Chapter 24 – The First Line Said Every Day When Getting Out Of Bed

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

Even though the darkness made it a little hard to see, I knew that her expression was certainly a “wonderful” one.

I took out a piece of flint from my pocket, sat on the ground, and mumbled:

“Wait a minute, I’ll make a fire. It’s a bit too dark.”

Before my voice even fell, the sound of the air being broken through abruptly echoed out.

I lifted up hand and used two fingers to pinch the dagger that was piercing towards my head and told the assassin:

“Didn’t I tell you to wait a minute?”

The force holding the dagger lightened; it was clear that the assassin had released the knife and quickly retreated.

I casually threw her dagger to the side.

Once I was able to catch fire, I ignited a torch and lifted it up in my hand, finally bringing a bit of light to the night.

With the firelight, I could see another exactly-alike dagger in the assassin’s right hand. Meanwhile, her left hand was stuck to her lips and her five fingers spread out to cover the lower half of her face. For the first time, her lifeless eyes had a slight emotion showing how at her wits’ end she was.

The current her resembled the just-now Heji with how her body was stretched taut and her eyes staring intently at every action I made.

I had just walked forth half a step when she suddenly moved the dagger before her body and gazed at me with vigilance.

It was at this time that some people in the distance holding torches ran over here.

Voices sounded out:

“I can’t find sir Bai Huang anywhere, maybe……”

“Don’t talk nonsense! Everyone’s searching all around, we must guarantee sir Bai Huang’s safety!”

“If you run across the assassin, don’t be impulsive by any means! You guys search over there, you guys, follow me!”

Not good.

If these people accidentally see this scene, what’s going to happen?

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Bai Huang, Heji, and Aleya, these three powerhouses are lying unconscious on the ground while that always useless City Lord is confronting that rumored god-like assassin.

——So it turns out that our City Lord is actually very strong~

It could be predicted that this scene would be widely circulated amongst the masses very soon and I would become the next target for Apotheosis, as well as the ‘super City Lord’ that the masses expect. Moon would treat me as important combat power to squeeze dry and make me wake up at five, sleep at nine every day after that; wake up earlier than roosters, sleep later than dogs, dedicate my everything at every moment for the rise of West-Resisting City……

No! I don’t want to live that kind of life!

A future without freeloading and reaping what I didn’t sow is not the future that I want!

While I was a little distracted, the assassin girl suddenly threw the dagger in her hand at me. I instinctively tilted my head to avoid it, but it was actually the torch in my hands that was instantaneously cut off, causing the burning top to fall onto the ground. It quickly died out. The surroundings once again recovered its pitch-black state.

In a mere few seconds, her aura disappeared far away.

Soldiers quickly found this place.

“Look! There’s someone on the ground!”

“It’s sir Bai Huang! Sir Bai Huang is unconscious!”

“Sir Heji and sir Aleya are also present! Heavens, what happened here? The surroundings are riddled with holes……”

“It’s too late to sigh, saving people is more important!”

There were also people who were clearly attempting to take advantage of this crisis for personal gain:

“Sir City Lord taught us that artificial respiration should be done at a time like this! Get out of the way, I’m coming!”

“Me too!”

“Me three!”

“Count me in as well!”

“I’ll help sir Heji with artificial respiration!”

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“All of you, stop being noise! In a time like this, why isn’t there a sense of nervousness? I announce……that I’ll do it!”

In the midst of all the noise, Bai Huang dazedly woke up.

Possibly due to the assassin not acting against her too heavily, Bai Huang was the earliest to wake up. Hearing the chaotic surroundings, she slapped the closest soldier to her on the head. That soldier jumped up in fright, then knelt down and said with a low voice:

“Y-you’ve woken up. This is really great, we were just discussing……”

Bai Huang covered her forehead, swaying as she stood up, and asked:

“Why are you all here. The assassin?”

A soldier replied:

“Don’t know. We weren’t able to get into contact with you, so we went to search all over. When we arrived here, you and sir Heji, as well as sir Aleya, were all unconscious. As for anything else, we haven’t seen anything.”

