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Chapter 3 – Heroes’ Discussion

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Circle-warning.gif This chapter is translated by Baka-Tsuki
and is rehosted due to dead link.

Sitting on the luxurious beds inside the guest room, everyone was staring intensely at their own weapon as they went over its description.

The sun outside the window had already set before I even noticed.

That was how focused everyone was at reading the descriptions.

Umm, unlike regular weapons, the legendary weapons didn’t require routine maintenance.

Based on the owner’s level, the weapon will be able to absorb different raw materials; the Weapon Manual will also fill up as we defeat monsters.

At a glance, it seemed to contain a variety of branches which the weapon could change into.

I clicked on my Weapon Icon which opened up the Weapon Manual.


Tons of picture icons popped up and spanned onwards, even beyond the menu window in front of me.

I didn’t have the ability to change into any of these shields right now, but they were all described in detail.


Fumu fumu, it seemed that some arms could only be unsealed by evolving its predecessor first.

This type of setup; wasn’t this similar to the skill trees utilized in online games?

Learning new skills was like evolving the weapon, as both were necessary to unlock your true potential…

Seriously, this was just like a video game.

“Yo, doesn’t this all seem pretty game-like?”

Might as well request some aid from my other colleagues. However, my question was only met with silence.

“Seriously dude, isn’t this an actual game? I’ve known some which are like this.”

Motoyasu proudly boasted.


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“Are you saying that you don’t even know about this famous online game?”

“Well no, but was there a game that even a splendid otaku such as myself didn’t know of?”

“So you scrubs really don’t know? This is Emerald Online, man.”

“What’s that? Never even heard of that one.”

“Just how ignorant can you guys be? It’s such a famous title too.”

“Of course I know games like Odin Online and Fantasy Moon Online, aren’t these pretty popular too?!”

“What are those? This is the first time I’ve heard of them.”



“If I may interject, everyone. This world isn’t a net game, but more like a console game!”

“That’s wrong, bro. This is a VRMMO, right?”

“Hah? Well for instance, isn’t this world similar to games where you click and use a controller to operate?”

Confused, Motoyasu tilted his head with a dumbfounded expression during our conversation.

“Click? Controller? What kind of retro games are you referring to? Don’t people usually mean VRMMO when they say ‘net game’ these days?”

“VRMMO? As in Virtual Reality MMO? What kind of sci-fi world setting are you trying to create? Are you daydreaming here?”


A loud sound of disagreement was released.

Come to think of it, this Ren guy was the first to notice our “Status” magic.

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He gave off the impression of someone who was accustomed to this.

“Well then… gentlemen, I’d like to ask each of you to name a game from your world which bears the closest resemblance to this one.”

Itsuki requested with his hand slightly raised.

“Brave Star Online.”

“Emerald Online.”

“None. I mean, this is simply a game-like type of world, right?”

I could understand that this place felt game-ish. But seriously dudes, you guys thought that I couldn’t even tell the difference between a game and reality?

“Ah. As for myself, this world is like a console game called Dimension Wave.”

A game title which no one else knew of yet again.

“Hold on for a minute, let’s reorganize our information.”

Motoyasu said while putting a hand on his forehead as he tried to calm us down.

“Hey. Tell me what you know about the situation with VRMMO, will you?”

“It’s common where I live.”

“Itsuki, Naofumi. What about you guys?”

“If I recall correctly, it only exists in Sci-fi.”

“I remember reading about it in a light novel before.”

“Is that so. I suppose I did get that vibe off of you. Then back to you, Ren, what’s this Brave Star Online? Is it a VRMMO?”

“Yeah that’s right, VRMMOs are ones like Brave Star Online. It has a world system very similar to this world’s setup.”

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Just for reference, VRMMO involved a technology where one’s brain waves were analyzed and deconstructed into data, which allows that person to dive into another world produced by a computer. That was my understanding of it more or less.

“If that’s true then, does that mean the world that you two came from only has retro games like the ones you both mentioned earlier?”

He said with his head inclined.

“Reviewing what I know about gaming history, those type of computer games clearly did exist at one point. But for some reason I don’t recognize any of those supposedly famous titles which you guys mentioned.”

