Chapter 71 – The money brought wasn’t enough

“Miss, it’ll be a hundred and thirty two kuai,” the cashier lady repeated again.

“What’s with you?” I asked Chen Weier weirdly.

“I… didn’t bring enough money,” Chen Weier muttered quietly.

Hehe, so she didn’t bring enough money! I was wonder why this chick had this expression, so she wants to borrow money from me, but was too embarrassed to ask.

I took out two hundred kuai from my pocket and handed it to the cashier lady.

“Thank you, I’ll definitely pay you back next time,” Chen Weier thanked me after picking up the books.

“No problem,” I smiled, what’s two hundred kuai, I’ve given you two hundred something thousand already.

“Then… I’m going back,” Chen Weier said to me after we went out of the book store.
“I’ll take you,” I said.

“It’s fine, I can get back myself,” Chen Weier shook her hands and refused.

“Okay then, take care,” I didn’t force it, and just reminded Chen Weier.

“En, I got it,” Chen Weier nodded, and ran away with a red face.
I turned around, and just wanted to go back, then suddenly notice Guo Qing was looking at me not too far away with a smile.

“Boss, you’ve done school beauty Chen Weier?” Guo Qing noticed that I saw him and immediately rushed over.

“Why are your thoughts so lecherous, we’re just talking about studying!” I poked Guo Qing and said.

“That’s true, that’s true, the number one in first year and the number one in third year should obviously study together!” Guo Qing said.

“What? You said Chen Weier is first in third year?” I asked in surprise. This chick’s academic was actually unaffected by all the things she had to do for home.

“It can’t be, Boss! You don’t even know this! Chen Weier is the famous incarnation of beauty and intelligence!” Guo Qing didn’t believe that I didn’t even know this. However I truly didn’t know this, I always thought that girls like Zhao Yanyan, who were both beautiful and intelligent, were rarer than rare, I remember Zhao Yanyan was given such a title in my previous life, but due to an accident, which is me, she could only remain second.

In this period of time, every time I was with Zhao Yanyan, I would always feel unusually energized, without a hint of tiredness. I didn’t understand why this would occur, could it be due to me getting reborn? However old bro Yama didn’t tell me anything special about people that got reborn, and already told me clearly that I wouldn’t have superpowers.

“Liu Lei, aside from this world we live in, do you think there’ll be another world which is similar to ours?” Zhao Yanyan suddenly asked while she leaned on my shoulders.

“There probably is,” although I didn’t understand what she meant, but since people can get reborn, then it wouldn’t be a huge surprise if there’s another world.

“Then do you think that world will also have a Liu Lei and Zhao Yanyan?” Zhao Yanyan asked me while looking up at the ceiling.

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“Another world? Another Liu Lei and Zhao Yanyan?” My heart leaped, and repeated these two phrases. This chick can’t have noticed that I have been reborn right?

“En. Do you remember that time in the hotel at Yanjing, when you told me that story?” Zhao Yanyan turned around, and leaned completely on me. This was a her favorite position when she was with me, just like a hug fried dumpling.

“I randomly made up that story!” I said.

“But I feel like that story is real!” Zhao Yanyan said affirmatively.
“Why do you say that?” I quickly asked.

“I’m not so sure, it’s just that I’ve kept on having this dream in this time period, I dreamt of another you and I, but the things that happened in the dreams have never happened yet feels oddly familiar,” Zhao Yanyan twitched her eyebrows and said to me.

“What did you dream of?” I could faintly feel that something wasn’t right.

“It’s not so clear, the Zhao Yanyan I dreamt of liked Liu Lei, but that Liu Lei wasn’t as much as sweetheart as you, he was essentially a block of wood. For example, you shook hands with me on the first day of school, but the Liu Lei in my dreams was very shy and didn’t reach out his hand in the end. Also…” Zhao Yanyan continuously gave me examples, and I was already shocked to the core.

Because I knew that what Zhao Yanyan said were not dreams at all! They were scenes that had occurred in my previous life!

There couldn’t be such a coincidence right! Could it be that due to my change, the things that should have happened now occurred in Zhao Yanyan’s dreams? But this doesn’t make sense, since history has changed, then those things were no longer history, why did they appear in Zhao Yanyan’s dream?

“Yanyan, can you tell me when you started having these dreams?” I stared into Zhao Yanyan’s eyes and asked seriously.

“What are you doing, your eyes are so scary!” Zhao Yanyan turned her face to the side, and didn’t look at me in the eye.

“Tell me quickly!” I said anxiously.

“I’ll tell you since you asked! It was ever since we came back from Yanjing, more correctly speaking it should have started during the few days in Yanjing… it seems to have-have started ever since you did that to me!” Zhao Yanyan said with a red face.

After her and I did that? Could I have just passed my memories of my previous life to her? That doesn’t make any logical sense, it seemed like I had a one-sided crush on her in my previous life, it wasn’t her who had a crush on me.

As expected, Zhao Yanyan also seemed to notice this issue, she thought about it for a moment, and said, “Liu Lei, do you remember the story you told m? The Liu Lei in it always loved Zhao Yanyan, and the Zhao Yanyan in my dreams always loved Liu Lei!”

“Okay, don’t think so much into it! I think it might be something you and I thought up, wasn’t there a saying that whom one thinks about during the day, is the one that dreams about come night!” I quickly tried to explain.

“Perhaps,” I could see that Zhao Yanyan didn’t really believe what I said.

Don’t talk about Zhao Yanyan, even I didn’t believe the explanations were necessary, but what could I do even if I didn’t believe it? I really didn’t know why something like this would happen to Zhao Yanyan, it was something I couldn’t explain, now that Zhao Yanyan asked me, would I be able to explain it?

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Everything started becoming weird following my rebirth, although I was still the same me, Zhao Yanyan was still that Zhao Yanyan, but it was like we were in a parallel dimension.

Regardless of me, or Zhao Yanyan, our personalities changed. Perhaps Zhao Yanyan’s dream was the reason why she could fall in love with me so much.

If it wasn’t for this dream, with Zhao Yanyan’s personality, she couldn’t have fallen that easily.

However, what made me didn’t understand was that, I had been reborn, this was something I could be certain of. Yet Zhao Yanyan hasn’t been reborn, she was still a person from this era! Furthermore, the Zhao Yanyan in my previous life should have had no interest in me.


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