rivers to their magic source.

Chu Shen realized just how ignorant he had been to this issue. Maybe he needed to warn the kids when he helped them open their major meridians otherwise it could be very bad indeed.

Chu Shen, who had been lost in thought, was rudely awakened by two hands that grabbed his shoulder and started shaking him. “Uh, hello? Chu Shen are you there? Come on! You need to open those mana rivers for me right?!”

Chu Shen brushed Aslo’s arm off. “Hey! Let go!”

Aslo shrugged. “I just got a bit tired of waiting for you to stop staring off into space.”

Chu Shen smiled. “Fine, I just needed a bit of time to think. Anyways, go ahead and sit back down so we can get back to opening up your major meridians.”

Aslo sat down with his back to Chu Shen. “So what is this major meridian you spoke of.”

Chu Shen froze for a second before sitting down behind Aslo. He casually explained his accident slip up to Aslo as he did. “It’s nothing. Just another name for mana rivers.” A drop of sweat fell down his forehead as he spoke.

Aslo nodded sagely. “Of course of course. I just didn’t recognize the name that’s all. So, who calls it that exactly?”

Chu Shen’s shirt was starting to become damp from all the sweat. “Well, that’s not important. We need to get back to you opening your mana rivers.”

Aslo immediately became distracted. “Well then, let’s get on with it! I need to become stronger!”

“Alright then. Now focus. I am going to put my mana inside your body. You need to make your mana follow mine. Eventually, if you follow my mana properly, you will sense something blocking your mana. All you need to do is break through that barrier and it will unlock a mana river.”

Aslo’s face scrunched up. “How is that possible though?”

“Well you see, inside our bodies are all mana rivers. Most of them are blocked off from us. Just like a dam, it prevents any mana from coming inside us. However, by breaking the dam, we can allow the mana river to flow. The mana river will be off course though. We still need to force the mana river to flow into our magic source.”

Aslo still looked confused but eventually he nodded. “Alright then. I may not understand what a dam is but I don’t need to in order to get a new mana river. Let’s get started then!”

“Hold on.”

“Now what! Why can’t we just get started already?”

Chu Shen shook his head. Aslo was quite impatient. Though, that was understandable since his mother had died in front of him. “I just wanted to make sure that you know not to link any more mana rivers after you open them. I don’t want your body to explode or anything.”

Aslo rolled his eyes. “Of course I know not to. I’m not an idiot after all. Now can we get on with it. Sitting on the ground is not exactly comfortable, my butt is falling asleep.”

Chu Shen smirked at that. “Fine, let’s get started.” Chu Shen wasn’t able to help Aslo much since he could only open up one more major meridian, just like with the teachers.

However, doing this was life changing. Remember that those four powerful sects had only ten Rank 6 adventurers and none that were of a higher rank. With this, the two twins became a Rank 7 and Rank 8 battle mage. This would let either of them become almost unrivaled in the city they were raised in. They could be considered the elites of the world by now!

Chu Shen just helplessly shrugged his head. Maybe it was time for him start advancing his cultivation level again. Otherwise, the protector may just become the protectee in only a month.

He then helped Chrissa unblock another meridian as well. She was silent throughout, only nodding or shaking her head when Chu Shen asked a question.

Aslo looked on helplessly as Chu Shen helped her. His sister was an outgoing person before but ever since she saw her mother killed she had clammed up. She barely even spoke a word unless it was to him.

He sighed. They had truly had a tragic life so far.


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[Arc 4] Chapter 117

Chapter 117
Kids Turn

Su Gagi was able to open up another two mana rivers with Chu Shen’s help. Afterwards, Chu Shen found the other teachers to help them open up their mana rivers as well. Some of them, like the mage teachers, could only open up one.

This was because their magic source, the dantian, was filled from them connecting their previously opened mana rivers, major meridians. They could only open up one more mana river with the mana they had inside their magic source. It was actually similar to a martial artist breaking through to the next level in that regard.

