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Chapter 120 – Picnic Life

I handed the baked bird to Chen Weier, “Eat first, remember to throw away the intestines!” I reminded, who knows what these sparrow ate while they were alive, it’s not joke if we get pisoned.

“It looks quite scary, can this really be eaten?” Chen Weier carefully received the baked bird and asked.

“This is true wildlife! Normally you wouldn’t get to eat this even if you wanted to!” I was already tempted by the tempting smell, and quickly broke the other soil boil, and impatiently stuffed it in my mouth.

I don’t know if it was due to me being too hungry, it was essentially the most delicious thing in the world! Although no seasoning was put on it, but there was the natural freshness from soil. In a few bites, the bird was reduced to a pile of bones.

Seeing how much I enjoyed eating it, Chen Weier also took a small bite, then continuously praised how delicious it was. Just like that, the many sparrows we caught were devoured by the two of us.

People say that sexual arousal occurs when you’re full, this was definitely not wrong. After I finished the last sparrow, I felt like my entire body was full of energy. It was nearly dusk then, Wieer sat by the fireplace, and she was incomparably sexy.

“Weier…” My lower body started to raise his head.

“What are you going to do… Big pervert!” Weier saw my lecherous and lascivious gaze, and shouted alertly.

“Since you know I’m a big pervert, then you should know what perverts do!” With that I leaped over.

“Ah, help…” Chen Weier shouted to resist.

However, hehe, resisting would only make me more excited! I noticed that gangster. I actually had an unusual desire to conquer Chen Weier’s call for help.

The entirety of Xixing Mountain was already a mess. Han Bingfeng gazed at the Li Shaojie, who dare to act but didn’t dare to admit that he did it, with a face full of rage, the rage in his heart was already at its max, if it wasn’t for the police nearby, the really wanted to give him a huge beating. He bought the students out and had an accident, this was way too big of a responsibility, it wasn’t that important whether him, a dean, gets punished, the large problem was the crime of affecting the school’s reputation! And the culprit of it all was the Li Shaojie, who dared to do whatever he wants due to his family being a little rich.

Although the police had already sent out a large number of personnel to search near Xixing Mountain, but the other side of Xixing Mountain was a river, people could not get down. Unless they have helicopters! If they wanted to use helicopters to search for people, they couldn’t help but seek aid from the military.

After thinking about it for a long while, Zhao Junsheng still dialed his father, Zhao Limin’s, phone number, and told him about how Liu Lei fell down the cliff. That resulted in a round of scolding from Zhao Limin, especially about why he (Zhao Junsheng) call him earlier, ignoring that Liu Lei is his (Zhao Limin’s) grandson-in-law, even if Shuguang Corporation loses this technological genius, how much damage loss would it bring to the national economy and technological development! Zhao Limin still wanted to see the corporation of his own country cover every corner of the world with his own eyes.

Zhao Limin immediately called the military area of Songjiang, and got 30 special ops to come over, using helicopters to conduct a large scale search on the ice!

Li Shaojie was dumbfounded at this point, he didn’t think that such a deal would be made to search for the disappeared Liu Lei, even helicopters have been used, it would be seen how important this person’s identity was.

It wasn’t too surprising though, Shuguang Corporation was already one of the top private business in the nation, at the start of this year, the investment into the electronics factory that Shuguang had just bought begun, the first policy they made was the priority for employment given to workers that have been laid off, it was able to solve a large portion of the unemployment issue in Songjiang city. Even without Zhao Limin’s relationship, the government would still full heartedly defend the behind-the-scenes owner of such a star business.

However Li Shaojie didn’t know all this, he already called his father, who knows if his father can save him again. Although Li Shaojie was a bit pretentious normally, he still knows that murder is a capital offense! What’s more is that the one he murdered seemed to be someone important that had a huge background! Li Shaojie just felt regret right now, it was just an impulsive action, he didn’t think that it would cause so much trouble for him!

“This comrade, how could I address you?” A middle-aged man said to a police beside the police car with a briefcase under his arms. This middle-aged man was Li Shaojie’s father, Li Dahai, and behind him was Lawyer Zhang from his own company. He was in a meeting just now when he suddenly received his son’s call, and said that he got into trouble on Xixing Mountain, and was held by the police, he didn’t say clearly about what trouble it was either. Li Dahai immediately got Lawyer Zhang and raced to Xixing Mountain, his son really didn’t cause little amounts of trouble for him, he (Li Shaojie) often fought outside, and it was normal for him to get caught by the police. However due to Li Shaojie’s grades being great, Li Dahai kept an eye closed, and just settled the troubles accordingly, not once was it a big deal. Li Dahai thought his son fought with someone again, and didn’t treat it as a big deal.

“Who are you?” That police asked.

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“I am Li Shaojie’s father, I want came to bail my son out, this is the Lawyer Zhang from our company…” Li Dahai said.

Before Li Dahai finished, he was interrupted by that police, who said with a cold face, “No need to go on, you can’t bail him out!”

“Can’t? This comrade, you should take responsibility for what you have said! According to Number 51 of our nation’s criminal law, I have the right to bail my litigant!” Lawyer Zhang said threateningly.

“Heh! Li Shaojie is now the suspect of an important case, we have solid evidence, what’s left is the judgement of the court!” The police said.

“Important case? What crime can Li Shaojie commit?” Li Dahai said in confusion. “Did you make a mistake?!”

“Wounding with intent, or it may become murder if it gets more serious, the results aren’t here yet, please return,” said the police.

“Wounding? Murder!?” Only then did Li Dahai realise the severity of the case, when he came over he just thought that his son fought with someone again, he didn’t think that his son would murder!

Li Dahai anxiously dialed police chief Jiang Yongfu’s phone number, “Hey, Jiang-dage, I’m Li Dahai!”

“Li Dahai? Oh, Director Li, hi!” Jiang Yongfu said.

“Jiang-dage, I have something to trouble you with…” Li Dahai hesitated, his relationship with Jiang Yongfu was so-so, they only met a few times. However he didn’t have a choice anymore, he would try anything that had a possibility right now, no matter how much he had to spend, he had to keep Li Shaojie safe.

“Say it, if I can do it, I would definitely do anything I can,” Jiang Yongfu had a pretty good impression of Li Dahai.


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