2-5: Please Excuse Me (Part 2)

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu Japanese Characters: 3263 characters
Translator: Shurim English Source: Re:Library English Words: 1856 words
Editor(s): Silva

If they didn’t take the deal, I would have used my Mind Reading skill, but it seems like that isn’t necessary.

The Mind Reading skill is a common example of a cheat skill that often backfires on its user. Not only does it expose the target’s surface thoughts, but it also allows the user to peek into their subconscious and even memories, making it a pretty tiring experience. If that skill didn’t have game logic, the sheer amount of information could probably break the user’s psychology.

Another even worse option would be to undo my barrier and charm them. There’s a high probability that this method would break their wills, making them little more than slaves—something I would rather avoid. Making people mindless drones isn’t exactly a hobby of mine.

“They said that the job that they took entailed stealing the egg from the horses and killing anyone who made contact with the egg. In the beginning, they followed the instructions as written, but it seems like they eventually had to compete with others also aiming for the egg.”
“Also aiming for the egg?”

Frank nods his head grimly.

“I’ll tell you what they said they witnessed… When they first drew close, apparently the other party was shaped like humans. However, before they noticed, they had changed into a yellow Kirin and Sea Snake with a single horn growing out of its head. They somehow shook off the Sea Snake, but by the time they caught up with the Kirin, the three adventurers we picked up were there, and they changed their target to them instead.”

A Sea Snake… So a Lindwurm, huh? They said that it was also aiming for the egg, but it seems to me that it was also chasing after people who were trying to steal the egg.

So we have people who are trying to steal the egg. We also have a group of mythical creatures who are either also trying to steal the egg, or are trying to prevent it from being stolen. Finally, we have Kirin that are trying to protect the egg. It’s almost like a love triangle from some kind of shoujo manga.

“…And what were they ordered to do about the horse-like monsters?”
“Nothing in particular was mentioned. They even met with the client directly, so it seems like they weren’t included in the job request.”

I almost doubted my ears. The thief guild is basically an exploitative company, and treats its members more like resources than living people. Subordinates are not expected to think, but just to complete the tasks given to them by their superiors. They aren’t allowed to discuss the terms of their contracts, much less meet the clients of the jobs they take.

“I’m guessing the two of them were pretty high up in the thief guild.”

Which means that they probably aren’t as deeply brainwashed, which then allows us to trust them more when they say that they agree to our terms. I thought that was pretty unexpected, but Frank doesn’t seem as surprised.

“Yeah. Their abilities in combat were nothing to scoff at. Completely different from the thieves we had in this city a while ago.”
“I see.”

I nod, but still have a hard time accepting it. That underground guild is, after all, run down with old men and tradition. It’s a place where heritage and bloodline are more important than someone’s actual abilities.

Allen, if you don’t hurry and change things up, I might have to just remove the headquarters from the face of the planet.

“Did they say anything about the client of the request?”
“Yeah. They said the client’s name was Catto, but that’s most likely a false name. We do know how he looks though. He’s a delicate man with average height and stature, shoulder-length brown hair, and light-brown eyes.”

The guy has features so average that it barely even serves as a clue. However, Frank still had more to say about his appearance.

“The man also had dark brown markings in the shape of a scale on his neck. The two of them thought he might be part of some sort of tribe… You know anything about that?”
“Ah… yes. Yes, I do.”

That’s proof that this person is the human form of a dragon or the Dragon God. One remaining scale on their throats. When they turn back into dragons, it inverts to become the central scale under their chins.

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“I think I’ve figured it out, actually.”

I nod in response, but I hold back the desire to scream inside. The only dragons capable of transforming into humans are the Dragon God and its offspring. The Kirin would never betray the Dragon God—they’re basically incapable of doing so.

Basically, there are members of the Dragon God’s offspring trying to both use his egg against him as well as trying to prevent that from happening.

And, the Kirin used me to ensure the dragon child’s safety.

I can’t believe I’m just caught in a big family fight…!

“Let’s wait and see for now. We’ve made it pretty clear that the dragon child is here, so they should come to us eventually.”

There’s no need to go all the way to the Heavenly Palace ourselves.

Handing the dragon child back might make that idiot feel a little better, but this kid did nothing wrong.

“…and when they come over, it won’t end up like last night, will it?”
“No, it won’t.”

