Chapter 97 – Lunch Box of Love and Love Letter

“Oh yeah, lunch box of love~! Weier-jiejie, I’ll help you as well!” Yu Ting nominated herself.

Hearing that, I couldn’t help but shake my head. Money-saving? The chick Weier really knows how to do maths, buy a mansion to make meals? That’s too much value! However, it does seem like a good idea, this way, I live with the three girls every day! Just when I was in deep ponder, Yu Ting’s self-nominating voice suddenly ran out beside my ear!

Oh yeah, lunch box of love, back then, Zhao Yanyan also played a game like this! Wasn’t I supposed to find a souvenir of Zhao Yanyan with me in the past? I remember that Zhao Yanyan had once wrote a little “love letter” that she gave me alongside the lunchbox. I still have it treasured in the drawer at home!

Thinking that, I immediately got excited! So the thought I tried so hard to capture, but was unable to, was actually this!

“Weier, call the call center with Yu Ting to order the food, I’m also a bit hungry! The menu is on the nightstand beside Yanyan! I’m going to the bathroom!” With that, I stood up and walked quickly towards the bathroom.

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After arriving at the restroom, I locked the door properly, pulled down the blinds, then checked again to make sure that there were no surveillance devices. Only then did I teleported and arrived in my room in Songjiang city.

Out of the three girls, only Yu Ting has seen some of my special techniques. Although Zhao Yanyan and Chen Weier both know a little about it, it was better for them not to know something so shocking for now.

Things always have to be gradual. I’ll find an opportunity to tell it to them. An example would be me showing my strength in front of Yu Ruizhong. Only then would it be easily for people to accept it.

Another example was me telling Zhao Yanyan about Shuguang Corporation. If it was normally and I said that Zhao Junsheng was my subordinate, she probably would think that I was kidding as well.

At that moment, it was already ten something. My parents had already gone to sleep. So, in order to not affect my parents’ rest, I didn’t turn on the lights.

I opened my drawer and found the little love letter Zhao Yanyan gave me back then. Just as I was about to leave, I heard the room door slam open, followed with my dad’s shout, “Who is it!”

Immediately afterwards, I saw my dad holding a golf club and ran over very seriously.

“Dad! It’s me!” I quickly said.

“Old man! It’s Leilei!” My mom walked out from behind my dad and snatched the golf club from my dad’s hands.

“Leilei, why did you come back? How did you get in? Your mom and I are watching television downstairs, why didn’t we notice you!” My dad’s machinegun-like list of questions me to be unable to breath.

“Dad! I came back to get some stuff, so I didn’t disturb you guys. I thought you were both sleeping!” I said.

“Stop avoiding the most important part. I’m asking you, how did you come back!” My dad asked.

“Aiya, Old Liu, what are you doing. Our son just came back, yet you are so aggressive, like you’re interrogating a suspect. Did you get used to being a factory owner, so you’re going to bring that temper back home?” My mom glared at my dad unwillingly and said.

“Of course I have to make it clear. Otherwise, the next time a thief comes to our home, we won’t even know how he got in!” said my dad.

“So you are treating your son as a thief?” My mom immediately got angry after hearing that.

“I don’t mean it like that! I’m just asking to see if our home have any holes or something!” said my dad.

“Dad, don’t worry, our home is safe. I used a special method to enter!” I thought about it, then decided to tell my parents about me having special techniques. Since I didn’t have much to do earlier, I called my martial disciple Jiaoyazi over, and got a set of inner strength cultivation technique that can increase a person’s lifespan over. As the first disciple of old bro Yama, he’s always around Yama, so he naturally knew the secret arts of increasing a person’s lifespan.

“Then how did you get in?” My dad asked with interest.

“Dad, mom! I’m going to tell you something now. This thing sounds a bit too shocking, so you should first get mentally prepared!” I said.

“What is it for you to be so mysterious?” My mom muttered. “Do you even lack in shocking things? You got me two daughters-in-law, you earned enough money that we can’t even finish spending in a few lifetimes. What else haven’t you tell us, just say it all together!”

“Mom, these are all things that can be achieved with a normal person’s hard work. However, what I’m going to tell you is a supernatural thing that is beyond science. You have to be mentally prepared!” I said.

“Beyond science? Supernatural?” My dad laughed. “Are you going to tell us that you met aliens, or are you going to say that you have special techniques?”

I faint, my dad’s imagination is too amazing? He actually got straight to the point. That’s right, both of them apply to me! However, I have to say them one by one, I’ll leave the thing with aliens, since I’m in no rush.

“Dad, you’re right, I have special techniques!” I said.

My dad looked at me with a confused expression, while my mom caringly touched my forehead and asked weirdly, “Leilei, what bullshit are you sprouting? You don’t have a fever though?”

“Dad, mom, don’t have this sort of expression, okay! Alright, alright, in order to make you believe it, I will demonstrate I for you!” I said. However, what should I show?

“Mom, say something that a normal person cannot do!” I said.

“Ugh… Then try and fly?” Although my mom didn’t believe me, she still replied in order to work with me.

“Sure!” I nodded, then my body slowly and naturally levitated into the air.

“Ah! Old Liu! Are we dreaming?” My mom rubbed her eyes and said. “We must be! Leilei is currently studying in Yanjing city, how could he appear here! It must be a dream?!”

On the other hand, my dad was calmer. He first pinched his cheeks, then shook his head as he said to my mom, “It seems like it’s all real!”

I descended from the air, then said to my parents with a chuckle, “Hehe, dad, mom, you aren’t dreaming. This is all real! I only got them when I coincidentally met a Daoist that handed it to me!”

“Ah! So special techniques are real!” My dad exclaimed. “If that’s the case, wouldn’t everyone be able to fly if they learnt it?”

“That’s not true! It depends on each person’s physique. Taking myself as an example, that Daoist said that my physique is extremely rare, it is rather suitable to practice this. It wouldn’t work with other people!” I explained. “However, I have a set of inner strength cultivation technique suitable for normal people. After practicing it, your physique will gradually improve and your lifespan will increase. Men will never go limp, women will live longer and look younger…” Before I finished, I saw my dad’s fire-spurting eyes and immediately stopped… **** my mouth, I actually said this sort of thing!

However, my dad pulled me to the side and asked me quietly, “Son, this thing really works that well?”


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