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Chapter 18 – Heavy Burden Training Begins

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

I feel like I always meet many unlucky things.

When I reincarnated as some landowner’s foolish son, I felt that my situation was pretty good. I could act half-mad, half-foolish, eat and drink whatever I wanted to, and this was how I thought my life was going to pass by. I wholly did not expect myself to once again get embroiled in some family conflicts. After escaping with great difficulty and making my way into West-Resisting City, I was then ambushed from three sides, leaving me at the end of my tether. After establishing Moon was the ‘inner lord’ and Fang Thirteen as the ‘outer lord’, I thought I could finally heave a sigh of relief, but who would have expected another damn assassin to appear.

To be honest, I’m not actually afraid of any assassin. When I was in Yun Hai, Bai Feng’s Level 9 Spearman, Nels, thrusted his spear at me, but I wasn’t afraid at the time either. The assassin targeting us right now clearly hasn’t reached Nels’ level, so it’s only natural that I wouldn’t be afraid of her.

The problem is that in such a large city, I shouldn’t be the one always counted on for something.

Thus, I decided to use this assassin to give everyone present some ‘heavy burden training’.

For example, Aleya practices the sword of murder and the reason for why she practices it is to protect me.

But the problem is that I haven’t really had my life threatened even when we were still in Lingyun City. Even though that retarded older brother of mine kept troubling me over and over, all of those troubles were basically solved by my lonesome while Aleya was left in the dark.

Thus, even if I always frighten her by saying “if you don’t train hard enough then my head will be chopped off by another”, the hidden potential within Aleya’s body hasn’t ever been displayed at its peak.

Some time ago when Aleya and I ran into that Red-mane Bear in Demon Territory, that was probably the closest Aleya ever saw me getting to a ‘true’ life or death moment in these years. After that fight, Aleya’s power grew a lot and made me experience the sweet taste of success——it turns out that so long as I place myself into a dangerous situation, Aleya’s hidden potential will burst out in full after she saves me and her strength will start growing just like how weeds do in a garden.

No wonder that master in Journey to the West would allow himself to be captured every day; he was waiting for the great master brother to save him. So it turns out it was like this!

It seems like old chap Sanzang was a real man who put a lot of thought into his actions like me!

The more I thought, the more I felt it to be reasonable. With the assassin within the city, the one bearing the most pressure should be Bai Huang. She’s the one responsible for public security in the city, so she has the most need to search for the assassin and find her as soon as possible. Next in line is Aleya and Felita. These two are considered to be West-Resisting City’s highest combat power and put protecting me as their first priority. This will force them to become stronger. Then, we have Moon. He has to make accurate judgements in response to any perilous situation that happens within the city.

The most wonderful part about this is that with me as the one secluded behind the scenes, West-Resisting City’s situation won’t ever thoroughly go out of control.

So it can be said that this situation is the most suitable environment for them to rapidly increase their strengths.

With my thoughts at this point, I was actually kind of grateful to this assassin that had decided to visit West-Resisting City at this time. But this joy wasn’t to be expressed in words, so I maintained my still-anxious look and said:

“I actually think that since this assassin merely infiltrated into my room and left a note, not even directly moving me, then at the very least, her primary target isn’t me. Therefore, our top priority now is to respond to her next actions, not my personal safety.”

Moon spoke in agreement:

“It indeed is so.”

While everyone was more or less in a state of panic, Moon was the first to calm down and turned to comfort Aleya and Felita:

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“Although I know the two of you are very worried about sir City Lord’s safety, the situation is just as you two said. During the time that assassin single-handedly infiltrated the barracks, she was able to nearly assassinate Fang Thirteen successfully, able to face your attacks and many others, and able to still escape the situation unscathed. If she really had any designs on sir City Lord, then it wouldn’t be something that the several of us would be able to obstruct; it would be something we could only leave up to the will of heaven. The problem now is that there isn’t much time before nightfall and regardless of it being an overt warning or luring us out of our base, it’s very possible that the assassin will take action tonight. How we confront this enemy next is our top priority.”

Bai Huang put the note into her hand and studied it over and over for a while, then said:

“I’m also a little unable to guess our situation. Argh……really!! How can one assassin have so many tricks, is she looking down upon me? Speaking of which, isn’t this assassin supposed to be making trouble for Fang Thirteen on the front line? Why run over to West-Resisting City?”

A moment of silence later, Moon turned to ask Aleya:

“Did that assassin only show up when Rivet City was about to be broken into?’

Aleya nodded.

Moon continued inquiring:

“Then she infiltrated into the military tent in the late of night to attempt to assassinate Fang Thirteen. After being discovered by you, she first overpowered you then didn’t continue to kill Fang Thirteen while she was at it and just left?”

Aleya nodded again.

Moon frowned. After a while, she sighed and said:

“It seems that after you guys left, Fang Thirteen continued attacking the city without regard for that fellow.”

Bai Huang asked incredulously:

“Are you for real? She hasn’t joined West-Resisting City for long, so why would she bet her life here? Aleya and Felita have returned; if that assassin is determined to kill her, then she’ll die on the spot without even a struggle.”

Moon wryly smiled as he looked at me and said:

“There isn’t any other explanation apart from this……you’re really skilled in making another family’s little young lady be dead set on you. She’s only known you for one month, right? I used to think that she was willing to help at best, that it was going to be very hard to make her go all-out. I didn’t expect for her to be willing to even sacrifice her life to you. But it’s clear that she’s bet correctly since that assassin didn’t plan on killing her. Seeing her attack without a care for her life, the assassin came to West-Resisting City to find a way to make her stop.”

Bai Huang clapped her hands:

“This grand aunt understands. Actually, there was no need to think so much from the start, her purpose is to disgust us and prevent us from expanding eastwards. If she can’t go down Fang Thirteen’s route, then the next best thing is to sneak into town and burn the rations and fodder. That way, we’ll have no choice but to be on the defensive and prepare ourselves to get through the winter.”

But in a blink of an eye, Bai Huang held the note and pondered aloud with skepticism apparent in her voice:

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“That shouldn’t be. Then couldn’t she just go burn down our provisions alone? There should be no need to do something superfluous like leaving us this note?”

Moon responded:

“I suppose there are two possibilties. One is that the person who left the note and the assassin aren’t the same person, that there’s an additional party who wants to remind us of danger. The other possibility is that this is the assassin’s declaration of war. She wants to tell us that even if we know this in advance, we won’t have any solution for it.”

Bai Huang slammed the table:

“How could there be such a coincidental matter, for there to be someone to help us while someone else is here to burn our foodstuffs? I feel that she isn’t putting me, Yun Hai’s Bai Huang, in her eyes! Come, Heji, let’s go meet that fellow. I’d like to see what kind of person dares to bully the place this grand aunt is staying. If I don’t beat her until she has a pig-like head, then I might as well change my name from Bai Huang to Bai Zhanji!” 1

Heji, who was at the side, gave me a helpless look that clearly told me——

“I won’t be able to ******* beat this assassin!!”

I briskly shrugged my shoulders and motioned for him to play it by the ear.

Heji hesitated for a moment, then chased after Bai Huang.



  1. Huang in Chinese means phoenix in this case. Zhanji in this case means ‘chopped chicken’.
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