Chapter 36 – D-class Adventurers Part 2

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

「 I’m Leticia, and I’m good at magic……is what I think? I’m good at fighting both from long range and short range. Nice to meet you, Garm. Also.……」

I look at the two people sitting on either side of the Garm.

「 I’m 【 Gii 】, and I’m a 【 Quarter Elf 】. My occupation is a necromancer. I’m a very capable rearguard, so I’m sorry, but I can’t do much help when it comes to protection.」

「 By the way, he’s the same age as me, so be warned, okay?」

Garm made such a comment, and Gii replied with an annoyed tone. As the name implies, quarter elves have only a quarter of elven blood in them.

Until they are about five years old, they age at the same rate as humans, but after that they only grow at about 1/3 the speed of humans, and their lifespan seems to be more than twice as long as humans. It seems that their mental health is greatly affected by their environment: if they grow up with elves in the forest, they will grow up to be suitable for their appearance, and if they live with humans in the city, they will grow up to look less suitable for their age.

As he is of elven blood, he has a good-looking face, and his status such as muscle strength is difficult to develop.

Because of these characteristics, I hear that people sometimes have mixed feelings of envy. I heard that Gii himself was blessed with a good environment growing up, but that wasn’t the case all the time……I guess only he would know the truth.

After Gii’s introduction, a brown-haired girl slowly started talking.

She had brown hair that reached below her shoulders, a headband, a loose white jacket, a zippered cape, and a long brown skirt. Her face was more cute than pretty, and she seemed to be somewhat shy. She looked to be about 18 years old, but after hearing Gii’s real age, that would make her the only one much younger than everyone else.

I wondered if she was faking her age like Luka and the others.

「 I! I’m 19 years old!」

Perhaps sensing that such suspicious glances were being directed at her, she hurriedly made such correction.

「 Oh, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I was just thinking that if those two are over 30…」

「 Uh……That’s true, but……Youmu, what are you laughing at……! I’m Aya, and I’m a real Human, you know? I look forward to working with you, Leticia. My occupation is 【 Demon Beast Master 】, though I’m not able to tame very strong demon beasts.……」

「 Demon Beast Master……By the way, when Luka said something about infiltration yesterday, she meant Aya, didn’t she 」

「 I’m not sure if you’re serious or not…… but I think so, right? Luka-san……Besides, you know 」

Aya-san glanced at Shino as if she was concerned about her. It seems that Luka was telling the truth when she said that she didn’t mind either way, and she had already told Aya-san about it.

Shino sensed this and said, 「 Ahh! But well…… I’ve decided to stay at the guild 」 she said, looking a little uncomfortable. I know it’s the best thing to do, but I guess I feel guilty about it. Hearing these words, Garm let’s out a heavy sigh.

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「 Great, we were just discussing how to stop the little girl, but I’m glad it was all for nothing.」

「 Like I said, if Youmu’s in on it, we’re in good hands.」

「 Even you, Gii, have been scavenging for documents about the Goblin country.」

It seemed that each of the three people over there were also concerned about Shino. I mean, they seem to know Youmu, and I wonder if they usually have a party with her?

「 Oh, I didn’t tell you. Well, these guys don’t officially form a party, but they often meet up at Adlas’ store and go on requests together.」

「 Well, there you have it.」

 Garm chimed in on Youmu’s comment.

「 Now then, with that out of the way, if we’re going to find a nest without decoys, let’s see if we can get…… a Goblin that’s been tamed to carry something of value as an offering.」

 When Garm muttered this……Luka replied, 「What? What are you talking about? I’m going to the nest as a gift? 」.

「「「 Haah?」」」

Three voices together reacted…… You didn’t explain that one, did you?

After that, a heated debate ensued between the three of them, but in the end, Luka pushed through to reach a consensus.


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