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Interlude 1 – King’s Marriage Talk (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2359 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 973 words
Editor(s): Hydra

The Cathedral Crusaders had been decimated!

This explosive news spread like wildfire, engulfing the entire continent in mere moments. The highest ranks of every nation were thrown into a maelstrom of alarm and dread.


“What are you saying!? Can we trust this intel?”

Within Alra, the heart of the Amitia Republic, Hiyuki had stealthily made her way to the Adventurer’s Guild headquarters after hearing about crucial news. Upon hearing it, she almost spit out her herbal tea in disbelief.

“The news stands confirmed.”

Guildmaster Gald of the Alra City’s Adventurer’s Guild, the person she consulted, gravely affirmed. Worry etched across his scarred visage.

“This is… wholly unexpected…”

Hiyuki’s gloomy countenance mirrored her distress, her lips pursed in anxiety.

“We’re out of options this time. It seems fate has come collecting. We must confront this reality…”
“I’m well aware, but the gravity of this situation stops me in my tracks. I won’t make hasty decisions without clarity. Yet…”

Their shared sentiments led to a mutual sigh of resignation.

“”Who could’ve anticipated Collard fathering a child with Mona?””
“This is a disaster. Unbelievable.”
“Couldn’t have said it better. And the audacity, he always claims to be swamped with work. That jerk.”
“Now that it’s done, they’ll need to address it. Ugh.”
“Regardless, he’s royalty. This should’ve been a cause for celebration. Sigh.”

Their conversation progressed, but the sparkle in their eyes dimmed, reminiscent of observers at the end of the world.

‘Why are they so agitated over Collard’s unexpected marriage?’

Secretary Mia, observing their fluctuating expressions, was left pondering. Their demeanor resembled two embittered souls begrudging others’ happiness.

“Let’s commemorate this grandly.”
“It’s an opportune moment for our wall-breaking units to step in. Can you manage, Guildmaster?”
“I had planned to oversee it personally, so they’re prepped and ready.”
“I knew you’d come through. Heh heh heh.”
“Missing this window wasn’t an option. Hahahaha.”

Their laughter, though devoid of warmth, resonated eerily through the guild hall.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the same day—

‘In truth, I’m carrying another man’s child from a past relationship.’

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Mona felt that using such a justification wouldn’t be believable. So, she gathered all the precious gifts she had received from other admirers and combined them with the funds she shared with Collard. Stealthily, she eloped with her initial love.

Their speculated escape route led them to the Holy Kingdom of Aeon, which hadn’t established any diplomatic relations with the Imperial Crimson up to that point.

Upon learning of this development, King Collard became listless, as if a wind-up toy had lost its winding key.


That day, Collard Joculator Aldenant, the founding monarch of the Amitia Republic, played host to two visitors.

To be candid, Collard wasn’t in the frame of mind to see anyone. However, the guests were Hiyuki, the Sovereign of the Suzerain State, and Gald, the head of the Adventurer’s Guild, both of whom shared a deep bond with him. This made it impossible to decline their visit. He even felt a need to share his grievances.

—This sentiment, however, soon transformed into regret.

“My, my, seems like you’ve had a rough patch, dear friend.”
“The world is full of wonderful women; one loss shouldn’t shatter you!”
“But remember, stars, much like certain women, can often be out of reach.”
“I must commend your way with words.”
“You both are here to mock me, aren’t you?”

King Collard exclaimed, his face turning crimson. Hiyuki and Gald exchanged glances, quickly shifting from a resigned look to a more comforting facade.

“Of course not, we’re genuinely concerned. We just wanted to lighten your spirits, though it might’ve sounded a bit sarcastic. It was unintentional.”
“My apologies, Your Majesty. We may have taken our jesting a tad too far,” Gald added.

The duo bowed in a gesture of genuine remorse.

King Collard eyed their apologetic stance skeptically before probing,

“And your real motive?”

They looked up, mischievous grins adorning their faces.

“We’re just curious, how do you truly feel after everything? It’s ju-pff… so—pffft, hahaha.”
“Haha, how’s the sting of deception?”
“Out, both of you!”

That day, King Collard’s voice reverberated throughout the royal palace.


“Marriage talk?”

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Hiyuki’s reaction was a blend of intrigue and surprise, like someone who had experienced a peculiar taste for the first time.

They were back at the familiar Adventurer’s Guild Headquarters in Alra.

“Indeed. This ordeal has taken a toll on King Collard. He’s often distracted, even during official matters. His confidants are now looking for ways to uplift his spirits,” Gald relayed, his expression mirroring Hiyuki’s.

“I see, I guess I got the gist. They’re probably trying to fill the void left by one woman with another.”

‘But honestly, I despise how they treat women as commodities,’ she added internally.

“Well, there’s no single solution to heartbreak in this world. And when we’re discussing King Collard, the nation’s linchpin, having a primary wife and several concubines isn’t uncommon.” (Gald)

From one perspective, the modern age isn’t much different. A man of notable age and status is often perceived as incomplete without a partner.

“This whole situation is difficult for me to understand. If there were already someone he desired to wed, it would be a different story. But seeking someone simply because he wishes to marry feels misplaced in its priorities, and it’s unfair to the women involved.” (Hiyuki)

“Haha, naturally, the former is the ideal. But sadly, the world isn’t always a romantic tale. Otherwise, would Your Highness just stay locked in a tower, awaiting her Prince Charming?” (Gald)

“Never! I’d undoubtedly find a way to free myself. —Ah, considering what you mentioned, Collard’s situation isn’t too dissimilar, is it? The princess he chose betrayed him. …It must’ve deeply wounded him.” (Hiyuki)

Reflecting on it now, what we did the other day might have been a bit excessive, Hiyuki mused.


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