Motoyasu and I both nodded.

Without question, not knowing a popular online game was certainly strange.

And while there was a chance that our preferences were simply too different, it was blatantly impossible not recognize a single renowned title between all of us.

“Let’s try asking a common question. What’s the name of the current Prime Minister?”

“Hai hai.”

Everyone nodded.

“Let’s say it together.”


“Yuda Masato.”

“Yawahara Tsuyoshi Tarou.”

“Odaka Enichi.”

“Itsufuji Shigeya.”


These were Prime Ministers I had never even heard of before. It’s not the kind of mistake I would ever make in a history class test.

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After that we asked about famous internet slang, net pages, and more online games.

And thus, we arrived at the same conclusion of not knowing anyone else’s information.

“Apparently, it seems that we all came from different Japans.”

“Looks that way. You guys definitely didn’t come from the same Japan as me.”

“This means there’s another Japan for each distinctive world.”

“There’s a high chance that each of them belong in a separate era too, since they don’t match each other at all.”

This was an explicit gathering of four weird individuals.

But even so, we all came to an understanding that everyone here was an otaku. So there was no need to panic.

“Based on this pattern, I think everyone has a different reason for being here.”

“Idle conversation isn’t one of my hobbies, but I guess it’s necessary for us to obtain information.”

Ren awkwardly scratched his nose; though I was totally cool when people revealed their insecurities.

“I was walking back home from school, when I unfortunately encountered a troubling murder incident.”

“Fumu fumu.”

“I tried helping my childhood friend who was with me at the time, and somehow I managed to capture the killer, but that’s as far as I can remember.”

… Ren explained his circumstances while rubbing at his side the whole time.

Saving your childhood friend; what kind of hero were you trying to make yourself out to be? I had a strong urge to play the straight man but showed some restraint for now.

Look man, capturing the perp was good and all, but if you got your sides stabbed at the end then what good does that do?

Such a false display of chivalry here; this fellow Hero needed to be placed in the untrustworthy category. Though I’ll let it slide this time.

“I was already in this World before I even felt a thing.”

“I see, a heroic situation where you save your childhood friend.”

I coolly feigned while complimenting him with a chuckle. I’ve already heard enough, bro.

“Then I’ll go next.”

Motoyasu pointed at himself and began to speak.

“For me, it was because I had too many girlfriends.”

“Yeah yeah, that totally was the case.”

This guy seemed like the annoying onii-san type who gave off a bootychasing image.

“And after doing a bit of this and that…”

“Did you get stabbed for two-timing or three-timing?”

That idiot Ren asked with a straight face.

Motoyasu’s eyes blinked with surprise before he gave a small nod.

“Man… Girls are really scary, aren’t they?”


I was overcome with anger and shoved my middle finger into his face.

Die, *******. I mean, were you summoned into this world because that’s how you died?

Otto. Itsuki had a hand on his chest and was already beginning his confession.

“I guess it’s my turn now. When I was crossing the street on my way home from cram school… a dump truck took a sharp corner turn. And afterwards…”


In all likelihood he was run over… that was one hell of a pitiful ending.


Wait a second, these stories didn’t seem to mesh well with mine?

“Um… Do I absolutely have to recount my story on what happened before I came to this world?”

“Well duh, we already told you ours.”

“I suppose so. Sorry to say, guys. But as far as I remember, all I was doing was reading a suspicious book inside the library.”


Everyone’s gaze felt so cold.

What? We couldn’t be friends just because I came into this world without a tragic ending?

The three of them began to secretly whisper amongst each other while leaving me out of the loop.

“But… that person… has the shield…”

“Right… same as our place?”


Why did I feel like I was being treated like a fool?

Let’s try changing the topic.

“Well guys, how would you rate this world now that we know the rules and how its system works?”


“It’s not that bad.”

“It’s nice in its own way.”

I see how it is… I was being treated like a total noob here!

That was mean.

“Hey, hey. Can’t you guys teach me how to fight and stuff? Since my world didn’t have this kind of game after all.”

