Chapter 28 part 1 – Preparation for a Bet

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

If the Goblin Lord did evolve then it’s threat level would greatly increase, probably even exceeding a C Level Threat. The Goblin Executives would also reach around the ranks of low C threat……if we also consider the inferior forces under them alone would be quite a threat…

Even at the level of foot soldiers with the power of around E, they would be more organized and trained with tactical knowledge as an army if they were trained……and if that were to attack, their numbers alone would turn it into a war of aggression.

However, it still can’t be compared enough to the goblin king who conquered a country which they suspected to be on a demon king class…well, comparing it on that level would probably be a bad comparison.

Still, a probability will be a probability no matter how low it is. And that’s why it cannot be overlooked.

「Now that I think about it, I’m curious…… how are 【Ranks】 actually being decided? 」

I do know that it’s an indicator of strength……but I’m not really sure as to how it is evaluated. It should be a good time to ask since I have the chance.

「Oh about that huh, first of all Rank is……let’s see, the individual strength of monsters and demons……though I think you already have a fair grasp about that, right? However, not only is there the individual threat level but also the overall damage it could inflict, which amounts to the total destruction it could create. By the way, I am a C-Cup. It’s neither big nor small so don’t you think it’s just the right size for breasts? 」

El Luka suddenly slips that info in as if it was natural.

「Hey who are you calling small breasted, wait how did the conversation ended up that way」

Youmu reacted with a bitter look. Well, she’s probably used to this by now, though reluctantly……

「Oh, that’s cool……So, what’s the total indicator of their strength……」

「Alright, first would be G Rank. At this level, humans would be able to eliminate them easily without much trouble. But, monsters that are under this are mostly juveniles or are acting in groups……and just because they seem weak doesn’t mean you have to let your guard down against them. Though they are pretty weak if fought on a one-on-one battle without external factors involved.」

Certainly, when I first met Chibi, she was only a G-Rank.

「Next would be F, and that’s where things start to change since they are most generally adults around that rank… and that alone greatly changes the difficulties fighting against them. If you are not armed enough, or have actual tactics on how to face them, then it would be really dangerous. 」

My first rank is also around that. It also includes the Goblins that are wandering the area. Well, with the exception of me, goblins on their own were not that much of a threat for most people other than those that are not really experienced in fighting. Even a fledgling adventurer would be able to face them though it would still be the borderline if one could really fight or not.

「……and then E Rank. Many around that rank would be close or on the level of a trained soldier. Though not on the level of soldiers from the capital but only around the level of average local soldiers at most」

Goblins that have certain jobs were around this level. They would seem to be accustomed to battles and don’t just fight on their own but would cooperate with others on their levels. You could also say that they have proper professions making it hard to fight them alone.

「Now, now, the real problem starts from here. D Rank raises the danger level by a lot at once. Goblins around D Rank……especially if it is a Lord is a real threat, that could even destroy a 【Small Town】even if it doesn’t seem to be that strong. It would need a number of people facing one and won’t normally be faced by people on their own」

 Here is a local average town: And in Flacerras, there seems to be people who could face dangers of that rank on their own……Overall though, it’s only a few individuals that could actually manage that much of a threat. That also serves as a vantage point to differentiate adventurers who could reach higher and those that only could reach certain levels of strength. Youmu is apparently around that level as well.

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「As for the ranks further above, Would be C Rank for 【Average Town/City】, B Rank for 【Large Fortress】, A Rank for a 【Small Country】, and S Rank for 【Large Nations】……and there would even be those above that acknowledged as 【Exceptions】……which is something you wouldn’t normally encounter. The most common would be C Ranks to which are encountered by most people, but……finding a threat of that level alone would normally make a country mobilize」

El Luka also added the fact that though rarely seen, there are individuals also exceeding such powers, and countries hosting such strong powerhouses won’t usually ask for support from other nations.。

That meant at face value, but it is still a fact that there are individuals strong enough to overturn a country on their own.

Though even with that in mind, the most that one could expect to find from each city as their highest potential would only be around D Ranks……

However, just as I have felt, the strength levels of individuals in this world is definitely far too different from the place I originally came from. I am wondering though, if an individual with unstoppable strength would be overcome by fighting in large numbers. If it’s this case, then it would definitely involve a lot of tactics, strategies and also finding a proper way to deal with them.


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