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Chapter 100 – Game of Tag (Part 1)

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Author: Hidsuki Shihou Original Source: Syosetu Word Count: 2325 characters
Translator: PunishedLyly English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1091 words
Editor(s): Fire

Roughly around the time the security people should be desperately searching for me, I was somewhere nearby where I lost them enjoying some sweets. Naturally, after having a proper lunch.

「As expected of the place I’ve researched.」
「As usual, you really pull no punches when it comes to sightseeing. Actually, I’m impressed you can still fit that in your stomach.」

You say that, but aren’t you eating a dessert different from mine? It’s not a place I can easily visit, so isn’t it just normal to do everything you can? By the way, I look different from usual. My hair isn’t up and I’m wearing a black jacket I bought earlier on top of my casual wear.

「Now then, let’s hear about your objective. It’s not just sightseeing isn’t it?」
「Do I have to say?」
「Obviously. For getting us involved, at least be responsible enough to answer that.」

Now that she pointed that out, I can’t say no. It’s true, I have reasons for my actions this time. If it’s about sightseeing, I can just do it after meeting up with the other students. I’ll only be able to tour fewer places, that’s all.

「One is to show the others that I’m doing good now.」
「And the results are?」
「A reply like ‘Come back already, idiot.’ came. 」

The sender was Kaori. I sent her the same picture I sent to Akira. I also sent the picture to my family and the people who were informed that I collapsed. Mother messaged me not to go overboard, but I’m currently doing that.

「That’s just natural. But you aren’t going back yet, right?」
「Obviously. The second is for rehearsal practice. This is the main deal.」

Practice for something that may or may not happen. It’s not like I think that I might be kidnapped. There’s probably not many who’d even think of doing that. I say not many and not none at all due to my position, not narcissism.

「Rehearsal practice for what?」
「It doesn’t particularly concern you two.」
「That doesn’t sound convincing from your mouth at all. Spill it.」

Nako is pinching my cheeks, so I had no choice but to stop eating. Ruru, who hasn’t joined the conversation, is on the lookout. My face is known, so I’ll only get caught if I do that.

「I’m anticipating a confrontation with the bodyguards of Kotone’s father. I hate them.」
「That much?」
「If they have a company, I want to crush it.」

It’s a side effect of regaining my forgotten memories. By the way, while I personally hate them, Kotone does as well. Me because they wrestled me to the ground with no questions asked and Kotone because they forcefully separated us. They were going overboard. Now I have two people’s worth of anger in me, so my rage burns hotter.

「With our cooperation, you could probably do at least that much.」
「That’s why I won’t borrow your power. This is my problem as Kotone. I’ll manage with my connections as Kotone. I’ll literally do everything I can.」

If all my old classmates assembled and acted without restraint, there’s no way they could crush a whole corporation. There’s the risk that they’d lose their workplace as a consequence. I can’t let that happen all because of me. After all, most of them would just agree to things as long as it sounds fun.

「Kotone going all out is more dangerous in my opinion.」
「It’s more peaceful than if all of you join in.」
「Fair point. But depending on how you handle it, things could end up more disastrous.」

I can easily destroy a company, after all. However, we’re dealing with Kotone’s father. I feel like no matter what I do, he can just erase it. This is another reason I don’t want their participation. Because of that, I’m currently thinking of plans that even he can’t invalidate so easily.

「Running away by myself honestly has its limits.」
「You’re against pros, after all. No matter how much you confuse them, you’ll hit a wall. If you’re caught even once, you’re done.」

I’m not as strong as Nako. Even though I’m confident with my legs, I’ll inevitably lose if they’re using cars and bikes. I won’t be able to utilize crowds like I’m doing right now. By myself, it’s certain that I’ll lose no matter what.

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「I guess I’ll make use of the season, huh.」
「Will you really not ask our help?」
「At worst, you’ll catch my father’s attention. He might even investigate how I’m connected with everyone. I’ll try my best not to ask help.」

He probably won’t find anything if he did, though. The only thing that could potentially pop up is the connection Kotone and I had. And if he traces the information from there, there’ll be no hiding it. Though it’s not like he’ll figure out my true identity.

「We should start moving soon. They should have narrowed the place down from my picture by now.」
「You know that would happen, so why do that?」
「Wouldn’t it be more interesting this way?」
「Fair enough.」

Kyoto is too vast to search for me with zero hints. I’m not very familiar with the place, but they likely don’t have anyone familiar with Kyoto either. Maybe they do, but just a few people knowing the place has its limits. That’s why I’m deliberately giving out hints.

「Now then, I guess we should buy souvenirs next.」
「Kotone, watch your surroundings. I think they’re drawing near.」

Hearing Ruru’s warning, I wore the black hat I also bought earlier. I bought it thinking it would be best to hide my face as much as I can, but I’m using up a lot of money. I know it’s unavoidable since it’s a field trip, but I’ll probably be depressed when I see my total expenditure.

「Amazing, they already found our location.」
「So this is how professional’s work. It’ll be good material for Ruru, thanks a lot.」

The reason why Nako and Ruru are helping me is for story content and materials. After all, you don’t normally get to experience a serious hide and seek with professionals. Still, Ruru’s detecting capability is exceptional. It’s so overpowered that you’d think she has precognition.

「I feel like I’d get caught if I lose focus.」
「Even if that happens, I’ll do something about it. Still, I can only help probably two or three times at most.」


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