Chapter 82 – Beauty’s looking for me?

Ye Xiaoxiao placed the box of condom into my hands with a red face. I shook my head, turned around then left. Was I dreaming, or was Ye Xiaoxiao not fully awake? What happened?

Ye Xiaoxiao returned to her seat with a red face, a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, so this brat yields to a soft approach but rejects a hard one.

However when she thought of that box of condoms and that phrase “used it before”, it caused Ye Xiaoxiao to feel a grievance out of nowhere. Ye Xiaoxiao immediately dispelled this thought, he’s just my student, why am I thinking so much about it! I just feel sad because I don’t want to see my student make mistakes, Ye Xiaoxiao explained to herself.

Ye Xiaoxiao’s episode didn’t cause me too much trouble, neither of us mentioned this incident after that. Yet every time Ye Xiaoxiao sees me afterwards, she would occasionally blush, I don’t know if it was because of our debate about whether or not the condom has been used, I didn’t treat it as a big deal though.

However other problems arose. The chick Xu Ruoyun actually would bother Zhao Yanyan and I whenever she has nothing to do, it was nauseating to hear her call “Yanyan-jie” over and over again. I didn’t oppose her good relationship with Zhao Yanyan, what I hate is that this chick would come over whenever Zhao Yanyan and I are alone together.

I often hinted at her about how being a light bulb[1] was a shameless thing to do. Yet this chick actually pretends to be dumb with me, and ignore everything I said. The world really is so big that anything is possible.

Due to Xu Jinde’s face, I didn’t really say too much to Xu Ruoyun. This caused Zhao Yanyan and my world to always have a little shadow.

This wasn’t the worst, what made me most confused was that Xu Ruoyun always talk to me for no reason, and the topics are all related to computers, most of it was actually focused on that Shuguang Pinyin input method. The chick always asks me about how I got the idea and how I developed it whether intentionally or not. I always answer her perfunctorily every single time, but it seemed to just further ignite the flames of her curiosity and made her more relentless about finding out.

“Liu Lei, someone’s at the doorway looking for you!” I heard a classmate call me just when I got back to the classroom at noon.

“Who is it, not letting people rest at noon,” I complained. I wanted to have a good sleep.

“It’s a beauty, I say Liu Lei, you’re lucky!” That classmate in our class said while saliva dripped from his mouth.

“Who?” Zhao Yanyan was originally doing practice questions, but once she heard that a beauty was looking for me, she immediately raised her head.

“How would I know!” I said guiltily.

“Heh!” Zhao Yanyan snorted and ignored me.

I smiled dryly and walked out for the classroom, which is when I noticed the person looking for me is actually Chen Weier. She was standing at the stairway not far from our class, wearing neat clothing, with the pink down jacket being particularly eye-catching.

“Weier!” I called.

Hearing I call out to her, Chen Weier bushed and whispered, “This is in school, don’t call me like that. Other people would misunderstand!”

From what she said, did she mean that I can call her Weier when not in school?

“Hehe, there isn’t anyone here right!” I chuckled.

“It’s no good even if there’s no one! Calling me like that makes it seem like there’s something between us,” Chen Weier glared at me and said.

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“What did you find me for?” I quickly changed the topic, it would be bad if the topic of relationship was discussed properly.

“Returning money to you! Thank you so much last time!” Chen Weier took out a pile of neatly folded money and placed it in my hands.

“There’s no need to hurry, I don’t need it,” I immediately rejected. It’s not like I don’t know what Chen Weier’s family situation is like, this hundred something kuai is a lot for her, but it’s nothing for me.

“How can I do that! I borrowed it for so long. I wanted to pay it back right afterwards, but it really couldn’t be helped, my older brother beat that Yang Kaiyuan, so we had to pay twenty something thousand just for medical fees! My mom and I just managed to earn some spare money,” Chen Weier said embarrassedly.

“What!? You paid him medical fees?” I said in surprised.

“Yeah! That Captain Yang came to find us afterwards, and said to settle it privately, or else he would arrest my older brother again. I didn’t want to trouble you again, so we paid him the money!” Chen Weier explained.

“Captain Yang?! Okay, I understand, I’ll handle this, I’ll get you the money back!” I started swearing in my heart, Yang Shuguang is still acting so ******* pretentious even after he was posted on the streets, is he sick of living? Let’s see how I force you to spit the money out.

“Don’t! Captain Yang is still a police, don’t piss him off more because of me, our whole family already admitted our misfortune!” Chen Weier quickly shook her head.

“He’s a police? C’mon, is there police like him! He’s just a member of the defense team, a fox assuming the majesty of a tiger! Now he isn’t even a defense team member! It’s alright, I promise nothing will go wrong. Just relax,” I felt a wave of sweetness in my heart seeing Chen Weier care about me.

“Oh, then be careful, I think that person is quite bad!” Chen Weier said.

“I know. Is there anything else?” I said.

“En! My mom said she’s really thankful about last time, asks you to… come to my home tonight, my mom wants to treat you to dinner,” Chen Weier said with a red face.

“Tonight?” I remembered that I promise Zhao Yanyan to buy some stationaries with her tonight. So I said, “I can’t tonight…”

“Oh,” Chen Weier nodded, a hint of disappointment flashed across her face, before her expression returned to normal. “Never mind then, if you have proper business then never mind, don’t let it delay your proper business!’

Proper business? I sweat. Going to buy stuff with my girlfriend is now proper business. However visiting Chen Weier’s home is a pretty good thing as well, and then something happens after both of us get drunk at night… Wouldn’t that be so amazing, and this chick seemed to have developed quite well, her chests was bulging, although it wasn’t as big as Xia Jing, it was able to put up a good fight. And this figure, it’s no worse than Zhao Yanyan’s. It makes my saliva drip.

Thus I quickly said, “I don’t have time tonight, but I have time tomorrow night, is that alright?”

“That’s great! It’s a promise! I’ll wait for you by the school entrance tomorrow night after school! Be there or be square!” Chen Weier said happily, and then skipped away.

Seeing me return to the classroom, Zhao Yanyan quickly dipped her head down, pretending to be focused on doing questions, however I saw that her notebook was the same as when I left, there wasn’t a single extra character. This chick must be thinking about me the entire time, and couldn’t do questions.

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As expected, the moment I sat down, Zhao Yanyan pretended to be casual and asked, “Who was looking for you?”

Although her tone was calm, the anxious expression of her face already betrayed her.


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