Chapter 13 – Dance, Little Huang!

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Author: Cherish the World Original Source: SFACG
Translator: raltzero English Source: Re:Library

To tell the truth, I don’t really care about any ‘gaygay’ rumors. Who cares if the person’s a man or woman, if you like them, just buy them, why care so much about everything else? The core reason lies within two words: no money. 10,000 gold coins is the equivalent of 100 million RMB, damn! 100 million RMB to buy a singer, would it be worth it? But before even considering whether or not it was worth it, did I even have that much money?

After listening to him sing another song, I waved at him and left.

Early morning the next day, I punctually arrived at the little hotel where Little Huang had already been waiting.

“Is your house really close to this place?”

I casually asked.

Little Huang answered with a bit of embarrassment:

“Ah, something like that, haha.”

I changed the topic and laughingly said:

“Yesterday evening I went to the river bank to take a look at that singer.”

Little Huang asked:


I nodded:

“To be honest, he really is good-looking, much better looking than you.”

Little Huang’s hand casually went out to grab the pillow.

I hastily continued:

“But for a man to be dressed like this, it’s frankly somewhat weird.”

Little Huang let go of the pillow and sighed with sorrow:

“He’s a pitiful person.”

“What’s the story behind him?”

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“What story would I know.”

Although Little Huang spoke like this, she still continued:

“Actually, it’s not much of a secret. It’s something that basically everyone in Yun Hai’s capital city knows, it’s even weirder that you’re not aware.”

I randomly commented:

“Oh, I’m from the countryside.”

Little Huang didn’t investigate any further, instead simply saying:

“That person was the servant of the Overlord of Tian Cheng, but actually was never a singer. He told the Overlord of Tian Cheng that there was a huge issue with the current Tian Cheng Territory and that it needed reform. The main target of the reform was the Overlord of Tian Cheng’s second son. The Overlord was one to indulge his sons, however, even turning a blind eye to his eldest son eating the flesh of beauties. And so, when that servant raised this theory of reform, it naturally provoked the ire of his lord. Afterwards, he was dressed in women’s clothing and thrown to the theaters to perform.”

I felt my chin:

“Is this person a fool?”

Little Huang said:

“That’s right. He said something like how his lord had been kind to him and still said these words even in the face of death. How could’ve the Overlord of Tian Change listened to him; how could he have commented on the benefits of nobles for the interest of the poor populace? He didn’t have such courage and also didn’t have this noble conscience, so the one suffering had to be that singer.”

I noted with a smile:

“But his situation’s still pretty good. He’s quite lovely in women’s clothes.”

Little Huang pouted at this:

“Then go collaborate with him. Don’t bother coming to me.”

I laughed:

“No way. What damn Queen of Flowers could he become, he’s the cow dung that will emphasize you, the flower.”

Little Huang put her hands on her waist and exclaimed:

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“That’s more like it! So what are we learning today?”


I first showed her the jazz dance, but Little Huang said it was too difficult.

Then I showed her a classic dance, but Little Huang said it was too boring.

I consequently showed her ballet, but Little Huang said this also wasn’t good.

In response, I showed her a homely dance, but Little Huang said she was unable to appreciate it.

Finally, I discovered that she seemed to be watching me with the feeling of being an onlooker, so I forcefully dragged her off the bed and made her learn the simple tango.

“Come, one step step, two step step, three step step, go~”

Little Huang rapidly learned it.

Her learning speed far surpassed my expectations. It was so vastly different from how slowly she learned to call me “big brother” yesterday that it could even be called “the difference between heaven and earth”.

I added another evaluation towards my list; her limbs are able, her brain isn’t.

“All right Little Huang. You now already possess the preliminary standard. The only problem now is that your dancing lacks a little emotion, it’s a bit too rigid. You need to add some love to it.”

Little Huang straightforwardly shot at me:

“Look at you and me, we both aren’t able to add any love.”

“Too hurtful, holy crap!”

After a line of ridicule, I forced myself to say:

“Then don’t look at me, look at the window. I’ll teach you some more words for the election, cough cough, repeat after me.”

