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Chapter 122: The Assault’s Aftermath and Fiiyanamia’s Power (Part 2)

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library

The possibility bothered me, so I asked Ciel about it. 「Since it’s Ain, I don’t really mind.」 she said.
In fact, Ciel then warned me that she’ll get mad if I act differently from now on out of concern. I’ll try not to be over-considerate.

Anyway, I’m personally fine with this arrangement as long as Ciel doesn’t stay up too late.

Now then, it’s nighttime. Called by Mother, we headed outside the manor.
There I saw one of the people we had defeated earlier in the morning.
As for the others who were with him, I can’t say for sure but they probably agreed with Mother’s exile order.
It doesn’t particularly interest me.

The man in front of us is likely the leader Triadol, since his clothes look particularly expensive.

Ciel positioned herself behind Mother and eyed the man as if he were just a rock.
Triadol angrily glared at both of them, but that was the extent of it.
Having been knocked out in the battle, he should know from experience not to try anything.

「Being the leader of this rebellion, I’ll say it to you once again:
Leave this district within the day, and within three days, leave the lands of Central.」

Clicking his tongue, Triadol answered, 「That’s impossible.」 and shook his head.
I honestly agree with him. He’ll probably need to do some packing, and the more affluent someone is, the more time that’s likely to take.

Still, they were the ones who picked a fight with us; handling the consequences is his responsibility. There’s no reason for us to be considerate of him.
I mean, Ciel and I wouldn’t have any problems if we were exiled with nothing but the clothes on our backs.
Having a whole day to prepare is merciful enough. Just spend the entire day to fill a magic pouch with as much food as possible and that should last you for a year, I think. You can also gather more food on-site.

「Is that because there’s still preparations to be made?
If that’s the case, that’s nothing to worry about.」

As Mother finished speaking, I heard an explosion far off in the distance. Turning toward its direction, there was smoke rising to the sky.
Seeing that as well, the leader’s eyes widened and his mouth started twitching uncontrollably.

I see, I get it.
That explosion must have come from his house.

「My, it appears you’ve realized what just happened. With this, there’s no need for you to prepare anymore, is there? Or might there be a few left?」

Following that, two more explosions echoed one after another.
The leader stared at Mother in disbelief; perhaps those were hidden safe houses or the like.
Someone of high status might certainly own a safe house or two.

But there’s no way to hide those from Mother.

「I believe you should understand by now, but if you go against my order, the next target will be you.」

Hearing Mother’s words, the man fell to the ground.
I hear a quiet laughter coming from him; it’s really eerie.
Leaving him, Mother returned to the manor, and Ciel followed her inside.
There, Ciel finally spoke.

「Is it possible for you to attack anyone anywhere within Central?」
「Yes, yes. That’s exactly right. As long as I can perceive my targets, there’s no reason for me to be incapable of attacking them.」
「You really are amazing, Fii.」
「This is simply the result of my experience and age.
You’ll be able to do the same eventually, Ciel.」

Since I can do something similar to Fii’s detection on a smaller scale, I might be to do that… But directly interfering with only one specific individual would be difficult.
If I don’t have to worry about the area around the target, then it might be doable.
Well, not that I’m even capable of attacking.

To begin with, the idea of using detection over the entirety of Central is just plain insane.

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Anyhow, in summary: as long as someone is within Central, their life is within Mother’s grasp.
Divine messengers are seriously anomalous existences.
It would be a different story if one could fend off Mother’s attacks, though.

「Besides, you’ll also become a god as Ain becomes one, correct?」
「I’ll be with Ain forever!」
「In that case, you might even grow capable of feats surpassing my own, you know?」
「I am merely a servant of the gods, after all.」

While that might be true, I can’t even imagine it happening.
Being the servant of the supreme deity, the Creator God, isn’t it possible for Mother to be more powerful than any regular god?
The source of my power is also the Creator God, though. I suppose she’s also considering that in regards to us potentially surpassing her.

Well, there’s no need to rush.
It’s not like we need to be more powerful than Mother.
I’m aware that our defenses are already excessive as they stand.

「With that said, you can do as you like from tomorrow on.」
「That’s true. What should we do tomorrow?」
『Shouldn’t the clothes be finished by now?』
『That’s right! Let’s go pick them up.』

Reminding Ciel of Shusii, who we haven’t visited due to the attack, she immediately perked up.
We haven’t been there for days; is that alright?
I’m sure we wouldn’t be unwelcome, but I hope she’s aware of our situation to some extent.

Come to think of it, I still don’t have a clue regarding what kind of clothes were made for me… Since Ciel designed them, I suppose it doesn’t matter what they are. I’m sure she wouldn’t give me anything weird.

*Are you really sure about that, though?* (Press X to doubt)

Continuing from last time’s awfully ominous cliffhanger: Yep, as expected, Ciel would not care if Ain having more freedom might potentially have side effects for her, lol. And in this chapter, we get a taste of Fii’s power. She’s literally a whole satellite guided weapon on her own. We don’t even see her magic or sorcery up close. In a different story, she’d be a major villain, because you seriously don’t give that sort of skillset to a protagonist’s ally. The only thing really limiting her from the cliché world domination is the fact that she’s tied to Central and has her own duties. When she said she doesn’t need the people, *she really meant it*.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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