Chapter 7 – First ‘Half-Year Plan’

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

After Felita woke up, I resolved myself to convene West-Resisting City’s first ever ‘Administrative Committee Conference’.

While I call this a ‘conference’, it’s actually just me, Aleya, Felita, Moon, Lugh, and two of Moon’s team. The main purpose these two team members had was to record the contents of the meeting and transmit the spirit of this being an actual ‘conference’.

But the topic of discussion of this first ever conference was about a matter of life and death, so it could be regarded as a conference that surpassed all conferences ever.

The first one to speak was me, and the words that came out of my mouth were as following:

“Felita, stop standing behind me and hugging me so lovey-dovey, sit down.”

The second one to speak was also me, and the words that came out of my mouth were as following:

“Also stop sitting on my legs, your seat is over there.”

The third one to speak was also me, and the words that came out of my mouth were as following:

“Don’t record those two sentences I spoke, cross them out!”

Moon’s two assistants cleverly crossed out those two records. Felita returned to her own seat in despair, her entire person seeming to lose all power as she lay paralyzed on the table. Can’t be helped, I was forced to change her and Moon’s seat; from his original position on my right-hand side, Felita became the one there. After the two of them switched positions, Felita weakly laid her head on my shoulder, but her eyes were actually bright and full of expression. She resembled a smartphone with 1% left then suddenly plugged with a charging wire.

On the other hand, the just-exchanged-seats Moon fell silent with a stiff face.

Seeing how stiff the atmosphere before me was, I was forced to make the prompt decision of diving straight into the official topic of matter:

“The current situation of our West-Resisting City isn’t very good. According to my years of experience over at Yunyang Territory, my seasoned intuition tells me that my dad will most likely decisively abandon West-Resisting City. The number of enemies he’s made over these past few years isn’t small, nor is the number of times he’s abandoned his own soldiers to defend himself. Chances are, he’ll throw us at Zhao Chen and save my third brother Li Neng’s fiefdom. Therefore, we shouldn’t expect any help from the territory army. We’re in the situation where there’s nobody to care for us, so we need to rely on ourselves for any good fortune.”

Moon’s two assistants started clapping, but soon discovered that nobody was clapping alongside them after a long time, so the situation became quite embarrassing.

Moon coughed, then said:

“Actually, this isn’t a misdeed. Sooner or later, we’ll be expanding eastwards, so if we’re able to cut ties with Yunyang Territory sooner, it’s a good deed. When the time comes, we will have the upper hand in terms of morality and public opinion, otherwise when we begin fighting, we’ll have to carry an unfavorable label.”

Moon’s two assistants began clapping again. Feeling like he was forced, Moon moved closer to his assistants and whispered:

“You can stop doing this. West-Resisting City is different from other territories, there’s no need to act like this.”

……Seems like he also has it quite hard.

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This is probably due to the theatrical troupe unsure of what sort of master they’d have in the future, so they practiced all sorts of pleasantries and etiquette.

Aleya said:

“During the defense of the city, we completely rely on Felita’s help. But when the other side’s formation came into play, Felita’s magic became useless.”

Felita nodded and seized the opportunity to rub her cheek against my shoulder.

I remarked:

“Very normal. When I was on the way to Yun Hai, I listened to a fatty named Fang Yuan boast about how awesome his thirteenth sister was, so in this case, we can say that her title follows in reality. But I’ve been having this feeling that their formation is lacking something, like it hasn’t reached its peak performance. Perhaps I should say that the formation should’ve been stronger than what we saw.”

Moon continued the conversation, coolly analyzing:

“Strategists have two main ways of arranging battle formations. One is territory’s protection, where the power of the formation originates in the degree of prosperity of the territory itself. The other one is army formation, which depends on its own power and the strategists’ own ability and decisions. From the news that I’ve gleaned from Bai Feng, that young son from the Overlord of Zhao Chen called Fang Lita currently has 10 cities within his grasp. However, this person is arrogant and self-serving, and the people situated in his cities have no way to make a living. As a result, the army isn’t able to get much protection in terms of territory protection and what they have completely depends on the support of Fang Thirteen’s battle formations.”

I asked:

“Fang Thirteen? You mean that blind and crippled female commander?”

Moon looked over at me dumbfoundedly:

“What blind and crippled……can’t you put it more civilly. But that indeed is her. She was born naturally handicapped and as a result, the Overlord of Zhao Chen absolutely didn’t like her, so he didn’t even decide upon a name for her. Since she ranked thirteenth in being born, she’s called Fang Thirteen. She is currently assisting Fang Lita because Fang Lita, who was the Overlord of Zhao Chen’s favorite since childhood, helped the unfavored Fang Thirteen many times when they were younger, so Fang Thirteen naturally stayed behind to sacrifice herself for Fang Lita.”

“So……it’s a brocon and a siscon.”

I ridiculed.

My impressions of Fang Thirteen were still decent since she was at the very least a quite good-looking young maiden. Sigh, men like me are especially tolerant towards good-looking people. But towards Fang Lita, I have no favorable impressions. This little devil held the attitude of a child who visited their relative’s house, broke someone else’s action figure, then began crying. Just looking at someone like that made me feel annoyed.

But feeling annoyed is just feeling annoyed. I had no choice but to admit that if I didn’t personally go into action, then the current West-Resisting City would’ve really crumbled under his two assaults.

Moon suggested:

“If it’s possible, I recommend that you egg on Fang Thirteen. Our territory currently doesn’t even understand a single thing about military affairs. In any case, you’re an expert in picking up girls, young lady Aleya is like this, young lady Felita is like this, I……not exactly, but it’s about the same. When you’re able to bring Fang Thirteen back, I’ll be able to let out a sigh of relief.”

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Hey, there’s no need for you to tell me, I’ve also thought about this issue.

But it’s impossible. At least, it’s impossible right now.

I unhappily scolded Moon:

“Stop speaking as if I’m specialized in swindling girls, didn’t I also bring you back? There’s currently no way to egg on Fang Thirteen mainly because there’s no opportunity to approach her. The ability to “know yourself, know your enemy” comes from winning every fight. If you’re not even aware of what the other side likes or dislikes, then that isn’t called an instigation, that’s called sending your head over, understand?’

I wrinkled my brows, saying as I rapped the table:

“Don’t give priority to instigating them. Aleya, kill her if you’re given a chance.”

Aleya nodded.

I crossed my hands, placing them on the table, and continued:

“In that case, next, I’ll give you guys missions to fulfill. There are many things that need to be done and I call it……West-Resisting City’s first accelerated development ‘Half-Year Plan’.”


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