All of them, however, were able to become Rank 4 mages with a few becoming Rank 5 mages. Not one was able to become a Rank 6 mage. Chu Shen not only opened their mana rivers, he also opened their mana network or minor meridians. This way, all of them were battle mages. Though of course, these new battle mages would need to expand their mana network. As of right now, they were only Rank 1 warriors.

Afterwards, Chu Shen became a bit flustered. Just how was he going to open the kids meridians? They were only nine years old at most! Well, besides the fourteen year old kids he had seen before. As for the others….

This was going to be tough. They needed the kids to sit very still and concentrate hard as well. Just how were they going to convince them to do that? Chu Shen found this problem abnormally difficult. Finally he brought it up to Lucas.

Lucas, upon hearing the idea, smiled at him. “That’s all you need to do? Don’t you know in my universe they called that school? All you have to do is give them a treat and they’ll fall right in line. How about I make them a little toy and if they do as we ask we give them the toy? I could make little action figures or dolls. I bet they would love that.”

Chu Shen just gaped at Lucas for a while. Now that he thought about it, it seemed like such a simple idea. Why didn’t he think of that. Finally, he nodded at Lucas. “Alright Lucas, you go ahead and make a sample of each kind of toy. Then we can use it to motivate them while you make more.”

Lucas nodded. “Okay then. I’ll be back in a bit.”

Chu Shen had to wait twenty minutes before Lucas came back with two small dolls tucked under his hands. Chu Shen quickly walked over to him, impatient to get started. “What took you so long? The fabricator only takes a minute to make something so trivial.”

Lucas shrugged. “Well, it wasn’t as easy as you think. I had several models already preloaded onto the fabber. The only problem was it required some materials we just don’t have. I had to design them on the spot and replace the materials just to make it. Than I went ahead and made each one have a slight variation in it’s face and body so that every child will have a unique one. They should like that.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Fine then. Let me get the teachers, they should be able to help us get the kids together.” The teachers were concerned about the abilities of the their students but were put at ease from the dolls that Lucas had made.

Working together, they brought all of the students to an empty courtyard. Once there, Chu Shen explained to the kids that he would be need their help with something and if they did they would get a toy, which he showed them. All of the kids seemed excited.

All except the two teenagers at the back. The boy seemed to be angry and the girl was depressed. Both were in complete contrast to the other happy kids. Chu Shen knew why they felt that way. He had asked the teachers after seeing them around the camp. They were the two disciples that caused the sects downfall.

One could imagine the kind of suffering they were going through mentally. The other kids had put up a sort of mental barrier, blockading off those painful memories. However, they most certainly did distance themselves from the cause of those memories.

Isolated from most comfort and without any support besides each other, it wasn’t a wonder the two teens became depressed. As for the anger, it was understandable. To have seen such bloodshed and yet no one seemed to be doing anything about it would cause anyone to be angry. Especially when such pointless things such as passing out dolls was introduced.

After the students were informed, they all left back to their various rooms. Except for the two teenagers. Chu Shen had asked them to stay. Eventually Chu Shen approached them.

“So I understand that the Rising Tide Sect was destroyed because of you two.” Chu Shen said matter of factly when he stood in front of them. Upon saying so, the girl burst into tears while the boys face became red with anger.

He jumped up, shaking his fist at Chu Shen. “What do you mean we caused the destruction of the Rising Tide! We had nothing to do with it, it was those other sects that destroyed the Rising Tide! Not us!”

Chu Shen nodded at the boys outburst. “Well, that might be true. Except they only attacked the Rising Tide sect because you were in it.”

The boy just stood there, his hand clenched into a tight fist. Chu Shen watched him before he suddenly nodded. “Alright you two, I decided. Now, the other kids are all too young to grasp the true meaning of what this is, but you guys can.

I can unlock more mana rivers inside you and unlock your mana network as well. That is, if you are up to it. With the newfound power you can grasp, I believe getting revenge on the Ice Dragon, Golden Palm, or Asura sect would be easy.”

The girl looked up sharply as soon as Chu Shen mentioned unlocking more mana rivers. The boy seemed to become even more agitated after Chu Shen mentioned revenge. For a second it seemed as though he would snap. Finally, he calmed down.

