Chapter 48 – I’ve Given You Everything Good I Have

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After parting from Evergreen, I returned and carefully thought about this problem.

In addition to staying outside recently and teasing Shiloh, I’ve already aroused Aleya and Moon’s suspicions. Thus, I didn’t go out at all in the following few days and spent my time thinking about West-Resisting City’s future development path behind closed doors.

Two days ago, Moon sent news stating that despite the fact that the engineering project’s progress in the winter was clearly slower, the northern industrial base was successfully built. While it’s called an “industrial base”, it’s actually a small factory building, similar to an experimental field. The machine inside isn’t complicated at all, but the biggest breakthrough is that it can convert the fire magic that Felita uses into a stable electric current. Furthermore, there was a set of facilities built for chemical experimentation.

As for the purpose of this industrial base, Moon didn’t ask, so I didn’t speak.

In Moon’s point of view, this factory building is most likely my personal hobby, a toy. She doesn’t have a good understanding of the principles behind these facilities at all. Even if she thinks those mechanical bearings and caterpillar track revolving is “quite interesting”, she doesn’t attach too much importance to them. For Moon, there’s basically no difference between me building these things and other feudal lords building gorgeous palaces; in essence, they’re just ways to burn money. But my expenses are much smaller and might even be put to use one day in the future, so he permitted this part of spending.

But at the current stage, it is indeed true that it’s burning money.

I need to observe and study before I determine what this factory building will be producing in the future. Work will have to wait until spring of next year at the very least. Once the ice and snow all melts, there will be many more merchants passing through, thus allowing for the finished products to be sold off as soon as possible.

As for the Secret Division Organization, if I’m to boast shamelessly, then it is indeed impossible for Evergreen to do it all, but it’s something I can easily accomplish. In fact, this is even more of a walk in the park for me, but I can’t tell if this is heredity or not.

Actually, if this sort of personnel organization establishment job were to be left to Moon, an embryonic form would most likely be made in about 2 to 3 days. But I didn’t want Moon to get involved with this due to two main reasons. One, Moon’s current pressure is already high enough. Two, since it’s a Secret Division Organization, the lower the exposure level, the better. With how few times I appear in the public eye, Moon has already become West-Resisting City’s planner on the surface. Every day, he needs to come into contact with a great number of people.If I make him in charge of this matter, it’ll be very hard to keep it under wraps; just one careless mistake and it’ll leak out.

In addition, in my mind, I don’t hope for West-Resisting City’s Secret Division to have many relations with Moon. It would be for the best that their lines of command stay separate from each other. If I were to make Moon recruit people, those people would consider her to have had a promotion and it would be very hard to avoid arousing suspicion afterwards.

I sat alone in my office for several days, but there actually wasn’t much that I had written down. For the majority of the time, I spent it thinking to myself.

As a result, there was a rope that suddenly fell down in front of me three days later when I was propping my head up by my cheek and staring blankly into space. Following right after, Shiloh slid down the rope to stand in front of me. Due to it still being daytime, she hadn’t worn her nightwalking outfit and was still in her plain cotton clothing.

She fixed her eyes on me without saying a word.

I asked with a smirk:

“Aren’t you going to try stabbing at me?”

Shiloh half-heartedly stabbed her dagger over at me, which I gently blocked.

She then put away the dagger as if she had just finished her mission and inquired with an assertive tone:

“You haven’t gone out recently.”

I moved back into my seat while Shiloh’s body dexterously flipped 180 degrees in the air and ended up sitting on my desk. Afterwards, she put away the rope. She stared at me as if she wanted an answer and also appeared a little lonely. But these were just my guesses since her expression hadn’t changed at all during our exchange.

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I chuckled:

“It’s been quite busy lately. I’ll accompany you to go fishing next time. After we fish up a fish, I’ll cook it up for us; I’ll prepare it, chop it up, and place it into a pot of water so that we can make some soup. It’s a warm and refreshing feeling to gulp down a milky-white bowl of soup with chunks of fish and breathe out the excess heat. If you have time, we can go catch some goldbeard insect; it’s the type of small bug that hides in the soil under tree roots. They’re brightly colored and are very suitable for fishing bait.”

Shiloh softly nodded as her small feet swayed to and fro and she whispered:

“Need to roast fish too.”

Naturally, I agreed.

Shiloh folded her hands together, placing them between her legs, and sat before me for a while before she took a paper bag out of her clothes and handed it over to me. I took it and found that there was a warm steamed meat bun inside. No wonder I felt that there was something wrong with her today. I thought that puberty had hit her hard and caused her chest to grow quickly. Never did I expect that she was hiding something.

Shiloh said with stubbornness apparent in her voice:

“For you to eat.”

“I’m not……going to not eat. Thank you.”

I was thinking of saying that I wasn’t hungry, but I still gulped it down in large mouthfuls under the pressure of Shiloh’s unblinking gaze. The warm meat bun wasn’t as delicious as one that was fresh out of the pan, but I wasn’t very the type to be picky with my food. After I finished eating, I used my handkerchief to clean off the grease by the corner of my lips and then asked:

“You came to give me this?”

Shiloh cutely nodded.

She explained very simply:

“I discovered two copper coins when I woke up. So I bought this.”

It was probably someone who was unable to continue watching her sleep outside without eating at such a young age.

I recalled that two copper coins was only barely enough to buy one such steamed bun, so I asked her:

“Have you not eaten?”

Shiloh shook her head.

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I rubbed her head and told her:

“Wait a minute, I’ll make something for you to eat.”

When I arrived in the kitchen, I found that there wasn’t much remaining. I fried up a bowl of rice, but when I returned to my room, I found that Shiloh was no longer there. I looked up and down, left and right, and after making sure that she wasn’t hiding in some corner, I placed the bowl of fried rice on the table. It was at this moment that Bai Huang coincidentally pushed open the door and came in with a question:

“Ah, where did you go just now?”

I pointed at the fried rice on the table and replied:

“Hungry, made something to eat.”

Bai Huang made an “oh” sound and told me:

“If you have nothing to do for these next few days, then don’t go out to wander around aimlessly. Someone appears to have found the assassin’s tracks. There’s a big search going around in the city right now. I’ll be taking Heji away with me and leaving Aleya and Felita by your side to protect you. You should be like those young misses cooped up in their bedrooms learning things. It would be for the best if you don’t even take a single step outside and just leave everything outside to me.”

I questioned her without thinking:

“How did you find out? Didn’t you say that the assassin is a skillful one?”

Bai Huang answered:

“I don’t know, it’s reported that someone saw her when she was buying steamed buns. It’s really weird, what is an assassin like her going to the downtown area to buy steamed buns for? Isn’t this action the same as surrendering herself? With such a high gold bounty on her, everyone in the city has been watching for her recently……how boring. I didn’t expect for this matter to end like this. I feel like I haven’t even used any of my power and yet she’s already done for. Forget it, we’ll have peace and security once we catch her anyway. You busy yourself with whatever, just wait for my good news!”


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