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7-2: Calm Down (Part 1)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu
Translator: Mui English Source: Re:Library
Editor(s): Robinxen

Two days later.

I handed over a commission paper to Serge who came to the branch.

“What’s this commission…?”
“It’s from the alchemist. If you can prepare your desired materials in the amounts noted in the commission, they are willing to do the work for free, and any excess amount will be bought off your hands too.”

Serge’s initial excitement quickly gave way to a stern expression upon hearing the unexpected news.

Gathering glowmoth grass, which grew naturally in the Mildura Cave, could be obtained in small quantities at an intermediate point, however, collecting it in large quantities requires heading into the depths.

And in the depth of the cave was a dragonoid monster called Nidhogg, and the deeper you went the higher the chance of the encounter was.

It would be quite dangerous for Serge to go there alone.

“…Agh, dammit! Wasn’t there a Nidhogg subjugation commission available?! The one someone failed to register the other day!”

With the thought that it would be more advantageous to confront the Nidhogg alongside the rest of his party, Serge fixed his gaze on the bulletin board.

However, to his perplexity, there was no mention of the Nidhogg anywhere.

While he was puzzled, Grace tapped on his shoulder and showed off the commission paper.

“Sorry, we got it first.”

The commission paper she held in her hand prominently featured the name of Nidhogg and the names of their ≪Twin Crimson Blades≫ party members.

Grace might have intended to tease Serge by insinuating that she had taken credit away from him, but to her surprise, Serge was elated, raising his hands in excitement.

“That’s a huge help! Can I come along too?!”

Grace was overcome with surprise, but then she shook her head with a wry smile.

“Stop it. Our party members are quite troublesome. And if we involve you in the battle it’ll just complicate things further.”
“Oh… right.”

If Serge, who hadn’t registered for it, were to get involved in a fight, it’s certain that he would be detained and questioned for violating the rules.

While registering would solve the issue, it would also bring about complications with regard to rewards and the guild’s contribution system.

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“Got it. Do your best.”
“Thanks. You too.”

Removing his gaze from Grace’s retreating figure, Serge looked back at me.

“So yeah, I’ll head out on my own.”

I received the registration card and began the process of registering the commission.

The commission to provide compensation as an alchemist was just for getting the funding for creating an outdated furnace, but even without that, I wanted him to venture into the depths of the cave.

The person Serge mentioned who couldn’t register for the commission turned out to be the imperial prince from before. I couldn’t understand why he specifically chose a Nidhogg subjugation commission.

That’s why I was worried he might have done something.

In the end, it was decided that Grace and the others would go, and I was relieved that Serge didn’t insist on going alone there no matter what.

Soon, the light on the glass panel changed to blue, indicating the completion of the registration.

I returned the registration card and the commission form to Serge, explaining the important points regarding the transportation of materials.

“—Please keep what I said in mind.”
“Got it.”
“I sincerely pray for your safety and success.”

After bidding farewell to Serge as he left the branch for his departure, I continued with my reception duties.

There were some peculiar moments, like Haku, who was usually calm, making unusual sounds, and Cathy getting caught up in a strange commotion after being asked out on a date. However, aside from those incidents, my days continued as usual.

I had already confirmed that the prince was not present in Luneville, and there were no reports of any incidents or disturbances from any part of Rondoville. It made me think that perhaps I had been too caught up in the words of the former vice branchmaster and that the prince in question was here simply for a change of pace.

Perhaps because I had started to think that way, it was right after that when we received the news.

It happened five days after I had bid farewell to Serge.

Serge was seen off on the same day that Grace and the others left Luneville. However, Serge was traveling to different locations to collect materials other than glowmoth grass, so Grace and her companions returned before him.

As Grace returned to the branch, she appeared unharmed in both appearance and status, indicating that they had successfully completed the commission. However, her face bore an eerie expression, akin to that of a wrathful deity, causing fear to grip those present in the hall.

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“Miss Grace, did something happen?”

I asked her as she headed straight for me, but she suddenly hugged me over the counter.

Hey now…

“…What are you doing?”
“Refilling myself.”

Just as she said so, she buried her face in my chest and gave a deep sigh. She seemed to have had her fill with that and separated from me, returning to her normal expression.

