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Chapter 277 – Director Yu’s Bad Luck

Liu Yue shook her head and said, “I didn’t get anything. Oh yeah, isn’t Zhao Yanyan’s family really rich, how could Director Yu’s son do something like that, what’s more Zhao Yanyan’s grandpa is… Isn’t he asking to die?”

“It’s not Zhao Yanyan. I’m talking about my other wifey, she’s called Chen Weier, she’s also from our school, in third year!” I said.

“Chen Weier? Isn’t that one of our school’s school beauty as well? Are you serious?” Liu Yue shook her head and said. “There are four school beauties in total, and you occupied two by yourself?”

“Nearly three!” I smiled wryly.

When she heard me say “three”, she blushed again! I knew this chick most likely misunderstood again, so I hurriedly said, “I was talking about Xu Ruoyun! Don’t misunderstand!”

“Heng! I really didn’t think that you were actually so perverted, do you just need me to get them all? I was wondering why you asked if I was the school beauty, did you have ill intentions towards me a long time ago?” Liu Yue said angrily.

“You think I’m willing? I find it troublesome when there’s too much trouble!” I muttered. What I said was the truth, there was still a Ye Xiaoxiao that I didn’t handle, and a Xia Jing that told me to wait for her, how could I have the effort to chat up other women!

“What? You mean that they all reversed pursue you?” Liu Yue twitched her mouth and said.

“That’s more or less it!” I nodded.

“What! Heng! You even managed to say such shameless things? Reverse pursue you? Who the hell would believe you, like you who has no looks when you want looks, and… a little when you want money, they definitely got tricked by your fancy works!” Liu Yue snorted.

I waved my hand and said, “Say, Liu-xiaojie, do you want to cooperate with me or research about my private business? If you’re interested in these gossips, then close down your car shop as early as possible, then opened a newspaper publisher, I promise you’ll earn money!”

“Then don’t say it! Who wants to know about your flirtatious history!” Liu Yue glared at me and said. ‘Alright, let’s continue talking about cooperating in the car shop. We moved off topic because of you Does this mean that you’re agreeing to invest thirty-five million?”

I nodded, “However, I want to know how much is the predicted annual profit for this investment, you have to know that this isn’t any small some, if I can’t earn too much, I might as well play it safe and store it in the bank!”

“En… It’s like this, I already calculated the profits, cutting away the fixed costs, there will be a net profit of around about thirty million, which means that if we operate it well, we can double the investment!” Liu Yue said.

“It seems like you already calculated it before hand, that sounds pretty good, but the profits is still a bit low!” I shook my head. Thirty thousand per year, that’s not even as much as the digit figures that Shuguang’s projects earn per day!”

“A profit of two hundred percent, it’s still little?” Liu Yue said in surprise.

“That sounds like a lot! However, don’t forget that our investment is fifty million! Only a profit of thirty million per year, if you invested five million, earning three million per year might be a lot, but once the funds reach a certain level, don’t you think that thirty million is a bit too little?” I said with assmile.

“Mhmm…” Liu Yue went into deep thoughts before of what I said! It really is like this! If she invested this fifty million into real estate, food and beverages or even technology, the profits it will bring her per year is definitely much more than thirty million!

“But… You know! Someone that isn’t in the industry wouldn’t’ understand it, I already got familiar with vehicle sales, if I change industries, not only might I not earn this much, I might even lose it!” Liu Yue thought about it then said.

“En, that’s true,” I nodded. “However, Liu-xiaojie, you don’t seem like someone lacking money, I can tell from the way you conduct yourself that your family condition is rather good, why did you come out to earn money yourself?”

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“It’s my deal with someone!” Liu Yue raised her head and said determinedly.

“Deal?” I asked.

“Yeah, I don’t have much time left, so I must hurry up and earn money,” Liu Yue said.

“Not much time? Liu-xiaojie, from the way you’re saying it, you can’t have gotten some sort of incurable disease, right?” I asked weirdly.

“Liu Lei! What do you mean by this, you’re the one with the incurable disease! What I meant was that it’s getting closer and closer to the designated time, and I still didn’t achieve what was promised!” Liu Yue didn’t know why, she nearly spoke out her secret.

“Just kidding!” I said. “Alright, then I’ll give you the money. Whether you can do what the deal said is up to you!”

“You don’t want to know what it is?” Liu Yue saw that the person in front of her was always so calm, as if none of it was related to him.

“Everyone has their own secrets, right?” I smiled.

Liu Yue smiled sweetly and said, “Hehe, no matter what, thank you.”

“There really isn’t anything to thank, I think that no man can refuse a beauty’s request!” I shrugged and said.

“However, the Director Yu just now didn’t think that,” Liu Yue said a bit craftily.

“He’s a man, but he won’t be for much longer,” I said sullenly.

“Heng, I couldn’t tell that you’re pretty terrible!” Liu Yue said. Liu Yue grew up in a renowned family, so she didn’t oppose the way I acted. If it wasn’t grandpa always telling her that the current Liu family isn’t the same as back then, and that she must keep a low profile outside, she would have taught those perverted pigs that wanted to take advantage of her a lesson already!

Director Yu was called Yu Gan, it sounded the same as a fishing pole. I really wondered about their family’s intelligence, the dads called Fishing Polee, the son is called Fish Tank, then I suppose when they get a grandson, he would be called something like Fishing Net or Fish Food?!

I didn’t need to care about Fishing Pole’s matter at all, I didn’t need to move personally to play these puny people to death. Fishing Pole’s company was in construction, everyone knew that those in this industry would have some problems, whether big or small, it just depended on if the bureau investigates you! Whether they had the time to investigate you!

Once a few reports appeared, a few people at the Tax Bureau and the Industrial and Commerce Bureau immediately went to check the accounts at Fishing Pole’s company. Fishing Pole thought it was be as usual, and they would just check a little. Since his income that shouldn’t be seen wouldn’t be recorded down! However, within a few days, Fishing Pole started sweating, the people that came to check the accounts would often raise questions to some of his records! Fishing Pole knew that if he continued, he was definitely get exposed, there was no helping it, he could only use the relationships he normally had, he found people and gave firsts, but the people that came to check his accounts refused to take any, they refused any money or any offers for meals, how could Fishing Pole not get anxious?

Good things came in pairs, sometimes bad things would as well! It could be said that trouble never comes alone, basically Fishing Tank’s luck fell like a free falling object, that couldn’t stop even if it wanted to!


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