Collaboration with Ziru’s Musings

This is going to be a lengthy read, so I’ll just state the conclusion first for those who don’t want to read the long and short of it. I will be dual-hosting Demon Sword Maiden on Re:Library and Ziru’s Musings.

As I have mentioned last week, a friend of mine has invited me to host Demon Sword Maiden on his site. We even had a voting session, and the result? 62% of you support this idea while the other 38% prefer to read here.

Since the result is already obvious, I will accept my friend’s invitation and start hosting Demon Sword Maiden on Ziru’s Musings starting on February 1st. For the first month of the collaboration, I will be publishing the chapters 1 week earlier on Ziru’s Musings to commemorate the joyous day.

After that, I will decide on which of the three options to choose from depending on the situation at that time;

1) The chapters will be published simultaneously on both sites.
2) The chapters will be published on Re:Library first.
3) The chapters will be published on Ziru’s Musings first.

I have been told by my ads advisor that dual-hosting is bad for the SEO of both sites, it is seen by Google as “scraping content” and is viewed as bad as invalid traffic. I have wracked my brain over the past week whether to make the content exclusively available on Ziru’s Musings or not, but honestly, who cares about that when there are already aggregator sites out there stealing our content.

For now, my immediate goal is to spread this novel to as many readers as possible and make Re:Library become more well-known. I always envy those translators who received lots of comments, so my dream is to be able to get hundreds of comment in a single chapter!

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