• Review:
    • Mii has pretty decent language skills and her writing skill is not bad but could definitely still be improved. From what I’ve gathered, Mii is using Memsource to assist her to translate more efficiently, but that sometimes ended up screwing her English and the text will end up looking like edited machine translation. For the most part though, her translation is acceptable.
    • Writing Skills (4/5):
      • Could be improved but her writing skills is still slightly above average according to my standard. Although she rarely screwed up, she definitely need to pay more attention to the text spilled out by Memsource and rewrite them as necessary so the text don’t end up reading like edited machine translation.
    • Language Skills (4/5):
      • With at least a year of experience in translating and N2 qualification, Mii has proved herself to be one of the “better” translator. She still made a few mistakes in translation, but not so much as to be a big problem.
    • Punctuality (3/5):
      • Always manages her time properly and submits “right on time”. Will let you know in advance if she “might” be late.
    • Communication (4/5):
      • Easy to reach via Discord and always replied promptly.

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