Bai Huang hurriedly turned her head and shouted:

“The rations and fodder? Are they fine?”

One of the soldiers lifted up his torch, walked in and made a round before returning and reporting:

“Reporting to sir Bai Huang, the rations and fodder are still present.”

Bai Huang let out a sigh of relief.

At this time, Heji also woke up. He got up with a fierce start and loudly asked:

“Sir Bai Huang? Is sir Bai Huang okay?”

The first thing on Heji’s mind when he woke up was Bai Huang’s safety while the first thing on Bai Huang’s mind when she woke up was the assassin’s whereabouts and the safety of the army provisions……how miserable.

I carried the iron bucket that now had the assassin’s two daggers, her original mask, as well as the torch pieces that had been chopped into two, and quietly jumped down from the roof. Taking advantage of the soldiers flocking to the granary, I detoured away from this trouble spot and returned to my City Lord’s mansion. The security guard at the gates bowed and sent his regards upon seeing me. I swaggered into my City Lord’s mansion like someone who hadn’t encountered anything and buried the iron bucket with evidence in the garden. Afterwards, I yawned and walked towards Aleya’s room.

When I passed by the library room, I found that there was still light inside.

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The door wasn’t sealed shut, so I poked my head in to take a look. Upon doing so, I discovered Felita still sitting before the table, holding a book in her hands and studying with great difficulty. I say ‘with great difficulty’ because her expression was considerably painful, just like the facial expression my younger sister, from before my transmigration, showed when she came into contact with quantum mechanics. The type of feeling you get when you know it’s super difficult yet don’t want to give up learning. Felita clenched her teeth as she read word for word and tried comprehending these challenging and cryptic things.

When she couldn’t fight her eyelids anymore and was about to fall asleep, Felita tenaciously bit her lip and forced herself to open her eyes and study.

She really desires to become stronger.

I didn’t disturb her and continued to walk into Aleya’s room. Aleya’s room was quite plain and simple, there was basically nothing for decorations. Apart from a clothes rack, sofa, bed, and cabinet, there was practically nothing else in the room. In fact, there was even a sense of emptiness. I took off my clothes, hung them on Aleya’s clothes rack, and drilled my way into her quilt.

Indeed a familiar texture, indeed a familiar smell!

As thoughts about the assassin floated through my mind, I fell asleep without knowing when.

When I woke up early the next day, I went to feel the space next to me and felt a familiar warmth within reach.

There were many bandaged areas on Aleya’s body, but she was still nicely lying next to me, sharing the same bed and quilt with me. But her sleep wasn’t very deep; the moment I touched her, Aleya’s eyes opened and went to look at her surroundings speedily. Only upon seeing me did her expression soften.

I asked her while pretending to know what happened last night:

“What’s the matter? Why are you injured?”

Aleya shook her head and softly replied:

“It’s nothing, young master. It’s just a small injury, it’ll heal very soon.”

After checking up on her injuries with pretend seriousness, I indeed discovered that it wasn’t too serious, so I said:

“You’re injured yet you decided to sleep with me. Were you not afraid that I would roll over and press down on your injuries?”

Aleya smiled slightly and responded:

“Not sure where the assassin went……as for me, only if I’m by young master’s side will I feel at ease.”

I understood that her “at ease” was not because I could protect her or that she could protect me. It was merely because if the assassin really did act out against me, she could put up a final struggle to protect me, to display her utter loyalty to me, to die before me and create an opportunity for me to escape.

I rubbed her hair, got out of the bed, and spoke as I put on my clothes:

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“Just rest well since you’re injured. I’ll go help you make some breakfast. I’ll be boiling some lean meat congee today; it just so happens that I haven’t consumed it in a long while.”

Aleya turned her head to the side to look at me, then queried me out of nowhere:

“Young master, is there a way for me to become stronger fast? Whatever the price that needs to be paid……it doesn’t matter.”


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