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Chapter 10 – Day Prior Preliminary

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mado English Source: MadoSpicy TL
Editor(s): Crash

Well then, a lot of things happened, and two weeks after that, the communication familiar which I left behind for Asmina returned with a letter. It said that the clan council’s decision was that my observation of the matches was permitted and also listed the details of the tournament.

“―Hou. Considering those slow working clan leaders, that’s exceptionally quick.”

The one who spoke was the Beast King, who now officially possessed the title of “Imperial Crimson Martial Instructor.”

“That’s how it shall be. Princess’ words are heaven’s will, something that should be prioritized above all else. If she is being kept waiting meaninglessly, I will personally march there and burn them, along with their country, to ashes. Nevertheless, what kind of joke is it for those who are of the beast race to not make haste and quickly come to a decision for the betterment of their entire race. You’re the Beast King. You are also responsible for the degradation of these affairs, isn’t that so?”

Utsuho, who always stood next to me, was hiding her mouth with her favorite folding fan and had turned her cold gaze towards the Beast King.

“Honestly it’s the peak of shamefulness, divine beast Utsuho.”

The Beast King bowed his head very deeply.

“Well, in regards to the group, it can’t be helped if someone is blabbering about this and that. Apart from that, about this ‘Beast King selection match’ in question… um… according to Asmina’s letter, ‘Forgive me for being informal. How are you, Lady Hiyuki? Brother, who returned to the village for the Beast King succession, is together with me and he’s screaming with joy everyday.’ …let’s skip the preface.”

So, if I roughly summarized the contents―

The match will be held in about 20-24 days from today, located at the Cres Kingdom’s holy ground, the “Sacred Beast Hill.”

The ones who are participating are the 16 warriors who were elected from various tribes.

Before this, the preliminaries are held which divides the group into two with eight people in each. It will be held simultaneously 20 days from today and lasts for three days. The locations are the “Demon Wolves’ Feeding Grounds” and the “Earth Dragon’s Bed” located west and east of the “Sacred Beast Hill” respectively.

The final match between the two winners who advanced from both groups will be held at the “Sacred Beast Hill.” The winner becomes the “Beast King.”

For these fights, there are no restrictions on weapons or equipment. However, arrows and magic that do not directly utilize one’s physical strength are prohibited. Also, in the case where there is an inappropriate fight or misconduct unbefitting of the “Beast King,” the participant will be disqualified on the spot.

The outcome will be decided in situations where the opponent has been judged as unable to fight or have recognized their own defeat. After the decision is made, any kind of protest will not be accepted.

Also, regardless of it being a fight for life and death, and regardless of the outcome, grudges should not be held.

The main point is kinda like that.

“It seems they really are going to kill each other.”

My impression made the Beast King shrug his shoulders.

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“Well, if they aren’t at least like that, they aren’t going to consent to one another.”

Toward his frank manner, Tengai, who sat beside him, made a face that said he wanted to say something, but the Beast King held the title of being my “Martial Art Instructor,” so Tengai seems to have reluctantly swallowed his complaint.

Hearing the Beast King’s words, Utsuho nodded with an obvious face.

“If there is something like a serious injury midway, then… oh, is it cured with healing magic?”

“Yes it is. Well, to a certain level with the shrine maiden’s skill―in the case of the Nu Gruv tribe, Asmina is quite a prodigy. With that ability, wounds can be cured, but nothing can be done if they lose a limb and such. In that situation, whether they stop or not is up to them, but usually they continue to fight and die.”

What an unproductive race they are. No one seems to realize that those who run away may fight for another day.

By the way, the Beast King himself didn’t go through this kind of tournament. It seems that his strength and pure soul had been recognized to the point that he was crowned as the Beast King.

In that case, isn’t this tournament useless? With this, simply by winning, even a thug can become the “Beast King”―I asked, and actually, this tournament in the end is to select the candidate for the “Next Beast King,” so not the official “Beast King.”

Currently, the Beast King and those clan leaders will confirm their strength and soul. If there are no problems, then the candidate will officially become the “Beast King,” or so he said. Even so, he entrusted the current Cres Kingdom’s problem to the next generation; therefore, the relation becomes “Beast King title > fate of the country.” What an irresponsible person.

“Also, the participants’ names are attached. I wonder, how is it from your point of view, master? Can Revan win?”

I presented the participant names to the “Beast King.”

This world’s beastman is different from Eternal Horizon Online which had three standard races, the variety is many. What kind of ability do they have? That is really unpredictable, isn’t it?

“Hmm, victory or defeat is like a jar of water. I really can’t possibly say it before I open the lid.” Or so the Beast King said as he partially closed his eyes while gazing at the list of registrants that he received from me through Mikoto.

“Fumu, the first one, Acheron, is the Tigerkin tribe leader. If I remember correctly, he did not lose any disputes between tribes, so he received the nickname ‘Strong Arm.’ This is difficult. My stupid pupil’s chances of winning probably dropped to 40%…”

“Next is David the Pantherkin tribe hero. He’s a spear master. It was said that he has slain an earth dragon with a single spear of his. This one, if dealt carelessly, will make him lose too.”

“Eugene the ‘Huge Rock’ of the Bearkin tribe. His huge body, which is three meters in height and 700kg in weight, is a weapon just in and of itself. Fighting him head on is reckless, but oh dear, can that moron even use any alternative methods?”