How can you guys be so cold-hearted? Motoyasu and Itsuki were staring at me with awfully charitable eyes.

“Alright, Motoyasu onii-san here will teach you the very basics at least.”

Motoyasu raised his hands up to his putrid phony face.

“So first, according to my knowledge from Emerald Online, Shield… people who use shields as their main weapon are usually…”


“First of all, you have high defense. Secondly, even though your defense is high, if you keep on taking damage like an idiot, you’ll die.”


“So your loser class will never be able to reach a high level.”


I didn’t want to hear that part!

What kind of death flag was this?! I was stuck with a deadbeat occupation right off the bat. OI!

“Update! Shouldn’t there be a patch update?!”

There was a thing called job balancing, right?!

“Nope, it’s a totally pitiful class when pitted against Bosses and even common mobs. That’s why they just leave it alone. And also, there was that class-abolishing decision…”

“Aren’t there job upgrades?!”

“Perhaps that only happens when you die?”

“Then how about a job change option?!”

“You can’t change to another class skill tree anyways, right?”

GEH!? If all of this was true then I was stuck with this backbreaking occupation and somehow had to make do?

I glared at my shield as I thought.

Hey you, why do you have such a bleak, chocolate-colored future?

“How about with you guys?”

I look imploringly into Ren’s and Itsuki’s eyes.

Both of them casually averted their eyes.


“Same here…”

EK! Did this mean that I was condemned to be a failure?

The three of them were giving me side glances while they talked about each of their respective games.

“So how’s the geography?”

“The names are different but hardly anything else. It’s very likely that the performance and distribution of demons are the same here too.”

“Our weapon hunting locations are roughly the same, but let’s not hunt at the same place as each other.”

“True enough, we need to take efficiency into consideration as well.”

Why was it always them? Why didn’t I also awaken with a hex ability? That was what I had been brooding over.

… That’s right.

If I was weak, then couldn’t I just find companions to rely on?

How come I hadn’t thought of this sooner?

Even if I’m no good, I can still grow stronger by joining a party.

“Fufu… It’s all good. This is a special parallel world. So even if I’m weak, I’ll be able to manage somehow.”

The three of them looked at me as if I was a pitiful existence. But fear not, I won’t be defeated by you guys. To begin with, my equipment was only a type of armor so it was different from a game. I could just focus on strengthening another weapon and ignore this shield’s special growth.

“YAY! I’ll work hard at it!”

I shouted to invigorate myself.

“Brave Heroes, your meals have been prepared.”

Oh? Apparently we’ll be eating dinner now.

“Hai hai”

Everyone stepped out of the door, the guide then lead everyone to the knight’s dining room.

The castle’s banquet hall was like a scene from a fantasy movie.

A complete feast filled the table in a buffet-like fashion.

“Everyone, please go ahead and eat whatever you desire.”

“What the? Are we eating the same stuff that your knights eat?”

A small grumble was heard, whoever said that sure was rude as hell.

“Of course not.”

The guide shook his head.


“This cuisine was specially prepared for the Brave Heroes and will be divided once you have eaten.”

I looked around as he said so.

I noticed that the noisy bunch of people were actually cooks.

I see, so there was also a ranking order when it comes to meals.

Eating here was a form of initiation, meant to introduce us to the knights.

“Thank you, let’s dig in.”


“I suppose.”

And thus, we thoroughly enjoyed this parallel world’s cuisine.

The smell and taste was a bit odd, but there was nothing that couldn’t be eaten.

Well, the food had a unique kind of twist to them, like an omelet type food which tasted like an orange.

After finishing our meal, we headed back to our room for some rest.

“Do they have baths here?”

“This place is pretty medieval-ish… So I guess the chance of it being an open air bath is fairly high.”

“Personally, I don’t think they have any.”

“Well it’s only our first day right now.”

“I suppose. Time to hit the sack. We’ll begin our journey tomorrow, so let’s give it our best.”

Everyone nodded at Motoyasu’s words and went to bed.

My epic adventure will start tomorrow!

The other three and I went to bed, awaiting impatiently for the next day to arrive.


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