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Chapter 119: Magic Pouch, Current Affairs, and Greetings (Part 1)

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Author: Himezaki Shiu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library

『And so it ended up like this.』
『You’re so amazing, Ain! Amazing!』

First thing early in the morning, I informed Ciel of the outcome of the magic pouch experiment and, for some reason, she was awfully impressed by it. While it indeed is something noteworthy, it still remains a failure — a work in progress at most.
While there won’t be issues with us using it, I genuinely wonder, is this really okay?

『We’ll have to exercise caution when using it, though. It could have disastrous consequences if someone uses it by mistake.』
『Wouldn’t that be their own fault, though?』
『True, it’s unlikely for people to accidentally use someone else’s magic pouch, but I sincerely don’t wish to witness the aftermath of a malformation…』

I’ve gotten accustomed to seeing blood, but the malformation thing is something else entirely.
I have absolutely no idea what it’ll result to. But if you ask me, I’d rather not witness the said results at all.
Even if it’s the result of someone getting their just deserts for attempted theft, please just let that happen out of our sight.

『I suppose that’s true. I’m a bit curious about it, but if Ain doesn’t want to see it, then it’s not worth wanting to see.』

Ciel says, but it’s still possible for us to encounter pickpockets, so we should take crime prevention seriously.
Which just means I should protect it with a barrier.

「My my. That’s quite an amazing thing she made.」
「Right? Ain is amazing!」
「Right, right. Ain is likely the only person who can make this in this realm, I imagine?」

At the breakfast table, we also informed Mother Fii about the magic pouch. More accurately, she found out that something happened and honestly it’d be weirder if she didn’t.
Anyhow, since she asked why exactly I was summoned by the creator god, we decided to explain it in detail.

After all, there’s no reason to hide it, and it’ll only be a problem if we’re not honest and she discovers it in the future.

Anyhow, I can only pray that her “only Ain can make something like this” didn’t actually mean “only Ain can make something as dysfunctional as this”.
It’s amateur work, so I’m sure there are some quirks with it. In fact, it even comes with the weird effect of whatever malformation is…

Yup. A magic pouch that alters living creatures that are put inside of it is definitely only something I can make. After all, this effect is the result of my limitation of being unable to use magic or divine power to cause harm.

『Come to think of it, mother doesn’t seem to actually know what exactly I did last night.』
『Now that you mentioned it, it does seem like it.』

Mother knew I was summoned by the creator god, but she seemed normally surprised when she saw the modified magic pouch.
While I was completely silent when I was working on it, everything happening within the manor should be known to mother.

「Fii, did you not know Ain was making this?」
「I could tell that Ain was undertaking something, but entering and seeing what’s inside of Ain’s barrier is impossible. The outer layers aside, the innermost layer is beyond my means.」
「Then Fii can’t tell what’s happening inside our room?」
「More accurately, I can’t sense the two of you inside your barrier. Still, I can at least hear your voice when you don’t block out your conversations.
On the other hand, this makes it easy to find where you two are.」
「I see. Understood.」

「I don’t really mind it, since there’s no need to be worried about you two.」 Mother added, but suddenly I think I saw an ominous glint in Ciel’s eyes.
She might have come up with bad ideas in her mind. With the things that Ciel does, I don’t intend to be against her unless necessity calls for it, but now that I’ve learned that Ciel likes putting me on the spot, I’m a bit scared.

She doesn’t want me to be genuinely troubled, though.
She just likes teasing me without reaching the point of actually angering me… I think.

「Would you mind lending me the magic pouch?」

Hearing mother’s words, Ciel tilted her head in confusion while still handing over the bag.
After staring at it for a while, mother then casually tries to put her hand inside, but then pulls back as if she was repelled.

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「It looks like it’s difficult to use even for me.」
「After all, Ain is superior in terms of defensive ability. No, in this case, it might not be strictly due to her defensive power.」
「In short, Ain’s amazing?」
「Yes, yes, of course. Ain is amazing.」

For some reason, I feel like I’ve been called amazing so many times today. It makes me feel uncomfortable the more I think about it, so I ignore it and ask Ciel to switch with me.
After putting on my accessories, mother spoke to me.

「Is there something wrong?」
「There is something I want to confirm.」

From her expression, it looks like she knows what I want to ask, but mother doesn’t talk about things unless deliberately asked. As for things that we can probably handle by ourselves, even when we do ask her, she doesn’t properly tell us about the details unless we’ve already done our research. There are some exceptions, but that seems to be her general teaching policy.

「Mother, when is the faction opposing you planning to attack?」
「When do you think it will be, Ain?」
「I don’t know their original plan, so I can’t be certain. But I believe that because the Amyulute incident has been spread to the point that it can’t be covered up, they’ll either decide to act quickly or observe the situation for a while.」

A future head of the family being towed around town is sure to be talked about. And no matter how much the upper class may try to cover it up on their end, there’s a limit to doing so. The point is, the fact that the Amyulute family lost against Fiiyanamia’s daughter has spread to the public.

While the anti-Fiiyanamia faction’s assertion is that mother Fii doesn’t work, at the end of the day, they are only united by their belief that mother might actually be weak in reality. Once that premise crumbles, it’s obvious that they’ll lose cohesive power.

With the recent incident, it’s now common knowledge that Ciel is powerful enough to easily counter the Amyulute family. In that case, their belief that mother is weak now has large cracks in it. After all, the Amyulute family was apparently influential.

So now their choices are limited between either launching an attack while there is still group cohesion or falling back to accumulate more strength for now, but personally I think they’d go with the former. Currently, it’d be wiser to choose the latter, but someone wise enough to choose that decision wouldn’t try to take mother down in the first place.

「Right, that’s right. They’re already making their move. There’s quite a number of them, so it appears that they can’t act immediately, but they’ll likely attack within a few days or so? It’s as anticipated, though.
I’ll be counting on you two when the time comes, alright?」
「So we really are going to the ones to deal with it.」
「I think it’ll be better for you in the long run, you know.」

『That sounds like it’s going to be annoying. But since Fii’s counting on us, I guess it can’t be helped.』
『There’s no reason to refuse either.』

Welp, seems like there’s going to be some idiots in need of correction coming in the next few chapters. Honestly I’m not sure if it’s better or worse for them to be against our girls instead of Fii at this point, lol.

Setting that aside, we revisit the main highlight of last week’s update, the insta-mutation pouch! Fii seriously just casually tried putting her hand inside it after being explained how eldritch it is. As expected of some angelic/divine spirit kind of being, nothing fazes her. Besides that, it’s interesting how Fii just openly said that she can’t see what’s happening within Ain’s barrier, but also how she’s like “It’s easy to find you two since you’ll be a walking void in my radar”, lol. Also, it’s funny how Ciel was just told of the horrific transformation the bag can cause and just thought “Well, I’d love to see it.” Never change, you curious little bean.

Now then, I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Please feel free to comment. Stay healthy, stay safe, and have a nice day~!


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