“And then Cyril the mercenary from the Snakekin tribe. Even normally those tribes are scary because of their tough shells, flexible movements, and poisonous fangs. Furthermore, with his actual experience as a mercenary, well I wonder how it will be.”

It feels like the Beast King enjoyed speaking about all of these anxiety inducing matters.

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“Doesn’t that mean that Revan is in a really tough spot?”

“Practically, he has poor prospects. ―Be that as it may, is it even possible to only fight battles where you know you can win?”

Is that so? I certainly don’t want to participate in any matches other than ones where I know I can win though? Rather, I can’t think of anyone who gambles with their life as being anything but a fool you see.

I tilted my head in puzzlement. Probably guessing the gist of it from my face, he made a face which said Good grief, this is why women are… after all, they can’t understand a man’s romance and “Pfft…” as he lightly laughed scornfully. Then, he cast his eyes onto the list once again.

…somehow it’s really annoying.

“Then, the notable opponent will be… Hmm?”

The Beast King exposed a rare face of surprise.

“What’s the matter?”

“Rabbitkin tribe huh? Adventurer Chloe… I don’t recall the name, but a woman is it?”

“Is that unusual?”

“Normally, the Rabbitkin tribe itself is unlikely to participate. All the more if it’s a woman, it’s unprecedented.”

“What the hell is this…” he quietly murmured as he racked his brains.

It appeared that in the beastmen tribes, it’s a world-shaking situation like a woman sumo wrestler entering the grand champion judge subject.

For me, in Eternal Horizon Online, there were a lot of female rabbit-eared characters as swordsmen, so I don’t think it’s particularly a rare thing… wait.

“…Don’t tell me, it’s a Player?”

Just now, all the gazes within the room gathered on me.

“Is there a possibility that the person named Chloe is a transcendence (player)?”

At the frowning Utsuho who questioned me, I also tilted my head in puzzlement.

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“I think I haven’t heard her name… at least her name isn’t in the peerage, but perhaps the possibility exists. By all rights, a representative appearing from the impossible sex of the impossible tribe will probably have very outstanding abilities.”

If they’re a player, there’s plenty of potential.

I certainly believe they might use such a direct method. However, taking into account the Beast King’s speech, if they become the overall winner, for the time being, becoming Cres Kingdom’s leadership will only be a possibility. That Chloe, someone who no one knows where she originated from? There’s not gonna be a problem even if she wins.

Well, besides that, perhaps there are particular favorites. The player defeats tough-looking opponents and lets the favorite win by match fixing.

Or possibly, they identified that I appeared to watch, arranged that conspicuous position on purpose to draw our attention, and then would use that for something.

… At this stage, I judged there was nothing we could do.

“In either case, it’s not likely it will proceed without issue. I wonder if Revan will be alright?”

Well, if he can’t, then just give up. It doesn’t matter to me one way or another.


Now, the day before the qualifier match, tents for various tribes are lined up here and there. On the foot of the “Sacred Beast Hill,” at the corner of the Demon Wolves’ Feeding Ground,” there was a familiar lionkin (Nu Gruv) tribe tent.

“Hi hi, how are the both of you? For the preliminaries, it seems you were determined to be in this group weren’t you?”

Guided by Jissie, within the tent I secretly visited, there were some familiar faces.

“Ah, long time no see Lady Hiyuki! I’m just perfect!!”

With her usual shape and cheerfulness, Asmina took both of my hands and swung them. Behind me, Jissie is letting out a confused sound, but it naturally didn’t reach my ears.

“I am h―”

It is difficult to finish my word. In front of me, Revan was melancholic in the corner of the tent.

“…What is that?”

“Umm, you see. Today, the preliminary drawing was done. Brother’s opponent was decided, but his first opponent is the female Rabbitkin tribe warrior…”

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Hou hou, suddenly a clash with the favorite.

“Hearing that, his motivation disappeared and he started sulking like that.”


“―Er, there is no particular relation that race or sex has to do with strength. Strong people are strong, you know?”

For example, in the case that the opponent is a player, things like race and sex are irrelevant.

“I persuaded him like that, but he will not wake at all…”

Asmina’s appearance showed she was utterly at a loss.


Muh, for some reason I felt anger surging within my chest.

‘Princess, is it alright to discipline this fool to teach him how strong women are?’
‘Yeah, sure.’

―Ah, no no. I’m not looking at this as a woman. I’m just unable to stomach a person who makes light of someone based on prejudice or appearance, so don’t get me wrong.

“Hou, such confidence you have there.”

Then, right before I was about to open my mouth, a familiar large build pushed up the entrance cloth and magnificently entered.

“―Grand Uncle.”
“―Beast King!”

The three hastily stood up to pay him their respect.

Wearing his usual dark blue robe while displaying his usual relaxed manner, the Beast King took a look at his pupil’s (Revan) face.

“Just at the right time. I am curious how much you improved during my absence, and also as a test, you get a bit of coaching from her majesty, Hiyuki.”

“Haa―!?” With a face screaming You have to be kidding right? Revan looked between mine and the Beast King’s faces.

On the other hand, Asmina probably perceived a bit of my abilities. She pinned her face and looked up to the ceiling, her face saying, You still haven’t noticed it? This moron.

“You succeed if you can last three minutes against her majesty. Any less than that and you will be excommunicated. You also can’t participate in this tournament. ―Okay? Is your majesty also fine with it?”


I nodded, and Revan, who was flustered, still couldn’t grasp the meaning behind it. It’s gonna be fun smashing this braggart, isn’t it?


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