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Chapter 13 – A Single Blow

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Author: Sasaki Ichiro Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mado English Source: MadoSpicy TL
Editor(s): Crash

“Gilles de Rais!”

I summoned my beloved sword to my hand, a jet black sword with a transparent edge. It didn’t come from a special quest nor a boss drop but was created with the blacksmith skill — the strongest one with all ten successful reinforcements after more than thousand failed products. Even within the server, swords that can compete with it can be counted with the fingers on one of your hands. I grasped ‘Gilles de Rais’ with one hand.

By the way, there’s also an odd pervert in this world who successfully strengthened a rare sword that only drops once every 2,000 times from a level 120 boss, eight times! (He is one of my guild members though. As you would expect everyone stopped him before he strengthened it a 9th time). That’s why I can’t carelessly boast about my sword being the best.

“Rose of War Fire (Anne of Geierstein)!”

In an instant, the dress I wore disappeared, and changed into a dress with a black rose attached. (it had the same design since the crafter is the same) It was a bustier dress with more exposure around the collarbone. Even my socks changed into short lines that cover until above my knees.

This swordsman equipment was created from the highest level armor with eight successful reinforcements (I got cold feet in the middle though). It’s an exclusive equipment with a supplementation effect on agility, and critical hit!

“Blessing of Rose (la Vie en Rose)”

The black pouch on my waist disappeared, in exchange jet black wings growing from my back.

It’s not a transformation; this ‘Blessing of Rose (la Vie en Rose)’ is originally a boss drop called “Mantle of the Blue King.” In the hands of a crafter its appearance changed into that of a paid gacha item “The Wings of a Fallen Angel”. It’s a convenient item that increases agility, dexterity, plus Magic Attack.

“Steel Rose (Eiserne Jungfrau)!”

A black long glove appeared, the half fingers type, which covered my left hand till my upper left arm plus a fresh rose with a crawling ivy design on one side.

Even though the appearance was like that, it is a shield. It increased agility and vitality by a huge amount, an exclusive equipment that was just for me.

Moreover as my headdress, earrings, necklace, and shoes all changed into serious equipment, Tengai who followed after me let out a growl and also changed to human form with sparkling radiance.

However, different from his usual tuxedo appearance, now he is in his knight form wearing golden armour and carrying a great sword. (Pet’s best equipment, “Supreme Ruler” series) He can almost be mistaken as a king from somewhere.

Then, at the same time, three figures fall from the sky, together with Tengai surround me from four directions and kneel toward me.

“You’re late, Mikoto, Kokuyou, Utsuho!”

Hearing Tengai’s dissatisfied voice, the three of them bowed deeper. Mikoto—who as I thought didn’t wear her maid uniform but combat equipment which let out a silver shine, an armour which was more like a leotard with no additional cloth nor metal, a long boot of the same material, long gloves that cover half of her arms, iron alice band, and a sacred cane that’s taller even than herself—answer as their representative.

“It’s truly inexcusable for us to be late, princess.”

“Nevertheless this is the first battle with the princess after 100 years. The demon generals from the round table, and those who heard about this matter in the castle, nominated themselves one after another and made the discussions take longer.”

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Utsuho answered Tengai with a dull atmosphere while covering her mouth with her beloved folding fan. She is in human form as usual (if she was serious she could grow into a nine-tailed fox more than 50m long) and wears a shrine maiden outfit—though there are two white fox ears on her head, and from the cuff of her kimono nine pure white tails poked out.

“Humph. How much is the damage?”

Tengai threw a confirming glance toward Kokuyou who was equipped with black armour and a spear like always, added with a large shield (Pavis) of the same colour.

Wait, damage…?

“Worry not, I held back so no one died.”
“In exchange, the banquet hall and all rooms attached to it, and the corridor walls, all collapsed.”

Wait a sec—!! Is it a default that every discussion has to be preceded by a fist fight?!

“I see. If it’s only that much then it’s not a problem.”

Nonono, I think that’s a big problem!

I want to shout with all my might, I want to shout but…thinking about what I’ll do, I’m afraid they’ll rebut me with ‘You’ve no right to say that!’ I have no choice but to endure.

By the way we seemed to talk leisurely but actually during this time the subordinates of the Ogre King plunged forward, attacking. Even so, the four of them kill them with ease—even without looking—as if swatting a fly.