He faced Chu Shen. “How can we know what you say is true?”

Chu Shen shrugged. “Well, if you ask the teachers they can tell you I already unlocked extra mana rivers in them. If you don’t believe you can trust what they say, then there is nothing else I can do to prove to you that what I say is true.”

The girl spoke up this time. “Is it dangerous at all?”

The boy swiveled towards her. “What do you mean ‘is it dangerous’!? Even if it was I would still do it! We both saw our mom die because of them!”

The girl sniffed before facing Chu Shen. “We will do it. No matter the cost.”

Chu Shen smiled. “Well, it won’t actually cost anything and it’s not dangerous either. All I want is promise you will not reveal what I do to anyone except the teachers and your classmates here.”

They both nodded without hesitation. Chu Shen smiled “Excellent! Now, I do believe we should introduce ourselves. My name is Chu Shen.”

The boy smiled. “I’m Aslo.”

The girl looked away shyly. “I’m Chrissa.”

Chu Shen clapped his hands. “Nice to meet you Chrissa and Aslo. I believe we will be good friends.”


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[Arc 4] Chapter 116

Chapter 116

Chu Shen rested for a day at the camp. The next morning he woke up and immediately went to find Lucas. He found out Lucas had gone hunting and would be back soon. After an hour, Lucas came back with several dead primordial beasts.

Chu Shen went up to Lucas. “So Lucas, have we decided to do anything?”

Lucas nodded. “Yeah, since you came back the teachers decided it’s time to move on. We need to go to the town nearby and buy some supplies. After that we head out to the ruins of Garson.”

Chu Shen gave him an inquisitive look. “The ruins of Garson? What is that exactly?”

“Well, apparently there is some ruins nearby. It was a small town that didn’t have powerful mages or warriors. A small family group of Class 4 apes took moved by the town and was harassing the people there. Eventually the townspeople decided to leave since they couldn’t even farm properly.”

“As a result, Garson was abandoned, becoming a ruins. No one goes there because it’s a small farming town and it’s pretty far from other cities. There is simply nothing worth fighting those Class 4 apes for in Garson.”

“It’s about forty more miles from the town we are stopping by. It should take about a week, maybe a week and a half since we’re not trying to move at top speed like before.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Alright, we should get moving.” Not long after, they left to resupply at the closest town. Two weeks later they arrived at the outskirts of Garson. That is, if a rotten wooden fence can be called the outskirts of any town.

Upon nearing Garson, Chu Shen and Lucas went ahead. They encountered over twenty of the apes that the previous citizens of Garson had problems with. However, only nine of these apes were Class 4 apes and these Class 4 apes were all apes in their prime.

The other apes were either old and had regressed to Class 3 apes or were young and had yet to mature. Chu Shen didn’t want to kill them and neither did Lucas. So Lucas and Chu Shen both defeated the Class 4 apes and then let them go. Immediately the apes left, scampering off scared for their lives.

With the problems of the apes solved, the remnants of the Rising Tide Sect flooded into the abandoned town. The teachers, along with Chu Shen and Lucas, used the materials they bought from the town to fix up the various houses.

Boards were nailed into place over holes in the buildings, with a hand being used instead of a hammer since they couldn’t afford to buy one. The town was in surprisingly good condition after being abandoned for ten years. By the end of the day, they had enough houses for all of the kids and the teachers.

The next day, Chu Shen was woken up by Master Ti Wu appearing in his soul form once again. ‘Hey, brat! It’s time for you to get to work here! It’s time for you to start changing these kids lives.’

Chu Shen yawned. “Yawn. What master?”

‘Hey! Keep your voice down, use your soul to communicate. Anyways, it’s time for you to start opening these kids meridians. Also, open those teachers meridians too. They should be able to appreciate the impact a lot more than those kids.’

Chu Shen nodded. ‘Okay master. I’ll start with the adults if that’s alright.’

Master Ti Wu nodded. ‘I was about to suggest that actually. Lucky guess brat, you better get started.’

