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Chapter 219 – Changing Class Tutors

“The contract is right here, see if there is any issues?” Chen Jundong handed me a written contract. Since he knew my identity, he was very courteous towards me.

I received the contract, looked it over briefly, then seeing nothing problematic with it, I signed my name on it.

Su Yuanchao snorted, then snorted his name, after that, he took out a chequebook from his pocket, and signed an eight hundred thousand cheque to me, “This is your wag for a month!” Then he said to Chen Jundong, “Supervisor Chen, I will send the commission for your company to Manager Wang’s account!”

I received the cheque, then handed it to Xiao Wei without looking at it, “Keep it well, don’t lose it! This is the living fees for us two in a month.”

After everything was sorted, I went to talk about some things with Chen Jundong.

“Mr. Liu, if I didn’t make a mistake, you and Miss Su already know each other right?” Chen Jundong said.

“Hehe, Supervisor Chen, do you find it interesting to hear about your clients?” I smiled without denying anything.

“Of course, I am just curious, it’s purely a personal thought, and has nothing to do with the company,” Chen Jundong said.

“Supervisor Chen, you have seen what was happening today, I hope you can help and prepare my paperwork for me, and put it under Azure Dragon Guard Company,” I said. “Of course, Manager Chen, feel free to name the price.”

“No need! No need!” Chen Jundong said with a smile. “The commission from Mr. Su is already a rather large amount this time, it’s all thanks to sir that Xiao Wei could receive that wage. The commission for our company is already several times more! Speaking of which, our company helping Mr. Liu complete the paperwork is natural, we received eighty thousand just from Mr. Liu’s commission!”

What he said was rather true, aside from paying a suitable amount of wage for the bodyguards, they have to buy twenty percent of it as commission to the bodyguard company, so this time Azure Dragon also earned quite a bit.

“Then I’ll trouble Supervisor Chen,” I said with a smile. These courteous words of business still needed to be said.

After that, I spoke a bit more with Supervisor Chen, telling Su Yuanchao that I can only properly start after a few days. My identity as the bodyguard was temporarily, there were still a lot of things that I have to wrap up.

Only after all that, did I leave Azure Dragon Guard company. Xiao Wei wanted to follow me, but I didn’t agree, and just kept his phone number, telling him that I’ll call him after I deal with everything.

Originally I had planned to go to He Xiyuan’s home, but because I had some things to do, it was delayed. It looks like this thing has to be delayed once more, but I needed to solve it quickly. I was unsure of how long going to be a bodyguard for Su Yingzi would take.

Thinking back to the weird things in these two days, I couldn’t help feel a bit confused. Ye Xiaoxiao was the most serious issue, she is my class tutor, although a teacher-student affair wasn’t a big deal, a teacher-student affair in high school is hard to accept by normal people right!

I was just wondering about how to face Ye Xiaoxiao the following day when I heard a shocking news!

While I was sitting worriedly on my seat like I was waiting for my judgment, the door to the classroom was pushed open.

The person that walked in is not Ye Xiaoxiao’s familiar figure, it was the principle that had once wanted me to enter the provincial long run team, behind him stood a forty something years old middle aged woman.

I looked at the principle in confusion, you have to know, ever since school started, he has never once came to our class, I don’t know what reason he has come for today. Was it because of Guo Songshu’s incident last time? And the middle-aged woman behind him, was she from another association?

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“Heng~ Heng! Everyone be quiet,” The principle said on the podium.

The class room immediately quieted down, everyone was like me, looking confusingly at the principle, wondering the reason he came here so early in the morning.

“I have something important to say to everyone!” The principle cleared his throat and said. “Due to your class tutor, Ye Xiaoxiao-laoshi, needing to further her studies as a master student, she can no longer be your class tutor, your class tutor will now be Zhang Lixia-laoshi!” With that, he pointed to the middle-aged woman behind him and said. “This is Zhang-laoshi, Zhang Lixia, she will be your First Year Class B’s class tutor from now on, Zhang-laoshi is a national grade teacher, an excellent class tutor in the entire province, she has great experience in maths and management. A hundred percent of the students she cared for got into university, there were thirty two of them that got into top ranked universities! So, Zhang-laoshi is really good, you should be honored. I hope you will not feel any resistance, because the one that would be at a disadvantage would be you in the end!”

What the principle said was correct, a lot of the middle and primary school students would feel resistance after changing a teacher halfway through, causing their grades to drop, they thought they could oppose the teacher like that, yet never realizing that the teacher had no loss at all. In the end, they only troubled themselves. However, a lot of the times, they would only understand this after becoming an adult.

After the principle finished, all the students were confused. Even I couldn’t help but be a bit shocked! Ye Xiaoxiao went to take her masters?! Isn’t this out of nowhere! She was fine a few days ago, and now she’s gone to take her masters? Was it because of that? Thinking that, my cheeks couldn’t help but heat up, it looks like I am the perpetrator of this incident!

I sighed in secret, although I didn’t want to lose Ye Xiaoxiao, some things can’t be changed, perhaps Ye Xiaoxiao choosing to leave was a good choice. If she continued to teach here, she can’t face me, and I can’t face her either. In the end, I wronged her, so I respect her decision, even if she was really going to hid from me her entire life, I couldn’t do anything about it.

“Peng peng peng!” Three loud sounds pulled me back from my thoughts, I raised my head, and noticed that Zhang Lixia was furiously knocking on the stand with the blackboard eraser, causing chalk dust to fly everywhere.

“What are you being so noisy for! Are you still like a student?” Zhang Lixia said solemnly.

Everyone quieted down a lot, and looked fearfully at the new tigress.

“How old are you, getting shocked for such little things, I really don’t know how your old class tutor taught you! No wonder she couldn’t handle it after teaching halfway through and left the ****** mess to me, what kind of students are these!” Zhang Lixia roared continuously on the podium.

I got angry just looking at her, it is because of teachers like her that the current education would bring up nerd-like students that are terrified on everything, it would be fine if it was just that. What made me unable to tolerate it anymore was that this fellow actually dared to insult Ye Xiaoxiao! Although Ye Xiaoxiao left, in my subconsciousness, I have already treated Ye Xiaoxiao as my woman, I won’t allow others to speak ill of her!


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