If the dragonkin trying to steal the eggs arrive first, then things might not proceed as smoothly, but the Kirin isn’t stupid. Quite the opposite actually. The Kirin is especially sensitive to feelings of hostility and malice, so it’s almost certain that it will make a move before anyone else. If it’s still watching from the sky, then it should have seen the assassins right around now.

“I wonder what I should ask for once it comes…”

I pat the little dragon, which tilts its head in puzzlement. If they’re going to ask me to protect the little one, I’ll have to ask for something equal in return. If it’s something from the Heavenly Palace’s treasure room, then how about the Dragon God’s bracelet? Hm, but the Dragon God’s earrings are also a close contender.

The bracelet made from the Dragon God’s scales is an item that absorbs the wearer’s mana and uses it to create a magical barrier. So, until the dragon child is able to manipulate its own mana, I’d like it to wear it.

The earring made from the ashes of dragons is the opposite of the bracelet and creates a physical barrier. At the moment, the little guy has enough defense attributes that normal attacks won’t work on it, but until it learns wind-attuned defense magic, I feel better if it keeps it on.

I refused to accept this item when I was told it would be given to me as a tribute, but protecting the child is a separate matter. Both of them have a good affinity with the dragon element, so they’re perfect for my little guy!

“Our dreams just keep getting bigger!”

If you’re going to come, then come, Kirin. I’ll have you listen to what I have to say about this! Be glad I’ll let this slide with this much!

Or, well, there was a time where I thought that.

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“Guess I’m here.” a breathtaking beauty says over the counter. Scarlet red hair spills down to his shoulders, and deep blue irises peer from his slit-shaped eyes. Behind him stands what looks like a nice young man with blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

“…The request board is that way.”
“Do we look like guild members to you?” the man laughs heartily. A scale could be seen on his throat.

The dragon child I’m carrying also stares at the beautiful man’s face.

“Then, are you perhaps here to order a meal?”
“Ah, sure. That sounds good. Could you prepare a room where we can talk undisturbed?”
“Ria, please guide these two to a private room.”
“Huh? Ah, okay. This way please.”

Leaving that to Ria, who is currently in charge of waiting tables, I head to the office. I was supposed to be on “maternity leave” so I wasn’t supposed to be doing reception in the first place, but I just happened to meet the two of them when Caron called me down… what happened to my insane Luck attribute?

“Good morning. Sorry to keep you waiting, Caron.”

“Ah, Illya. Morning. I’m just going to get right into it. I wanted you to take a look at this.” Caron says, handing me a couple sheets of paper. I skim through it, and it seems to be a letter of thanks and apology from the mercenary guild. In the end, there was also a list of recommendations for how to deal with such situations in the future.

“Is this about the claimants last time?”
“Yes. Apparently, they were guilty of a lot of other offenses too, and the Mercenary Guild decided to give an official apology to the guild union. They prepared a separate set of apologies for this branch office in particular, which is what those documents are.”

Caron is the main staff member that takes care of communication between both guilds in Luneville as well as relationships with guilds outside of Luneville, including the headquarters. For Luneville, which only has the combined guild office, it is a role that is absolutely essential.

“This all looks good, but… there’s an interview request at the end of these documents.”
“Yeah. The mercenary guild wants a direct interview with you. To put it bluntly, they’re headhunting for new hires.”

This is one of the times where I wish I didn’t have the translation skill. There isn’t a situation where I don’t understand something anymore, so I can’t even fool myself.

“…is this from the Rondoville branch office?”
“Nope. From the headquarters.”

I barely keep myself from sighing. I do one thing, and this is what it comes to.

“So what should I do?”
“Please refuse the request.”

Everyone in the office sighed a breath of relief. Aw, you guys make me so happy I want to cry.

“What should I tell them for the reason?”

For Caron, who works diplomatically, this is the most important part.

“Well, the only reason why things went so well this time around was because everyone was working to resolve the issue. I don’t think choosing me is a fair judgment of the situation.”

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“Ahaha, gotcha. Don’t just pretend everyone else in the office just stood around—is what I’ll go with.” Caron says, jokingly. But somehow I think he’s serious. Several people in the office laugh, as if this was his usual joke. …Or well, I wish they did.

“Caron, I’m terribly sorry, but please tell them I refused.”

“Leave it to me.” Caron says lightly, despite the heavy trust placed on his shoulders.

Thankful that this wasn’t some other disaster and that I could keep holding onto the little dragon, I headed up to the second floor.


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