It didn’t seem like she was having withdrawal symptoms… so I was pretty lost here.

“Sorry about that. I was kinda irritated. Let me report it now.”
“Yes, please do.”
“Nidhogg was subjugated, but we weren’t the ones who did it. Someone else did it arbitrarily.”

Upon hearing her words, a ripple of unrest spread among the onlookers, and the branch fell into an eerie silence.

I understand now. She was clearly upset about someone usurping her prey.

I signaled to Ria, silently communicating that we needed to bring Frank into the situation.

In the meantime, Grace’s expression grew increasingly stern, as if she was remembering something while explaining.

“There was someone with a sword pulled out nearby, but he fled when we tried to catch him.”
“…Did he have any noticeable features?”
“I came to ask about that, actually. Didn’t Serge say something about a guy who failed to register for it? Do you have an idea who it was?”

I felt like holding my head.

I was too focused on the human supremacist aspect, so I didn’t expect him to cause a problem in this way.

What is this? Is every prince, imperial or not, an idiot in this world?

“…They applied for the registration, so there should be a record left.”

Though it’s most likely an alias.

As I thought so, I infused the glass tablet with magic power, delving into the depths of past information.

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In the midst of my search, Frank descended and approached right beside me. However, he quickly noticed my engagement and redirected his focus toward Grace.

“Grace, sorry but let me hear about it once more.”

She finished explaining by the time I was done with the lookup, and Frank looked at me with a complex expression.

I nodded back and read the search results aloud.

“The failure to accept the commission the other day is linked with the registration card issued in the headquarters of the Barampax Union… Their name is Torsti. They belong to the Mercenary Guild, and their headquarters are in Barampax.”

The imperial family of the Raihand Empire, known for its extensive history and numerous branches, all bear names, middle names, and surnames. Therefore, it was highly unlikely that he would only have a given name. Perhaps it was just an alias. Delving too deeply into it may prove futile.

Barampax, being a neighboring country to the Empire, is predominantly inhabited by humans. If I recall correctly, the royal family there was once overtaken by a branch of the Raihand Empire. Could it be that they made their move through them?

However, examinations generally do not require proof of identity, rendering this aspect potentially irrelevant.

“…I got it. Illya, submit an urgent commission for transmission.”
“Alright. Should it only be for the Rondoville headquarters?”
“Yeah. Grace, sorry, but I might call you again to ask more. Please come at the time.”
“No helping it. I can’t just ignore this.”

Amidst Grace’s visibly exasperated expression, both Frank and I exchanged wry smiles.

After wrapping up my duties at the reception, I made my way to the office.

Knocking on the door, I entered to find Frank in the process of compiling a report regarding this incident.

“What’s the matter?”
“I have something I would like you to hear regarding the current suspect, Mr. Torsti.”
“…Please do.”

Perhaps there was a matter of Haku as a precedent, Frank stopped his pen and assumed the posture to listen.

Unlike when Haku as an egg was involved, this time it was the result of the prince’s own actions so I didn’t plan to get too involved.

However, this matter increased the possibility that the relationship between the Guild and the kingdom would worsen, so I wanted to fulfill my responsibility as a staff member of the Union’s branch.

“He’s the imperial prince of the Raihand Empire.”
“…Are you certain?”
“Yes. Although from afar, I remember seeing him before.”

That’s a lie, but I had to say so to get him to believe without disclosing my cheats.

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…I would’ve done this perfectly before, but feigning ignorance now made me feel kinda guilty…

“Ah, it’s nothing.”

As I returned to my senses, I saw Frank looking at me puzzled… or worried, rather.

I switched my thoughts and faced him once more.

“That’s all I wanted to convey. I will start making the commission now.”
“Please do. However, don’t push yourself, okay?”
“Yes, I’m alright.”

I smiled to show that I was healthy.

It was better to stop thinking about things in front of Frank who was already stressed as is and prone to worrying.

Once I headed to the office I finished creating the commission that very day, and then sent the report to the headquarters regarding the current matter and the suspect.

A few days later.

The human called Torsti was spotted to have subjugated another monster without registering, and the Mercenary Guild’s headquarters issued a public report, officially designating him as the purge target.


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