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Chapter 21 – The Figure In The Night

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After experiencing the inescapable net created by comrade Little Huang, I didn’t feel the slightest fluctuation in my heart and instead felt a little like laughing. But since we’re here, I may as well take it easy. I took out the self-made poker cards out of my pocket, sat on the ground, and began teaching Aleya and Bai Huang how to play ‘Fight the Landlord’.

Perhaps due to her family circumstances, Bai Huang would grab the landlord every time while Aleya and I played the roles of commoners to compete against her. But Bai Huang also happens to have the concurrent identity of rebellious disciple of luck with extraordinarily good luck. When playing cards, she didn’t need to use her brains at all and instead crushed us with her luck, leaving Aleya and I with no fun game experience.

Thus, Aleya and I started expressionlessly exchanging cards afterwards and exchanged for whatever we didn’t have. On top of that, Bai Huang would occasionally play the stupidest hand, so Aleya and I would taste the fruits of victory time to time.

Time spent on entertainment usually slips by quickly, so it was soon dead into night with every family already fallen asleep and no pedestrians on the streets. Bai Huang dazedly threw out a pair of 2s and said:

“I’m a little 2, no, I’m a little sleepy.”1

She flung her head around, slapped her face twice, and tried her hardest to keep her eyes wide open:

“How come that assassin still hasn’t come, don’t tell me she was scared away by my battle array? That’s right, I forgot to consider this issue; what if she chooses to evade me upon seeing how strong I am? We can’t always stand guard here every night. To be honest, you two’s level at playing cards is more than one level behind this grand aunt. I’ll feel sorry if I oppress you two like this every night.”

“Why is your focus on this!!”

I tsukkomi’d then thought for a bit and remarked:

“We can call over Heji tomorrow evening and the four of us can play mahjong.”

Bai Huang curiously asked:

“What’s that?”

I drew several four-sided blocks and replied:

“It roughly looks something like this and is something four people can play together. I’ll let you experience it another day.”

After chatting for a while, I also began feeling sleepy. The main thing is that the weather’s turned cold and already isn’t not that kind of beautiful midsummer night anymore. Cold wind blew over, making my entire body shiver. I thought for a bit, then inquired Aleya:

“Aleya, do you know what people do when they’re dying on a snowy mountain?”

Aleya honestly replied:

“I’ve never seen much snow, so I don’t know.”

Sigh, pitiful southern child.

I gave her a sympathetic glance then said:

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“They’ll hug for warmth. So, I’m a little cold right now, do you understand my meaning?”

Aleya stood up, walked over to my side, and sat down. Then, she silently stretched out her arms and hugged me.

Now this is a bit warmer.

Bai Huang indignantly threw down the cards in her hands onto the ground and shouted:

“I……hmph. Double kings!!” 2

I spread out my hand in front of me and said:

“Fine fine fine, you win.”

Bai Huang crossed her arms and sorrowfully commented:

“I feel like I lost……in terms of the meaning of life.”

She thought for a while, then suddenly remarked out of nowhere:

“Sigh, it would be great if Heji was a woman.”

I nearly choked to death on my saliva. I recalled that Heji told me that he was in love with Bai Huang for several years all of the sudden. Immediately, the gossiper in me livened up and I probingly asked:

“Little Huang, ah, what do you think of Heji?”

Bai Huang slanted her head and responded:

“I quite like him.”

Aiyoh, promising.

I rubbed my hands and just as I was about to investigate more, I heard Bai Huang continue her words:

“He’s obedient, sensible, has pretty good looks, and his ability is sufficiently fine. He’s also quite devoted to me and out of all those in the Yun Hai Convoy, I consider him to be the most pleasing in my eyes. But, how do I say this, I think that he’s a good person. The only problem is that he isn’t a girl, so I can’t hug him as I want, sigh.”

The rubbing of my hands instantly stopped and they just so happened to be in position for a prayer, so I silently mourned for Heji for three seconds.

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How cold, brother!

However, after some careful thought, it appears as if Bai Huang doesn’t have much in the emotion department for relationships between men and women. It was that way when I was in Yun Hai as well. When I helped her put on makeup and taught her how to dance, there were actually quite a few times that we were in physical contact. But she fundamentally didn’t seem to care about it at all, completely appearing to have the character of a tomboy. I’m not sure if she should be said to be overly carefree or an EQ idiot. In any case, she’s certainly excellent as friend material, but to like such a girl means that there’s bound to be countless hindrances on the road to pursuing her. Moreover, this road will definitely be very long and may very well end in tragedy.

Well, this doesn’t have anything to do with me.

Just as I was letting my imagination run wild, a sudden gust of wind blew by. Perhaps it was a bit too cold since I inexplicably shivered.

But I very quickly discovered that it wasn’t because it was cold.

Someone’s coming.

I’m unclear of what direction, but the person should be some distance from us. But there indeed should be something approaching here.

I glanced at the at-ease Aleya and Bai Huang and knew that they shouldn’t have perceived it, so I simply made my facial expression maintain normality. Bai Huang even asked me while packing up the playing cards:

“What, you’ve started trembling from the cold? A pampered and spoiled child since childhood like you should hurry back and obediently go to sleep, not stay up all night.”

Aren’t you just one year older than me!

I tsukkomi’d in my mind, but the words that came out of my mouth were:

“Where would I even go to sleep, wouldn’t I just be returning to sleep on bed planks? I’m just going to use the bathroom.”

I stood up, so Aleya also stood up and still maintained her hugging posture from behind.

I helplessly turned my head and said:

“It’s okay, Aleya. I’m much warmer now.”

Only then did Aleya loosen her embrace.

I exhorted her again and again:

“Aleya, I might go stroll all over the place in a moment. If I get sleepy, I might even directly go back to sleep. You stay by Bai Huang’s side; prioritize and carry out her orders. If the assassin really does act, she’ll definitely first aim for the rations and fodder, so there’s no need to worry about my safety. Also, I’ll be borrowing your bedding tonight.”

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Aleya nodded. Bai Huang opened her arms very happily and told Aleya:

“Come, Aleya, come to me! I’m also cold!”

Aleya hesitated for a while, but didn’t take the initiative to hug Bai Huang. However, she also didn’t refuse being hugged by Bai Huang.

I temporarily didn’t have the leisure time to appreciate this ‘lily blooming’ scene. I got up, yawned, and walked into the distance. Once I was some distance away from Aleya and Bai Huang, I began exerting myself in perceiving where that indistinct aura came from. But the counterparty was clearly an experienced person and the level of mastery in moving stealthily was much higher than I anticipated. On top of that, Bai Huang’s foolishly and chaotically placed traps of all sorts also greatly restricted my course of action. I fumbled around for quite a while yet still wasn’t able to find the assassin’s whereabouts.

But not too long after, I suddenly discovered a sentry post that was empty inside. I walked over in bafflement and discovered a soldier lying on the ground, but hadn’t given rise to any disturbance. I searched my surroundings and with the help of a bit of light, I found that the two threads had already been cut off and were tied onto two guardrails. The other soldiers standing on sentry guard didn’t sense the slightest bit of anything wrong, still thinking that their companion was safe and sound.

I slapped my forehead.

And this is why I call Little Huang an idiot……



  1. 2 is also slang for ‘stupid’ in Chinese, so she accidentally said ‘I’m a little stupid’.
  2. Don’t know how to translate the hand she played, just know that it defeats everything on the playing field.
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