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Chapter 1 – Imperial Council (Part 1)

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2152 characters
Translator: Tanaka English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1072 words
Editor(s): Hydra

The nation of Everlasting Darkness, the base home of Imperial Crimson, «Scarlet Jade Castle».

“I apologize for my tardiness. I’m Revan, presenting myself on the call of the imperial coun…cil…… ?”

A dazed expression masked the face of Revan, the (provisional) leader of Cres Freedom United Nation who came receiving the summon of Imperial Council, when he peered inside Hiyuki’s private room from the entrance, to which he had led from many entrances, and finding only Hiyuki, her confidant – the Four Heavenly Evil Kings, King Collard of the Amitia Republic as the representative for the outside world, and several other people in the huge private room. Speaking of Hiyuki’s private room, its splendor and scope had surpassed even the majestic audience halls of other nations by miles. In fact, it would be ridiculous to actually compare her private room against the likes of their wooden block toy like halls.

“Hey… You’re finally here, Revan.”

Revan’s intuition was screaming that there was something wrong with the situation. As Hiyuki was wearing a glamorous one-shoulder dress adorned with red roses, but as the wearer herself is hella beautiful, even such a glamorous dress looked nothing more than ordinary, gave him a spiritless vaguely tired greeting. Nonetheless, he still decided to step Inside.

He was then pointed towards a luxurious armchair. As he fought against the fluffiness of the floor, which felt like walking on the clouds (there wasn’t any carpet, but the floor’s material in itself is something unknown apparently) and lightly greeted King Collard since he was seated next to him, who returned a greeting with a resigned face. Which further raise the vigilance in his heart 一 as he assumed his seat.

Apparently, He was the last one to arrive. Hiyuki stood up from her position and looked around at the faces of the gathered participants.

“Err, the reason I have gathered everyone is not for anything else but一”

There, King Collard reservedly raised his hand, “Excuse me, may I ask something?”

“You knave, how dare you interrupt the Princess’ word一!”

Tengai bellowed in frenzy but when Hiyuki pacified him with extremely familiar gestures saying, “Calm down. Today’s just an informal meeting, so no need to work yourself up,” he finally relented.

“Very well, I permit you to have a one-on-one report with My Liege. The others are also allowed today, for this time only, but be aware that it’s an exception.”

It was Mikoto, who transmitted the meaning of her words to everyone else in her melodious voice, in place of Tengai who looked unconvinced.

“Thank you, it’s my honor to receive this privilege.”

Seeing everyone other than King Collard, too, bowing their heads in courtesy, Revan also hurriedly followed suit.

“My humble question was, as the Imperial Council is called today, are we the only ones who are gathered?”
“That’s right.”

Revan had accidentally slipped out a dumbfounded voice but as soon he did, he became the hotbed for receiving all the side glares from Imperial Crimson’s side that screamed “we will kill you if you have any complaint against Princess,” he hurriedly masked his face with a forced smile and huddled himself on the seat.

“…Is it really fine to do it when other chief retainers aren’t joining in?”

When King Collard repeated his question, Revan’s preconception of him, whom he had always thought of as a “Cowardly Man” ever since their first meeting, instantly took a 180 degree spin and saw him in a different light.

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一Sure enough from a King who supports a nation, he has guts.

On the other hand, Hiyuki’s eyes took a distant look for some reason when the question was asked of her,

“No, we had an official Imperial Council set up a while ago where the Demon Generals of the Round Table, the chiefs of the Yggdrasil Forest or the foundation lake as well as major influential people that are called to be the great powers and so on had gathered. 一Ah, and their topic of discussion was about ‹The rank of Imperial Crimson in the world in the future›.”

“I see, it truly is an interesting topic to discuss.”

Revan nodded, bending his body forward, imitating King Collard.

“How一, but how did they even reach the conclusion that ‹It will not matter if they can just conquer every major power› at the end of their fierce debate (Read: Fist fight)…”


Both Revan and King Collard felt like their legs were giving in even though they were sitting.

“Their opinions clashed on whether I should take command and start a full-blown invasion with everyone, directly destroy the major powers with pinpoint accuracy, or let everyone rampage as much as they like. Though they eventually left it for me to decide on. 一Why did it even come to this. And so, the reason we have called everyone here is to collect the opinion of the natives themselves.”

“…Well, err, it’s easy to speak about world domination, but is it even possible to begin with?”
“Hn? It’s possible. In fact, just Tengai alone can do it in around two months if it’s only about destroying them.”

Tengai puffed out his chest when Hiyuki replied in a matter-of-fact tone.

“Princess is right. As much as I would like to say it would take around one month only, it will indeed take around two months if I want to uproot them cleanly.”
“Incidentally, the forces of the likes of the Graviol Empire are just a matter of minutes if the whole army were to be released.”

Hiyuki’s natural tone without any exaggeration as if she was just explaining something rudimentary like how water flows from high place to low place, and the air in the surrounding reading ‘obviously’ made the two, King Collard and Revan, perceive it was an ironclad fact as they looked at each other with a ghastly face.

Man, it feels like I am holding the nuclear button all alone, hahahaha… Hiyuki added some incomprehensible lines and laughed.

“Well, if there’s anything that’s the matter of concern, it’s the appearance of players starting with Lubbock and the existence of a mastermind calling himself God? Anyway, there are various ways to interpret the definition of God, and judging from the cowardly tactics they’re pulling, I think they are just human.”

“Wouldn’t it be all right to just send this world into chaos and find a chance to confirm that?” Utsuho proposed nonchalantly.


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