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Chapter 19 – Two Otherworlders

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Author: Riruka Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Yuki English Source: Re:Library

For the time being, I instructed Chibi to scout if there are any enemies left around. I also didn’t forget to tell her not to force herself and come back if she encounters a dangerous opponent.

 Now then, what to do……

Leaving them behind is out of question, but the problem is this one (Her name was Youmu if I remember correctly? ) that is if I should interact with them.

I don’t know about what language they are using in this world.

Well, I do know that I need to get in contact with humans of this world soon, no matter where I wanted to live. In the first place, I don’t know how 【Reincarnators】 are viewed in this world.

Since I was given the opportunity this time to gather information, having a connection right now would be a good option.

「Ah, there’s that too……」

Whatever the case is, there would be no loss in investigating the effects of 【Reincarnator】skill during this occasion. There are also skills that she possessed that I am interested in, so I’ll also check that out this time.


Unique Skill【Demonization】


A Skill that can only be obtained by those with souls that have lineage to certain demonic ancestry
Instead of becoming corrupted and turning completely into a demon, they will be able to manifest demonic power within them.


・Can transform the body into a demon to manifest abilities. The amount of power manifested will depend on skill level.

・If this skill level reaches level 10, the body of that person will permanently become a demon.



Unique Skill【Reincarnator】


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An existence who’s soul has traveled through different dimensions.

A certain amount of protection is given only to those who were born with memories from their past and a certain amount of those memories may end up lost.


・Depending on the strength of the soul, will inherit memories and abilities from their previous lives.

・Growth correction to status depending on the strength of the soul.

・Get the blessing of Basic Knowledge and language of this world.

・May acquire certain skills matching the strength of the soul.


 Hmmm……after reading the details of both demonization and reincarnator, I tilt my head in thought.

 As I recalled correctly, I was able to immediately have conversation with Leticia and Chibi. It was probably because I am also a reincarnator and received the same language correction skills, so I was able to understand the language.

However, the status represented it as 【Blessing】.

Ablessing, in other words is something that gods would give to people. Ofcourse I know that the interpretation may end up different in this world and the existence of supernatural beings like gods might be true. Well, if something like reincarnation exists, it would not be strange for gods or devils to also exist.

 Another thing is about the 【Strength of the Soul】 which was in the description which I presently don’t know about. I do have a vague understanding as to what might be though.

Though what I’m more interested about in the case of this person is the 【Demonization】 which I don’t have any understanding as to how she was able to obtain it. Well, it doesn’t seem like she is using it intentionally though……

In my case, I only have 【Incomplete Reincarnation】 which only gave me blessing of language understanding and slight correction of status. It couldn’t be helped since the words Incomplete were attached to the skill, but I have at least received some necessary thins along with it.

Kuh, it’s not like I’m disappointed about it or anything!

 ……that’s enough playing around, and it’s time to focus on the problem presented in front of me. That’s right it’s about this girl who is still unconscious in front of me.

Fortunately, the skill【Reincarnator】 would allow us to be able to have a conversation, and no language barriers would trouble me.

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There is the problem of me being a vampire, and adding to that is me being a 【Demon Lord】 and a 【Disaster Designated Species】. Even without the title of Demon Lord that cannot be seen if appraisal is not level 10, there is still the 【Disaster Designated Species】 which is attached to my race.

In the worst case scenario, it may end up in a confrontation.

If that is the case, should I just carry her to a nearby village and watch until I find someone who would discover her……? No, how am I even supposed to do that? In the first place, I don’t know if there are any villages around here nor their location.

While I was busily thinking about what to do, the girl was……

「Ahーー、ummm……were you the one who saved me?」

I was suddenly called out with a voice that sounded like a pleasant ring of a bell.

Reacting to the voice, I found Youmu who woke up with a weakened expression and was trying to lift herself up, but it seems like the poison was still in effect. The strap of black bra that was peeping out of her one piece dress was sexy, NOT……

Well that can’t be helped, let’s put that aside for now and interact with this girl.