Chu Shen found Su Gagi afterwards. He was the only teacher Chu Shen actually knew of. After he found him, Chu Shen took him aside, away from everyone else.

He sat down next to Su Gagi and looked him in the eyes. Of course, Chu Shen had to stare almost directly upwards to do so. “Listen Su Gagi, I need to know if I can trust you with a secret. This could get the entire world to hunt you down so I need to know if I can.”

Su Gagi was visibly startled at this news. He had thought Chu Shen wanted to ask him some questions about warriors again, or maybe mages this time. ‘This must be extremely important for it our savior to say something like this.’

He gave a slight bow to Chu Shen. “You have saved us all so I do not doubt that none of us will betray you. All of the teachers here loved their students, to the point of laying down their lives for them. Anyone that was untrustworthy or was here for benefits has long since fled. Otherwise we would not have stayed with our students when the other sects tried to kill us.”

Chu Shen nodded. That made perfect sense. “Alright then, I believe I can trust you. Now, I have picked up a secret art that can allow me to change someone’s talent. Or rather, to create new mana rivers inside a person.”

What followed was the usual denial, disbelief, and then amazement. After Su Gagi had calmed down, Chu Shen explained what he was going to do. “I am going to send my Qi, I mean mana, into your body. I want you to send your mana along the same path as my mana. Eventually you will encounter a barrier. Force your way past and then you will open up a new mana river.”

Su Gagi nodded, still in shock from this astonishing fact. Inside he felt both hopeful and condescending. How could this method possibly create a new mana river? But at the same time, he wished he could create a new mana river. He himself was only a rank 4 warrior. He didn’t even have one mana river.

Chu Shen had him sit in the lotus position before sitting behind him. Using his spiritual sense, he had come up with a route through Su Gagi’s minor meridians on his back to the major meridian in his left arm.

Placing his hands on Su Gagi’s back, he took a deep breath. “Are you ready Su Gagi? Because we begin in three, two, one, now!” Chu Shen sent a small stream of Qi from his body. He had already disabled the nullification ability of his null Qi.

Su Gagi gasped as what seemed to be pure ice cold water flowed into his body. It first appeared where Chu Shen had his hands. He could sense it flowing through his body very slowly.

“Concentrate Teacher Su Gagi, I need you to concentrate. Make your mana flow in your body where mine does.” Startled, Su Gagi realized, he wasn’t really helping Chu Shen.

Su Gagi didn’t really know how to do what Chu Shen needed. He could control his mana, but not very finely. Concentrating, Su Gagi tried to force his mana to follow Chu Shen’s.

Chu Shen was starting to get frustrated. Su Gagi’s mana kept going all over the place. While his mana was in the right general area, his back, it was in over fifty different branches of minor meridians. This just wasn’t going well at all.

‘Fine. If I can’t make him go to the exact area, then I’ll just go straight to the major meridian. He should be able to follow me there.’ With that, Chu Shen had his Qi swiftly flow to Su Gagi’s left arm’s major meridian.

Su Gagi was immediately flustered. He had just starting getting the hang of manipulating his mana internally when that ice cold mana moved to his arm. Attempting to follow it, he manipulated his mana towards his arm.

As he got close to the ice cold sensation, his mana stopped. Something was blocking it. Su Gagi was stunned. This was his body, yet he didn’t even know that there was something inside his body that his mana couldn’t pass through?

“That is the barrier that I told you about. Gather as much mana as possible and force your way past it and you will gain a mana river.” Chu Shen was relieved that it was actually starting to work it out now. Though, he wasn’t sure if it was by skill or by luck that Su Gagi’s mana had reached the major meridian.

Su Gagi obeyed and collected as much of his mana as he could. Controlling it, he forced it towards the barrier. From the way Chu Shen had talked, it seemed as though this barrier was formidable. However, when he barely even touched it, it seemed to disappear.

A slight amount of mana flowed into him, increasing the mana inside his magic source by about ten percent. When Chu Shen saw this he was confused. Why did it seem so easy? But then it dawned on him.