I cleared my throat, then shouted:

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“I love you all!”

Little Huang repeated:

“I love you all!”

“Please, can you cast your ballot for me?”1

“Please, can you cast your ballot for me?”

“Thank you everyone! Muah~! I super love you all!”

“Thank you everyone……”

“Little big brother, cast your ballot for me. I’ll give you some benefits?”

“Little big brother……”

After a round of practice, I asked Little Huang:

“How do you feel?”

Little Huang covered her mouth and bluntly replied:

“I want to throw up.”

After drinking two cups of water, Little Huang patted her stomach:

“This is the ‘appeal’ you were talking about? Everyone likes this?”

I answered:

“Normally, the greater majority of men are fond of it. But there are some who don’t like it. It honestly depends on your performance; if it’s too fake, nobody will like it. If you display the appropriate amount of cuteness, it’ll be very adorable. But if it’s done right by a less-than-cute face, it’ll only garner the dislike of the people onlooking.”

Little Huang said:

“No way, no way, the difficulty is too high.”

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“Ten years of practice for one minute on the stage. For someone like you who can’t do anything to face up against women who have practiced for ten to twenty years, it’s certain that you’ll have to use some dishonest methods.”

“So these are dishonest methods?”

“These are just some necessary methods.”

I contemplated for a long time, then looked towards Little Huang:

“Take it off.”


“First, put down the pillow……my meaning is, in order for us to guarantee that you’ll be able to take the title as Queen of Flowers, we need to use some special means. For example, what do you think about swimsuits? Wu——wait, stop, I can’t breathe!”

Little Huang pounced on me and straddled me, covering my face with the pillow:

“You pervert!”

After tossing around for a moment, I said:

“Then I guess we’ll have to abandon this choice. It was originally a joke anyway. Actually, you’re more or less ready now. Once you wear the makeup and act according to my words, I feel that there basically won’t be any problems.”

The current Little Huang was a young lady with many modern elements mixed in.

But at the heart of it all, she still fit the aesthetics of the present era.

Not unconventional, but rather novel. Not one to sell her body, but still lovely.

It was already pretty decent.

After another day of teaching Little Huang, I clapped my hands:

“Okay. Go back and rest well, get a good night’s sleep. Properly show off yourself in the Queen of Flowers Election after tomorrow’s dinner party. There’s no need to be nervous, it’s fine as long as you hold the mentality that if you don’t win the title of Queen of Flowers, you might as well die.

“Isn’t this just forcing me to seek death!”

Little Huang sat cross-legged and angrily stated:

“Sheesh. I’ll do as you say, but don’t blame me if I lose.”

I yawned and replied:

“If you lose, then you lose, whatever.”

Little voiced:

“Wasn’t it you who just said ‘if you don’t win the title of Queen of Flowers, you might as well die’?”

“I was just cracking a joke, sister Huang. I’ve lost many times in this life of mine. I was just thinking that without money, you’d go into even further debt, so losing several more rounds won’t matter. In any case, as long as you’re able to win in the end, everything can be fixed.”

Little Huang giggled:

“You’re really strange.”

She seemed to remember something:

“Oh right, you still haven’t taught me how to make cosmetics.”

I remarked:

“Stop dreaming. It’s an exclusive secret recipe, okay? As long as you carefully study the book I gave you, however much you’re able to understand is your business.”

Little Huang didn’t let me off the hook so easily as she pulled my arm:

“Teach me~, Li……big brother De Li~~teach me, please? Muah~”

I pulled myself away, feeling a cold chill:

“Save it! This isn’t something that I’ll fall for. Especially after knowing your ugly side.”

Little Huang picked up the pillow and pounded me with it several times.

What a joke, cosmetics, maintenance, and stuff like this are all things that I’m saving for my future wife. What’s it have to do with you Little Huang, you aren’t satisfied with your share and want another??


  1. As per usual, 人家 is a bit hard to translate. I wish I could just leave it as ‘renjia’ but some readers don’t understand it too well.

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