「Well, that seems to be the case I guess. Though I am sorry that I was not able to arrive on time to save the others……」

「……No, you don’t to apologize for that. It was my responsibility to protect them……Yet I was not able to do so. They are also adventurers, it’s not like I’m saying that they should not be saved but they know the consequences of their jobs and the risk of death that may come. I just want to remember that at least, but it’s not I feel good about them dying……I also wanted to thank them for all that they did though it didn’t end up well」

「That is……」

While saying that, I could feel the sadness in Youmu’s expression. I also couldn’t respond to such emotion. It couldn’t be helped since human death didn’t mean much to me. I couldn’t find the right word to respond to her.

Youmu who was watching my bewilderment puts her hand on my head.

「It’s okay, you don’t have to force yourself to sympathize with me in such a situation, I’m just thankful that you were thinking about the words I’ve said」

「……got it, so can you tell me what exactly happened here?」

I’m a bit embarrassed being treated like a child, and while also probably a bit embarrassed of what she did, she responds. Probably because she was also a Reincator, her mental age might have been not as young as she looks, though it felt strange being treated like that by a girl who looks younger(?) than me you see.

Anyway, I don’t really want to stay here anymore and just wanted to understand the current circumstances.

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「……Hmm? Didn’t you come here to check the request about the Goblin Lord’s subjugation? It seems like a 【Goblin Lord】 was born in this forest. Oh……we were supposed to patrol near the roads while hunting down those that overflowed from their nest. However, it seems like the growth of the Lord was much faster than we expected. Never did we expect to encounter a strong platoon to be wandering around this close」

「I was also assigned to make a report when we get back to town, but it seems like the likeliness of a 【Stampede】 will be happening before we could ask for emergency help. If possible, I would also like to request you to lend us a hand, though it’s shameful for me to do so? Miss-chan, you seem to be a talented person that would be around D or C right? 」

 【Stampede】, it’s not a word that I am familiar with. That’s what you call it during a crowd accident right? It sounds really troublesome just from the name……personally, I would like to help if I could……however, there’s still a problem at hand.

 ――――How much should I let myself get involve with this girl…… also, it seems like there’s a town nearby this area.

I may be able to gain some trust if I hide my identity if I felt like it.

But I don’t really want to do something like that if possible.

But I am a vampire. That’s why I’m a bit hesitant to talk about it.

Nevermind, let’s just talk about it properly this time and if she accepts, then I’ll help subjugate the Goblin Lord! There are many things I could do even if I don’t get involved with the town. That’s why let’s do it while I can! At the worst, I could at least escort her to a safe place near the town.

 ……but the moment I decided to do so.


Youmu raised a surprised voiced and was showing a shocked expression.

Following that, I heard a voice calling「Mafter~~mafter~~」.

 Following Youmu’s line of sight, there I found chibi speaking 「Wafu~wafu~~~founf awot~~~」 while running towards us with her tail wagging wildly.

「I completely forgot to order her not to bring her preeeeeyyy!!!!」

「Eh, what do you mean by that, what is happening!!!!???」

Sigh, fine I’ll explain.

「So……in other words. Miss-chan is also a reincarnated person…… not to mention a 【Vampire Little Princess】 and the older sister looking person was actually younger and is also a 【Fenrir】 right?」

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「Yes……that’s how it is」

「Un! Chibi you see, I am Master’s subbordinate!」

Chibi also answered cheerfully. Ah, please stop it, how did things end up this way? Please stop looking at me with those eyes. That expression is piercing me you know! I didn’t know that an accepted name becomes irreplaceable!

After a hellish mesh of confusions and a picture as if depicting hell, I was able to hide various important things while at least explaining our situation. As expected, mentioning about 【Demon Lord】 and Leticia were out so I didn’t talk about it, though it will be an issue that I will have to think about later on. For now, I need to get as much information as I could in this situation.


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