The amount of mana Su Gagi had was already equal to a Martial Scholar. When one breaks through a meridian, all of the impurities are pushed out of the meridian and are stored in the other meridians, making them harder to breakthrough. As a result, the first major meridian is the easiest.

The amount of mana needed to breakthrough the first major meridian was as much mana as a martial Student had. However, because of Su Gagi being a rank 4 warrior, he had more than ten times that amount. This was a side effect of cultivating an unorthodox cultivation method.

Su Gagi gasped as he felt a river flowing just past his body. This was the mana river! Chu Shen had not lied! He could truly change their talent! Eagerly, he forced the mana river to connect to his body, making it his own. He smiled unconsciously as it went through him.

Chu Shen had been enlightened as to how their cultivation techniques corresponded well together. One could say it was a dual cultivation method that practically defied the heavens!

He sighed. “Su Gagi, I believe we can unlock another mana river, maybe two. Are you willing?”

Su Gagi did not answer right away but instead kowtowed to Chu Shen. “Thank you savior, thank you! You have given me what I have always hoped for, the ability to become a mage. Thank you!”

Chu Shen did not stop him, it was better for thanks to be expressed this way than in other ways. “You’re welcome. Now, should we continue?”

Su Gagi bowed. “Yes, if you can savior.”


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[Arc 4] Chapter 115

Chapter 115
Ti Wu’s Joy

‘So Master Ti Wu, should I learn their cultivation system?’

Master Ti Wu looked at Chu Shen blankly for a second. ‘Should you learn their cultivation system? YOU IDIOT! I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF YOU SHOULD BE CALLED MY DISCIPLE WITH THAT KIND OF QUESTION! You stupid brat!’

Chu Shen flinched as Master Ti Wu started yelling at him. His head started pounding as his loud voice echoed inside it. Master Ti Wu looked at him before sighing.

‘Do you not understand what this system is! It’s a unique cultivation system that allows one to use an attack far greater than should be possible for their cultivation level. Expanding the meridians just once can lead to you using an attack five levels stronger than your current level. If you keep on expanding your meridians, than attacks five stages above yours is not out of the question!’

‘Sure it might waste all the energy inside you in doing so. But everything has a price to pay. Don’t you understand? Normally such a boost of power would come at the cost of crippling your meridians or destroying your arm. To only be exhausted and still have that kind of might…. It is unthinkable!’

‘So many warriors would sell their arm for that kind of thing. Not to mention that using your null Qi, you can quickly refill your Qi by absorbing other people’s energy. So using such strong attacks repeatedly, so long as you have Qi to absorb, isn’t out of the question! To be honest, if the Void Sect had this cultivation system, I guarantee that it would have not gone down so easily.’

Chu Shen finally started getting it. This cultivation system was practically tailor made for him! Unleashing an attack far beyond his level and being able to do so limitlessly and without backlash. Such a technique….. Was truly frightening.

Chu Shen nodded. ‘Alright master, i’ll get started right away then.’

Master Ti Wu nodded. ‘You better. I’ll protect you and guide you while you do. Go away from the the group though, we don’t want them to hear you screaming in agony.’

Chu Shen nodded and quickly dashed away, using <Comet Travels Through> to surge forward with blinding speed. After he was a half-mile away, he stopped beside a large tree. He sat beneath the tree after scouting for primordial beasts.

Finally he started absorbing Qi. It surged into his dantian which was slightly drained from using . After it was full, he controlled his Qi to surge into his minor meridians. Not a single bit of Qi was left inside his dantian.

As Chu Shen kept absorbing Qi, an intense sensation came over him. His entire body started to itch. He continued absorbing Qi, ignoring the sensation. His meridians were filled to the brim and he had to fight every second to prevent his Qi from going back into his dantian.

The itching turned into a pinching sensation as time went on. At this point, one of his minor meridians cracked. Chu Shen let out a grunt as an intense burning sensation completely engulfed his left arm.

‘Keep it up Chu Shen! You can’t be distracted! Keep going!’ Ti Wu yelled at Chu Shen.

