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Supplement – Power Balance of the World

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: TonyYon English Source: MadoSpicy TL
Editor(s): Silva

This doesn’t have much relation with the original story but can be used as reference about the countries in this world.

The shape of the Continent (It doesn’t have any specific name and is only called the ‘continent’) is roughly shaped like a ‘hippopotamus facing the left side’. The head part is the continent’s western region, the upper half of its body is the middle continent, and the lower half part is the continent’s eastern region.

In terms of culture it’s usually seen as western region > eastern region > middle region.

The reason is the largest religion in the continent, ‘Aeon’s Sacred Teaching’, has a doctrine of ‘Every race other than humans like demi-humans and beastmen are born bearing sins and are criminals, they’re existences inferior to humans’ as their basis, and with that they’re showing off the vast territory human countries occupy.

In actuality, every region has its own unique culture, so it can’t be said which one is better.

Moreover, in the continent there are more than 60 countries (There are also other countries, archipelago nations, or even unconfirmed continents outside of the ‘continent’).

One of them, boasting the largest area is Cres Cent’luna Federation which occupies the lower half of the middle continent. However, because they made cooperative policies with the demi-humans and demi-human countries they received oppression from Aeon’s Sacred Teaching and ended up as nothing more than a group gathering. Now since it’s hard for them to even cooperate, many of them have been absorbed into the several empires surrounding it.

The representative of the Federation is called the ‘president’. It’s not a hereditary position but is selected from each nation’s representative, and is a lifetime honorary position.

The second most powerful one is Graviol Empire which rules the continent’s eastern region up to the top edge of the middle continent’s vicinity (and it also has detached land which is part of western region).

As a country where the highest authority lies with the emperor, sometimes there are disputes with the surrounding countries.

However even though the former emperor had the authority which is close to a perfect monarchy, the current country is way too vast and there are some parts which the emperor’s control doesn’t reach. Seeing this gap, there are some actions which are unclear whether it’s the will of the emperor or not.

As they put effort into diplomacy and foreign trade, they create favorable connections toward other countries especially from the western region.

The third and the last powerful country is the Holy Kingdom of Aeon.

Situated in the middle of the continent and as its name indicates, it is the religious country of Aeon’s Sacred Teachings. A religious country where every citizen is part of the religious organization.

Their territory is not that vast, but as the largest religion they have extremely powerful influence in many countries. Furthermore, because of [Crusade], a magic that can be used by high level clergymen (though they call it ‘a miracle from God’) that allows them to manipulate all religious members into wicked soldiers, every country is on guard against them.

And because of their doctrine ‘the family of the sinner must also die to repay the sin’, in the past strife between them and demi-human countries or other countries which have relations to it, they are often accompanied with massive killings. That’s why their relationship with the Cres Cent’luna Federation is the worst.

Diplomatic relations since the beginning were nothing more than a distribution of goods.

Even though their representative is [Archpope] who is chosen by the oracle, it’s nothing more than figurehead, while in reality the country’s management is handled by a judicial panel consisting of people with the court ranking of archbishop or higher.

It is an unsociable country, and almost never tries to interact with other countries actively.

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Amitia is one of sixteen countries existing in western region, in terms of territory area it is number 7, in terms of agricultural exports it is number 1, and in terms of national power it placed around 5th or 6th.

Its capital is Chaedia, but since it has bad access, it has the 3rd highest population.. (The 1st is the trade port city, Kidou, the 2nd is in the central trading route city, Alra).

In terms of culture it’s pretty high for this world’s standard, but in general the country is made up of peaceful idiots. After a few decades there has been no advancement in either cultural or magic inventions.

Their representative is a king, but the aristocrats from House of Nobles have enough influence to control the decisions, in short the king is nothing but decoration. (This is also true in various kingdoms in the continent).

The current king has 6 sons and 5 daughters, almost all—king included—have personalities that do neither harm nor good except the third prince Acyl Claude (and his little sister, Angelica Iris), who has real achievements, ability, outward appearance, superior personality, and has earned the enthusiastic support of the citizens and part of the military.

By the way, the reason Hiyuki chose this country is none other than because ‘it has a lot of greenery and seemed peaceful’.


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