Hero’s Daughter Chapter 377

I’ve been thinking about Stargate Universe recently, and why it is so disliked among Stargate fans. Personally, my biggest issues with it were the huge tonal change from the previous two shows, the horizontal tango scenes (seriously, they add nothing – they cut having intro/outro sequences, which always had good music, to have more runtime then they waste it on that. It adds nothing to the story. I miss the ye olde “clever” tricks that conveyed the same thing in a fraction of the time, and without losing a PG rating), and they went too far on the whole “these are the wrong people” schtick. Most of the people should never have been on Icarus in the first place (seriously, a senator’s daughter? Not even Kinsey told his wife about the SGC). You went from the start of SG1 where it’s “name the person you need, they’ll be here in 24 hours” and the start of SGA “you are the [best and bravest of Earth],” to SGU’s menagerie of rejects. Ugh. Took them 1 and a half seasons to move past the silly interpersonal drama and do something interesting… and then canceled.

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