Chu Shen gritted his teeth and continued on. The burning sensation spread from his left arm to the rest of his body as his minor meridians started cracking. By this time, Chu Shen had already started screaming from the pain.

As the minor meridians cracked they started becoming bigger. At first it was barely noticeable. Soon though, they became fifty percent bigger around. Several cracks were in every single minor meridian. The burning sensation became so strong, that Chu Shen could have sworn he was inside a fire.

He could barely think straight. However, he kept absorbing Qi and containing it inside his minor meridians. Master Ti Wu was kind of shocked at the willpower that Chu Shen showed.

Chu Shen had just enough clarity of thought to realize that his meridians, which were now twice as big, seemed to have reached their limit. Anymore and they would shatter. Remembering what Su Gagi had said, Chu Shen stopped forcing his Qi and allowed it to flow back into his dantian.

Then he let a trickle of Qi to permeate all of his minor meridians. He observed his minor meridians with his spiritual sense. Using the trickle of Qi as fuel, his meridians repaired themselves. Growing new walls, his minor meridians fixed the cracks and gaps inside it.

After he was done, Qi surged into his body and expanded his dantian. It was only a very slight amount though, not letting him advance to Martial Practitioner Level 10 from Level 9. It was from the widened minor meridians, allowing more Qi from the outside to flow into him.

Apparently this was how warriors expanded their dantian afterwards. Chu Shen however, wasn’t interested in such things. He got to his feet, sweaty and shaky from his painful experience.

Master Ti Wu faced him. ‘Well, how was it?’

Chu Shen shook his head. ‘It was definitely painful.’

‘Well, if you didn’t have a Void Constitution it would have been a lot more painful. Remember, your body doesn’t reject Qi otherwise it would have been twice as painful.’

Oh yeah. Chu Shen shrugged. ‘Well, I’m glad I don’t have to go through that.’

‘So you brat, are you ready to advance to a Rank 3 warrior? Right now you are only a Rank 2 warrior.’

Chu Shen paled. ‘Uh. I should get back before Lucas starts worrying. Bye master!’ Chu Shen left for the campsite quickly.

Master Ti Wu laughed and laughed as Chu Shen ran. ‘Aw man. I haven’t had so much fun since the Void Sect disappeared. Honestly, watching that pained expression brings back so many memories.’

Countless faces contorted in pain flashed through his mind at the moment. He became slightly gloomy at the memories of his former students. A moment later he shook his head. No use remembering the past. Right now he had a new student to tortu- ahem. Teach, a new student to teach.


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[Arc 4] Chapter 114

Chapter 114
Warriors Techniques

“So who is Su Gagi?” The five adults stood up upon hearing Chu Shen ask this.

Most of them were puzzled. Who exactly was this kid? He was using a defense technique that wasn’t part of their school but he was familiar with one of the teachers. However, other adults became shocked. These were the ones that saw Chu Shen before he left.

The wagon driver that had thanked Chu Shen when he had rescued them earlier turned towards the other people. “I would like to introduce this young man to those who do not recognize him. He is the young master that helped us while his friend stayed behind.”

Immediately everyone’s eyes lit up with recognition and they looked at this young kid with newfound respect. This was the person that saved them? He was the one that, with his servant/friend, killed their pursuers?

One of the adults on the far right cupped his hands and bowed towards Chu Shen. “Greetings. It is an honor to meet you young master. This humble one is Su Gagi, the teacher for the warrior students here.”

Chu Shen nodded. “It is an honor to meet you as well Su Gagi. I wish to talk with you about a couple things. Could you please follow me?”

“Of course young master.” Chu Shen dismissed his Cancellation Armor and walked off to towards the side of the road. Su Gagi followed him. The other adults were puzzled. What did they have to talk about?

Su Gagi himself was confused, though he didn’t show it outwardly. Chu Shen stopped and Su Gagi stopped beside him. Chu Shen turned towards him. “So, Su Gagi. I heard you are the one that teaches warrior cultivation techniques.”

Su Gagi nodded. “Yes, I am the one who teaches them.”

