Chapter 36 – Certified Translator Slime Has Come Online

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Morning of the next day, I used the excuse of strolling in the vicinity and left the city alone to take the slime with me to Demon Race Territory.

Although the slime’s strength has had a considerable improvement and can be said to have surpassed many low-level Demons like goblins and the sort, the aggro it attracts from all Demons still hasn’t changed. It seems that in the view of Demons, it’s a tasty dango that every Demon is looking forward to biting into.

Because I didn’t bring a weapon along, my ‘grass harvesting’ efficiency wasn’t able to keep up with Aleya’s, so I wasn’t in the mood to get entangled with those low-level Demons. Instead, I went straight into the lairs of those stronger Demons. For example, those two-to-three meter tall Giant Multi-colored Spiders or those Large-sized Porcupines that are born with sharp spikes all over. I would basically hammer the opponent’s head in the instant I saw them, striving to kill them in one blow, thus also giving them a painless one. Afterwards, I threw it over to the slime for cleanup.

Staying outside overnight would make Aleya and the rest worry, so in the middle of the afternoon, after I killed the last Level 6 Demon【Steel Feathered Falcon】in the surroundings, I first plucked off several of its most important feathers. Their purpose is to be one of the source materials for making armor for Aleya. Then, I threw the rest of the Steel Feathered Falcon over to the slime.

Aleya’s birthday is coming up soon, so I need to prepare properly. My tentative idea is to make a suit of lightweight, portable, and strong armor for her, so naturally I’ll confiscate whatever fitting materials I see.

The slime expressed dissatisfaction towards my act of ‘stealing and hoarding’, but still let out a joyous sound when it gorged itself:

“MmmMmMMm……it’s really delicious……this king can sense his own power rising continuously. If this continues, then I’ll be able to escape from this *******’s evil clutches very soon……nonono, I still need to endure it for now. This king must continue to endure and look for an opportunity to sneakily escape……wuu……delicious. Feels like next month is getting closer fast……”

After it completely swallowed the Steel Feathered Falcon’s corpse, the slime jumped onto my head and lay on it.

I was unable to stop myself from feeling it and asked:

“You’re not going to eat my hair too, right?”

The slime protested:

“This king is simply lying here! If I wanted to eat, then I would wait until I’m strong enough to swallow you whole. Eating hair won’t make me stronger.”

It groaned for a while, then suddenly commented dejectedly:

“When will this king be stronger, sigh. Why speak about eating you when I can’t even beat those low-level Demons.”

I asked:

“When you’ve become stronger, what do you plan on doing?”

The slime replied as-a-matter-of-factly:

“I’ll go find those guys in the sky and take revenge. This king conscientiously worked for them ever since he was born. The result? When this king lost his value, they ruthlessly killed this king. When this king returns, this king will kill them too. Oh, speaking of which, boy, you have quite the good aptitude. When this king attacks the Spirit Realm, this king will seal you as……mm……the Suicide Squad’s First Vanguard! ……Ouch.”

I slapped its head and the slime obediently closed its mouth.

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It lazily lay on top of my head and its originally formless body became more like a spread-out sphere. I reckoned that it would evolve again when we returned this time, but that’s just a level up to Level 3. Its distance from Aleya and Felita’s level is still very far. If it can’t even be counted as one of West-Resisting City’s main combat forces, then there’s even less of a need to talk about making its own dreams come true.

But the current West-Resisting City still doesn’t have a use for it, so it has sufficient time to become stronger. Compared to Aleya and the others, the slime’s method of becoming stronger is the simplest. There’s no need for it to train and it encounters no bottlenecks when breaking through and its growth curve is very smooth. All it needs to do is eat/

After returning, the slime kept his promise. It acted as if it were pondering for a while, then said:

“Oh. This king remembers, isn’t it just ancient writing. Bring it over to this king and this king will know its meaning. Such an insignificant trifle is naturally not a problem for this king. Hmph hmph.”

I originally wanted to bring the slime over to Felita, but after some careful thought, I remembered that Felita’s the child of a human and Demon. In contrast, the slime is the Demon Race aggro-attracting【God Era Weapon】. I feel a bit uneasy to let the two meet, so after considering the pros and cons, I ultimately went to take some of Felita’s recently read ancient texts for the slime to translate.

“Oh, mm……this section, this section’s meaning is more or less about saying prayers to the Sun God. It’s one of the magics to clear up the weather. But the probability of a successful cast isn’t too high. In fact, the success rate of weather magic generally isn’t too high and moreover, it consumes a lot of magic power. This magic is the inverse magic to praying for rain. Usually, it’s used to call the sun out when the rainy season lasts for too long and starts to flood crops. The chant is……”

“As for this section. Let this king take a look……oh. This section will be very difficult. According to your view, that sorcerer is roughly at the middle of Level 5? It would be best for her to not come into contact with this magic. This magic is for turning the earth into a giant. For all magic, it’s easier to destroy than to create; it’s easier to cast substance-less magic than it is to cast substantial magic. From this point of view, it’s very difficult to give a molded earthen giant its own ‘consciousness’. She can go learn this once she reaches Level 7.”

“Make her stop studying this book. This book is about the past, it’s about sorcery; it’s about research on the underworld and reincarnation, have you heard about it? For research on methods to resurrect people, several lives isn’t enough. Except for some brain-damaged people that still believe in this branch of knowledge, the majority of sorcerers regard such a book as a banned book.”

“This section, that sorcerer annotated it wrong. This here isn’t ‘using wind as a blade’ but rather ‘use when the wind is like a blade’; that is, it’s magic that can only be used in stormy conditions. Let this king take a look……this section here is magic used in the ancient times for exploring hurricane eyes, there shouldn’t be use for it in these modern times.”

The slime extended two tentacles from its sides and flipped through a book that was about its own size. After flipping through the book, it went to flip through the next book. I, on the other hand, wrote down the comments it made, then placed paper clips on corresponding pages. After about half an hour passed, it had flipped through all of the books on the table once. The slime retracted its tentacles and lazily commented:

“All I’ve done is given it a rough translation, however much understood will depend on that sorcerer’s perception. For a thing like magic, you either have extremely high talent and can learn it by yourself by reading books or you’ll need to find a guide on it. In fact, there are practically none in the world that can learn magic through self-study. The foundational initiation is already had enough, let alone self-studying these ancient tomes.”

As the slime spoke, it laid onto the floor and said:

“This king is sleepy……this king is going to sleep. Don’t bother this king anymore in the short time, quickly leave.”

It was acting like this place is its own domain, as if it’s the boss here.

But it did, after all, play a fairly important role today, so I didn’t mind it too much. I carried these translated ancient texts and returned.

I don’t know if this will be able to help Felita. It would be wonderful if it helps her relax a little.


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