Snoring Dragon

  • Review:
    • At first, I wasn’t so sure about him, his writing skill was bad and he made lots of mistakes in translation, but at least he’s motivated. Too motivated, in fact, it gets on my nerves whenever he storms me with translation questions on Discord every other day, no matter how minor. After having a good talk with him, he finally learned to take the initiative to do some research on his own and only asks when there’s something he really doesn’t get. He’s showing considerable improvement since he first started working with us so I’ll at least rate his motivation a five out of five.
    • Writing Skills (3/5):
      • He’s been improving and is now able to write fully coherent English. Keep improving like this and one day he’ll surely get a whole lot better.
    • Language Skills (3/5):
      • Compared to the early days, he now doesn’t make as many mistake, which is a good sign. It seems that he always do a two-steps-process when he’s translating. First, a rough draft that’s basically a slightly better machine translation, then he rewrites them into a more coherent English.
    • Punctuality (5/5):
      • Always submits on time, never had to worry about him being late.
    • Communication (5/5):
      • Easy to reach via Discord and always replied promptly. More like, I was the one who ignores his messages instead.

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