Chu Shen smiled. “Great, I never really studied warrior cultivation techniques. Would you mind sharing them with me?”

Su Gagi frowned. “Young master, are you a battle mage? If you are just a mage, I would not recommend you trying to learn these techniques. Any mage who has tried to do so before has either made no progress or killed themselves on accident.”

“Don’t worry, I am a battle mage.” At least by your definition, I am a battle mage. Chu Shen thought inwardly.

“Alright then young master. I will go ahead and share with you the warrior cultivation techniques. I warn you though, do not attempt to advance a rank if you are not prepared mentally. You must be steadfast in your convictions, otherwise the pain will distract you and cause your mana to deviate and destroy your body.”

“I understand, please teach me.”

Su Gagi sighed and started sharing with him the cultivation technique of warriors. “Warriors are born with a mana network. It is a series of small streams we use to send mana outside our bodies. However, these small streams limit our rate of absorbing mana. So warriors have learned how to expand the streams inside their mana network.”

“Essentially, all we have to do is make the streams bigger. However, that is a very tough job. How we accomplish it is by absorbing mana and dispersing it evenly inside our mana network without holding any inside our magic source.” ”

“Eventually our mana network will then become over saturated with mana, causing it to swell up like a balloon causing intense pain throughout our body. Though we do not know the specific reason, we assume it is because of the mana network expanding.”

“Eventually cracks will appear on the mana streams as it is forced to expand. After it is stretched to a point where it just below snapping, you stop absorbing mana.”

“Instead you must absorb the mana into your magic source and then spread out thin amounts of mana throughout you mana network. This thin amount of mana will then nourish the cracked and stretched mana streams. The body will then heal itself, making the stretched mana streams permanent and the body becomes even stronger.”

“Later on, each warrior must repeat this process. However, as the mana streams have already expanded once, it requires even more mana to expand again. As a result, the pain becomes worse with each step. The body becomes even stronger as well though.”

Chu Shen nodded. All of this actually made perfect sense. As for the whole ‘we do not understand the specific reason for pain’, he did. Master Qin had previously explained to him about backlash of certain techniques.

It was because Qi would leak through the meridians and into the body. Then the body would become overloaded and could burst from the extra energy. This was the reason for the pain behind this technique. However, it was a very interesting cultivation technique.

“Thank you Su Gagi. Now, do you have a specific cultivation technique for your warrior students?”

He shook his head. “Well no. There isn’t any technique to cultivation. Instead there are some tips that teachers give. Schools are mostly about giving advice on cultivation and training them in techniques and how to fight. Other than that, schools give students resources and weapons.”

This was actually how all schools worked, including schools for mortals. Mortal schools could give advice on studying and learning along with providing tutoring or calculators. However, the actual learning was up to the student.

Chu Shen cupped his hands and gave a slight bow to Su Gagi “Alright. I think I am done talking about warrior cultivation but thank you for your time, Su Gagi.”

Su Gagi bowed. “It was an honor to talk with you young master. I will leave you then.” He walked back towards the other adults by the wagon. Upon arriving, they swarmed around him. Obviously they were very curious about what Chu Shen and Su Gagi had been talking about.

Master Ti Wu appeared in front of him. This was his soul form that couldn’t be seen by others unless he wanted them too. ‘So Master Ti Wu, what do you think of their cultivation system? It seems unique.’

Master Ti Wu immediately nodded. ‘I like it a lot. It is actually a lot like the Void King technique except it floods the entire minor meridian system with mana instead of just circulating through it.’

‘It has a stronger nourishing effect to the body compared to normal cultivators, but compared to the <Void King> technique, it still lacks power. With one breakthrough, it is equal to five circulations of the <Void King> technique but the Void King technique can be repeated multiple times. That is why it is superior. However, the benefit to discharging massive amounts of Qi is the true benefit of such a system.’

Chu Shen nodded. While he had some similar thoughts, Master Ti Wu was obviously a better judge. He even found several things that Chu Shen hadn’t seen, like the fact it strengthened the body.

‘So Master Ti Wu, should I learn their cultivation system?’


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