Tengai has the greatest firepower among all of my pets. Mikoto has the strongest healing ability (even so pets can’t use resurrection). Kokuyou, the strongest wall, has HP second only to Tengai, with outstanding vitality and superior resistance in all elements except light (as he is the dark element). And Utsuho is proficient in all elements except light and darkness.

Serious equipment and the four heavenly evil kings, actually these are preparations for level 90+ field, so this might be overkill… Well, it’s better being too strong than too weak. Let’s not mind it.

“—well then, the long awaited talk (battle) is here. It’s a bit unsatisfying but let’s go inspect our opponent, the Ogre King.”
The four heavenly evil kings salute and stand.

Well then, where’s our discussion partner~?


Since l won’t know by just looking, for now let’s go to into the densely packed monsters randomly.

10 minutes later—

I got lost.

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This place is way too wide! I can walk from one side to another (of a field) when this was a game in five minutes… Or rather perhaps our discussion partner was also moving? Even if I have auto mapping, since it didn’t show the enemy’s whereabouts it has no meaning right now.

If I had a ranger’s detection skill then I might be able to do something.

…Well there’s no use wishing on something that doesn’t exist. Since it has become like this then, let’s go with the usual pattern.

“I’m tired of walking. I’ll run so please cover me.”

Realizing what I mean the four heavenly evil kings look tense, but without waiting for a reply I already dashed out and reached top speed in one breath.

“Those who want to die, come!”

Well then, fundamentally current MMORPGs prohibit PK (Player Kill) (there’s also server that allows PKing though). For personal battles, either they need consent of both parties or they need to move to a place that allows for battles, though it doesn’t really matter for me.

The person in front of the monitor is human, so having grudges or jealousy is normal. That’s why most fights are against AI, and even some bosses have different ways to fight, in the end it’s basically a contest of strength or frankly “whoever can last longer” will win.

How much damage you can stand, and how much damage you can inflict.

And in the case where many players work together to beat a powerful enemy, it’s not an exaggeration to say that whether having someone to shield the whole party or not may become the deciding factor of the battle.

It’s really irrational but having ‘shield’, ‘restoration’ and ‘fire power’, these three types of roles may change the stability on a different level. Well, some occupations face misfortune because of this though.

And then my job is Sword Master and Saint, at a glance perhaps it’ll be useful as ‘restoration’ or ‘firepower’, but my race, ‘vampire princess’, has a special trait that actually reverses this advantage.

This ‘vampire princess’ race basically is a race that is suited for magic occupations or assassins, with high magic power, intelligence second only to angels, and having the highest dexterity and agility among all races. On the other hand, power related stats like strength and ‘toughness’ related stats vitality are lower even than normal humans, in short: paper armor.

That’s why I can’t be used as ‘fire power’. And then since ‘restoration’ is the most important part of the party because it can heal no matter how many teammates have died, ultimately it must have ‘toughness’ so they won’t die before their teammates. In short, with ‘vampire princess’ toughness level it also can’t be used.

Then it hit me.

In the end, if the attack doesn’t hit then it’s all ok right?

With that, rather than putting stat points to vitality, I increased the original strong point of the vampire princess race which was dexterity and agility until I reached level 99. Added with equipment bonuses, my speed and evasion rate reach terrifying values.

By the way, for monsters, the status only displays numerical values of HP, MP, attack and magic attack. I haven’t checked everyone’s stats but perhaps even if they level up it won’t be surprising that I’m still the fastest in Imperial Crimson.

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Nonetheless, no matter how fast numerically I am, if I can’t use it then it has no meaning—.

A group of ogres stand in my way. From Tengai’s and Mikoto’s hands, who chased after me right away, flew ‘lightning’ and ‘holy halo’ respectively—but it’s too slow.

Before their magic reached I had already jumped into the middle of that group, waving ‘Gilles de Rais’ in a flash, cutting numerous heads nearby while unleashing Sword Master skill “Seven Heavens Descend (The tip of the word splits into seven and kills several enemies in one hit). After I ran through them finally the ‘lightning’ and ‘holy halo’ hit their targets.

“Ooh! That’s our princess! In the olden days, even among 150 transcendence, she is the only one who could dodge all of my lightning!” Tengai raised a voice of admiration.

Uh-huh, originally in Eternal Horizon Online, hit detection and weak point damage were quite severe. However it seems this way of fighting suits me the best. During the Golden Dragon (Naga Raja) invasion, among 150 people who had reached counter stop and reincarnated 3 times, I was the only one who was able to evade all the rain of lightning from the sky that was released.

