1-3: Thank you, and Please Come Again

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Author: Natsuni Kotatsu Original Source: Syosetu Japanese Characters: 2550 characters
Translator: Shurim English Source: Re:Library English Words: 1566 words
Editor(s): Silva

This is what people call overwhelming victory. Perhaps in consideration of the environment I asked them not to destroy, Eric gave everyone a ride on a wyvern he summoned, and the entire party was able to safely arrive right above the spider’s location.

At the same time that most of the party jumped off the wyvern’s back, York sent a flurry of ice shards at the monster’s joints, sealing its movements. Not giving it a chance to break free, Lula then sent a meteor flying right at the spider, breaking open its exoskeleton.

The rest was a one-sided beatdown. Chris was the one to deal the finishing blow with his Strongest Ultimate Holy Shining Sword of Light.… I know, it’s lame, and I don’t know how many times I’ve told the guy to change the name, but he’s still shouting the same damn line. It even looks pretty cool, kind of like Saber’s Excalibur, but he just has to go and ruin it…

Pitiful spider. Your first mistake was defiling my eyes with that disgusting appearance of yours.… just kidding. Not even I expected these five to pop out of the woodwork.

“I have taken the liberty of confirming the completion of the request. As for the materials gathered…”

Silence ensues. Yeah, not sure what I was expecting from these guys.

“Alright then. The reward will be split among the five of you, meaning 4 million gils each. Would you like to be paid in cash, or would you like me to deposit the payment into your bank accounts?”
“Bank, please.” the entire party says in unison.

Yeah, that makes sense.

“The guild thanks you for your hard work. Please come again.”

With this, a tyrant has fallen quietly at the hands of something we call overkill. Unknown to much of the city, a crisis is over, and the only people with a problem now are the higher-ups that have to cover this up.

…or well, I wish that was the case. There’s no way these five gathered just to subjugate a monster.

“Illya, come join us again!”
“We can all go adventuring again! It’ll be even more fun than last time!”
“…That, and we heard there’s a demon roaming around the southern continent.”
“We’re going to defeat it. We wanted to ask you to lend us your power.”

The southern continent, huh… wait a second, doesn’t that mean…?

“You’ll be fine without me. Just look at all of you—you guys are more than enough to defeat a demon.”
“It’s not just about power!”
“If that’s what you’re worried about, I’m sure you’ll meet new companions along the way as well.”

The three mercenaries tilt their heads, not understanding the meaning behind my words. Guess I’ve got no choice but to give them one more hint.

“Why don’t you guys go visit Lunt volcano on the way south? I’m sure you’ll meet someone wonderful.”

Wow, just thinking up that line was embarrassing. What am I, some kind of mastermind pulling the strings behind the story? What’s with the foreshadowing?

While I was getting embarrassed over my own actions, York seemed to pick up on what I really meant. Before he opened his mouth to speak, I put a finger to my lips, shutting him up.

“…Okay, fine. You’re usually right about things, anyways.”
“But, we’re always going to be friends, okay?”
“Let’s meet up again sometime.”
“See you!”

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Each of them says their share of farewells, and the young mercenaries leave much like they came.

The greater spirit, Salamander. Despite his contract with me, the spirit was always afraid of something, to the point where he was becoming dead weight. I really hope he decides to grow a pair soon. …If he gives Selena a single burn, though, we won’t run out of lizard meat for a while.

“So, how about we get married, Illya?” a dark elf asks, expectantly.
“Sorry, can’t.” Don’t talk as if we’ve been considering it for a while.
“Rejected, again!”
“You need to stop caring about what others think of you and open up your possibilities. Deciphering primordial magic is great, but your physical abilities are just as important. See, how about… learning the spear? Doesn’t that sound fun?”
“So you mean…”
“Think about it by yourself. You like spears, right?”
That’s one more problem solved—or so I’d like to say, but…
“Yeah! But I like you more!”
“Okay then, see you!”

I… I can’t believe she kissed me! And that stupid grin on her face! If I wasn’t a man in my past life, I would be crying right around now, ya know!? Plus, if she were a normal human, she might have been brainwashed by one of my skills! You better have those spear skills the next time I see you! And steal a demon’s spear or something!

“That dark elf…!”

Ah, I completely forgot about this guy. Also, I get that he has something against them, but calling her a dark elf isn’t even an insult. I mean, that’s what she is.

“Illya. I will not ask you to make the likes of me your apprentice. However, I implore you… I implore you to meet the elder just once…”

Wow, who even does that anymore? The guy is literally begging me on his knees… even I can get creeped out by some things. Elves are pretty prideful, so it’s probably taking quite a bit out of him to do this in front of this many people. What a waste of a handsome face. Not that I care.

“But, why?”
“I bet you’re only doing this because that old fart asked you to. If he really wants to meet me, maybe he should just come himself. That’s just basic etiquette.”
“I… alright.”

After slowly rising to his feet, the young elf totters over to leave as well. As if that stubborn old geezer would take even a step out of the village. Not to mention entering human society. I’d bet my job on it! Maybe I should at least send the geezer some hair growth formula—which is what I was considering when I noticed an odd eddy of power caught my eye.

“You won’t give that child a word of advice, like you did with the others?”

Undine, the queen of water. The greater spirit appeared in a beautiful female figure, a picture of purity that coincides with my tastes. I shake my head no to her question.

My translation skill works even on the language of spirits. Woo, cheats for the wiiin.

“He is walking right on the path to success. If someone like you are there to guide him along the way, that is more than enough.”
“I am happy to hear such words… But, I am worried that he will sulk about being the only one who did not receive your guidance. Perhaps, enough to stray from the path that he follows.”

I feel a wry smile spread across my lips as the greater spirit chuckled at our exchange.

“Then I guess I have no choice, huh?”

I hand Undine the earrings that I just happened to have in the pocket of my apron.

“And this is?” the spirit asks.
“These are earrings said to be made from the horns of a water dragon. Perhaps if you can converse with him, he can realize something that he was unable to before.”
“That child rarely does lend an ear to others’ advice.”

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It is the kind of arrogance borne from being talented. The two of us stifle a laugh, having noticed that we were thinking the same thing.

“Then, excuse us, and farewell, child of god.”

The next moment, Undine was once again standing by York’s side. After being handed something from the spirit, the elf attempted to run back, but tripped in the process. The boy seemed to have lost his balance for no apparent reason. Well, no apparent reason other than the fact that an unconscious man on the ground had suddenly moved as if he was being dragged around by some kind of supernatural phenomenon. But that’s besides the point.

This time, the case really is closed. Plenty of people in the hall had been standing around, dazed by an unexpected meeting with famous people they’ve all but heard about. However, by the time they left, everything had already returned to their normal, lively selves. The bustle of the guild returned.

And so did my complaints. Do some work, ya lazy b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲.

“Are you really okay with leaving things like that, Illya?”

As I gazed at the hall, Ria had at some point stood next to me.

“I mean, they’re all really amazing people, right? And they all really seemed to care for you too…”
“Yeah, and I’m really grateful for it. To be honest, I love them all, but…”

Everyone chooses their own path to follow. There is no meaning in lying to yourself. That’s why, I too will walk down the path that I’ve chosen. Not for anyone else, but for the sake of myself.

“I also love this city and everyone in it, so.”

So for now, this is where I’ll be. And it’s where I’ll stay until my path crosses one that leads somewhere else.

I’ll live a peaceful, cheerful life—just the way I like it.

This is the end of the first chapter.


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