• About Me:
    • Just a random dude doing random stuff online.
  • Review:
    • I don’t have much problems with his writing skills and language skills, and he always submits everything “on time”, though he likes to leave everything until the last minute. I’d say he should work on his time management a little.
    • Writing Skills (4/5):
      • Commands a great writing skill though there are occasionally sentences that’s been worded awkwardly and I had to take a second guess.
    • Language Skills (5/5):
      • I’ve never seen anything that’s been explicitly translated wrongly.
    • Punctuality (3/5):
      • Likes to leave everything until the last minutes, though he still barely manages to submit on time, if not a little late.
    • Communication (4/5):
      • Easy to reach via Discord but sometimes he won’t reply or forgot to reply.

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