Though I end up receiving terrible remarks like, ‘Are you a human from the cosmic era?’ or ‘Your movement is impossibly abnormal’ or ‘This is the second formal cheat’…

That’s why if there’s a marathon match I think I’ll be able to win against almost every ordinary boss (Tengai is impossible though). Nevertheless my paper-thin defense hasn’t changed, that’s why if I receive an attack from a boss level monster it’ll only take one or two hits before I die. That’s why when I’m at the castle I can’t let my guard down, seriously.

Then, with this—after I beat them all, there are some proud looking orges—err when I checked their status window it’s Ogre Lord, are they Orge King’s close aides? They were surrounding an Ogre who was twice as big as them with five horns and was even wearing a breastplate. It’s none other than the Ogre King himself.

There’s no mistake.

Well, just in case let’s check its status win—dow….

“—Wha-what’s wrong, princess?!”

The flustered Tengai hugged me and stopped my shaking and staggering body.

Well, how should I say this… Because I saw something impossible, I became dizzy.

Ogre Princess
Race: Ogre Princess
Name: Sofia
HP: 1,800,000
MP: 520,000

※ If unmarried, it is a princess. After marriage it will become Queen.

“—er, are you perhaps a female?”

Hearing that the five horned Ogre’s face turned grim and she roared.

“Of course! Which part of me looks like a man!!”

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…I’m sorry. That grim face, that rock-like muscle, no matter where I look, I can’t make out any unmanly parts…

“Well it’s fine. –Now then, Ogre Princess, my name is Hiyuki Tokoshie, the ruler of the Kingdom of Unholy Light ‘Imperial Crimson’. I’ll give you two choices! What I can give you is either terror or power, namely will you swear obedience under this sword of mine, or you can try to stand before me and throw your life away in futility.”


Before I even finished my speech, all three Ogre Lords lost their tempers and came forward. Kokuyou swung his spear once, and the two of them had their bodies scattered till nothing was left of their original shape. There was only one left.

“How boorish.”

With one swing of Utsuho’s folding fan, a bright blue flame surrounded the surviving one, turning it to nothingness.

I, once again, point the tip of my ‘Gilles de Rais’ onto the Ogre Princess.

“Let’s hear your answer, Ogre Princess. Will you submit, or will you choose death?”

“Gugugugugu…!” She fell into anguish for a short period but, with a clanking sound she threw away the giant battle axe onto the ground, and fell to her knees.

“…I submit.”

“Hmpf, that’s a wise decision. I and my ‘Imperial Crimson’ welcome you with all our heart.”

Ah— that’s good. As I thought she is someone who is capable of discussions. To be able to settle this with discussions is the best.

…Well, it had become a sea of blood earlier, but since it’s legitimate self defense, that should not be a problem, yup.

“Rest assured, as long as you obey our princess, you will always have battles to fight and victories to celebrate.”

“Uh-huh, let’s dominate everything in this world, and reach even greater heights together with our princess!”

The Ogre princess showed an expression of both doubt and assurance hearing Utsubo and Tengai words.

Yeah, I know veeeeerrrryy well about that feeling. Since I’m the number one who doesn’t want to believe it.

“—even so, since us, the four heavenly evil kings, have finally descended to the surface, to end with just this, I feel a bit unsatisfied.”

Agreeing with Utsuho’s words, Kokuyou nodded vigorously.

“True, but fighting against humans won’t satisfy us. –er, if I remember correctly there’s a dungeon and a mountain where a white dragon dwells.”
“Ah, I missed dungeons. And I think I can enjoy fighting a white dragon.”
“Yeah, let’s strike while the iron is hot! Let’s go! —Oi newcomer, you come too. I’ll carve it into your eyes and your soul that our words are neither lie nor bluff!”

…What’s with this rapid development?

“Then Princess, let’s depart.”

Well, even if you say so, must I really go…? I’ve been considerably worn out mentally, I want to rest—wait, that would mean returning to the castle.

To the somehow half wrecked castle after a battle royale among our own people. Perhaps entering a dungeon or hunting field bosses is better.

“—then, let’s go.”

I take the lead in desperation. As always, I’m surrounded by four heavenly evil kings, and the Ogre Princess who picked up her battle axe again, following behind timidly.

With that, in one day we conquered the dungeon outside Alra city, the lord of white dragon mountain range, and had effectively taken control of three places, including the Great Forest—a quite substantial territory increase.


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