Hero’s Redo Chapter 25 [1]

To address the complaints about my complaints, see below the chapter link:

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» Chapter 25 [1] «

I don’t mean to get in the way of your enjoyment of this novel, as I also enjoy it.

First off, part of it is my laziness: I do not remove the previous message when making a new post if it is still relevant (I don’t have a lot to talk about in these). It wasn’t my intent to make repeated complaints about the same thing. I should be removing old ones.

I try not to talk about what is going on in the novel in the posts to avoid spoiling the chapter you’re about to read (hence the use of “the girl” as opposed to “the princess”), and unlike some other publishers I find it inappropriate to write long posts as it simply gets in the way when trying to read a chapter (hence why this text is below the link). The combination of the two is short, nondescriptive, and unspecific sentences with little to no justification for the opinions expressed.

Since Silva asked, to clarify my dislike of the city journey arc, lazily jotted down:
The recently added princess and the way she was introduced really grates on me. The situation, to me, is “overly contrived” and degrades the quality of the story, for this arc at least – what came before (and hopefully what comes after) is better written. You don’t make a character who was happy living as a hermit, have her defeat all potential imminent opposition, and then have her be pressured by that same opposition to do something she doesn’t want without including some impetus for it – a threat to her friends, a reward, or anything to justify her acceptance. Instead, she’s randomly super obsessed with her new house and the mere thought of having to give it up makes her capitulate. No “if you do I’ll go be a hero for another country” or “you and what army;” Lapis is simply too passive in this situation – she’s the MC, and had practically 0 input on the outcome, not even having a significant conversation with anyone during this little arc. I get that Lapis wants to live in peace, but getting involved with training the next hero, who is also a princess, doesn’t seem the best option here. The way I see it, the Lapis of this city journey is not the Lapis we witnessed earlier on, but almost a different character. The Lapis we saw in this arc was written solely to make this outcome occur, rather than writing a situation and characters to make the outcome happen. In other words, the author wanted Lapis to train the princess into a hero and bent Lapis into a character who would do so, regardless of her previous characterization.

We also haven’t had a lot of time with our current cast to flesh them out, yet now another one is being added.

As a character, I find the princess to be annoying – mostly because other characters with similar traits in other novels get on my nerves.

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» Chapter 25 [1] «

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